Shinju Japanese Buffet


1269 N University Dr
Pompano Beach, FL 33071-8314
(954) 752-3406
Shinju Japanese Buffet serves Pompano Beach, FL and is located in the 33071-8314 ZIP code.

Reviews for Shinju Japanese Buffet

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My Review by monkeybutt33029 via Urbanspoon on 5/3/2012


In my opinion this is one of the best sushi buffet by axis13 via Citysearch on 6/1/2011

It is a quiet and relaxing place. There is fresh food and the service is nice. There are rolls and sushi, crab legs, ice cream, fruits and hot Asian dishes. The prices are low with an average of $20 per person at dinner time. My friends…

My Review by terry via Urbanspoon on 5/4/2011

I have been going here every weekend since they opened and probably will, untill they close. Sushi is fresh and made infront of you. Hibachi grill is unbelievable. The staff is very friendly and attentive. I cannot find a single fault with…

My Review by john via Urbanspoon on 1/31/2011

i like this place been there several times its always busy especially friday nights ....lots to chose from and its decent.....choice is never a problem here goood value good food good place will keep going back

My Review by Eric via Urbanspoon on 3/29/2010

If you come here expecting to have the best sushi you have ever had I'd suggest going to a non-buffett style sushi joint. If you come to get a wide variety of pretty fresh sushi and also good cooked foods then this is the place to go in…

My Review by LA via Urbanspoon on 3/29/2010

Consistantly outstanding quality and selection. There is always something for everyone.

My Review by Edward via Urbanspoon on 2/18/2010

This place use to be fantastic. Everything super fresh and tasty. I am not a fan of buffets but this place was different. A few months back we started to see this place go down. The lunch was no longer good. With old stinky and recycled…

My Review by Noah friedland via Urbanspoon on 9/7/2009

Hi I like shinju sushi because it has an array of sushi

My Review by Harry via Urbanspoon on 6/22/2009

very boisterous atmosphere with plenty of noise and customers. all food is served for a one-price ($20/person) buffet. chinese food is good, sushi is disappointing, soups are good, salads/desserts are okay. this place seems to cater to…

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