ABC Handyman Hawaii, Honolulu

430 Lewers Street
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 699-0698
Today: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Honolulu, Hawaii Home Repair Company

ABC Handyman Hawaii

If you need a handy home repair service that does fast reliable work. Call ABC Handyman Hawaii of Honolulu, Hawaii.

We provide island-wide handyman services on Oahu. We can repair, clean or replace it all for less, from general home repairs to difficult home repairs and item replacement.

Our service includes repair, cleaning or replacement.

Drywall repair Doors/Locks Bathrooms Kitchens Fixtures Screens Painting Floors

Cabinets/doors, sink repair and replacement, counter tops, disposals, refrigerators and dishwashers, tile, wood flooring, carpet removal, crown and baseboard molding, wall paper removal replacement and wallpaper images awesome! drywall repair, ceiling repair/refinishing,

Washer/dryer hook ups repair and cleaning, bathrooms, caulking toilet repair/replacement, fixtures, racks, kitchens, sinks, faucets, drawers, stove repair and replacement, lighting, bulb replacement, doors, locks, leaks, grout repair, sliding door repair, wall removal/replacement, ceiling fans.

Blinds, curtains, tinting, window repair/replacement, back splash, interior and exterior painting, smoke alarms, exhaust fans, fan cleaning and repair, electronic, video and audio connections, speaker repair/replacement, wood working and building, speaker boxes, shelves cabinets, etc.

Flat screen/sound system installation, mirror cleaning, radio and VCR repairs, car cleaning wash and hand wax detailing, vehicle repairs, tune up, and fluid check tire pressure top off, brakes, pads, rotors, fluid replacement/flush, radiator flush, filter replacement and more.
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