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RHS-Royal Hawaii Spirits Honolulu Hawaii Distillery ,Liquor Wholesale, Liquor Sales & Tasting specializing on small batch crafted spirits, liqueurs, gin, vodka, rum, whisky, bourbon,lilikoi cocktails, soju, shochu, rice whiskey, bamboo vodka, ginger, turmeric, coffee, orange, coconut, banana .breadfruit Ulukila Spirit, breadfruit vodka, pineapple spirit and other distilled specialties and tropical fruit flavors
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Products and Services

Liquid Lava Liquors
Capt' Cook
Royal Hawaii Spirits
Wedding Alcohol Beverages
Events Adult Beverages
Customized Alcohol Beverages
Private Label alcohol Beverages
Signature Drinks for Bars and Restaurants
Exclusive Right alcohol Beverages
Signature Spirits and Liquors
Liquour Development
Seasonal Distilled Specialties
Gasro Pubs Alcohol Drinks
Distilled Beer
Distilled Gin
Distilled Vodka
Imported and Bottled by RHS Distillery
Produced and Bottled by RHS LLC
Redistilled by RHS Distillery
Imported By RHS Distillery
Exported By RHS LLC Distillery Honolulu
RHS Distillery Club
RHS Distillery Exclusive Alcohol Recipes
RHS LLC Distributors
RHS Distillery Reserve
Bamboo Booze

Small Batch Crafted Liqueurs, Liquor Wholesale, Distillery Spirit Specialties, Black Tea Liqueur, Hawaii Gold Liqueur, Akvavit Liqueur, Mr Perry Liqueur, Cherry Liqueur, Lemonchello, Kona Coffee Liquor, Chocolada Liqueur, Ginger Honey Cordial, Shochu, Soju, Island Gin, Pink Gin, Lilikoi Liqueur, Orange Liqueur, Gin Liqueur, Oahu Liqueur, Vodka 50, Redistilled Vodka, Flavored Vodkas, Captain Cook Rum, Captain Cook Sandwich Islands Rum, Coconut Rum, RHS Spiced Rum, Caribbean Rum, Flavored Rum, Rice Whiskey, Turmeric Spirit, Ginger Spirit, Kalihi Pride, Kalihi Spirit, Puna Spirit Hawaii Strong, Hawaii Punch, Papaya Spirit, Passion Fruit Spirit, Lychee Spirit, Fruit Brandy, Prickly Pear Spirit, Slivovitz, Plum Spirit, Apple Spirit, Banana Spirit, Absinth, Orange Spirit, Aloha Spirit, Mahalo Spirit, Hawaii Spirit, Taro Shocu, Taro Vodka, Ginseng Gin, Ginger Gin, Rum Fire Spirit, Pineapple Vodka, Pineapple Sprit, Bamboo Vodka, Bierschnapps, Brew Spirit, RHS Maitai, Lilikoilicious, RHS Hard Soda, Hard Gingerade, Fortified Wine Spirit, Fortified Beer, Poha Spirit, Lilikoi Vodka, Strawberry Vodka, Mango Liqueur, Spam Vodka, Bacon Vodka, Seaweed Vodka, Nori Vodka, Spamato Cocktail, Spamato Bloody Mary, Clamato Cocktail, Maui Onion Spirit, Flavored Martini, Juniper Flavored Vodka, Calamansi Lemonchello, Coconut Flavored Vodka, Rollo Da Varrior, Breadfruit Vodka, Ulukila Breadfruit Spirit, Bounty Vodka Distilled from Ulukila, Breadfruit Brandy distilled from Ulu Beer, HMS Bounty Vodka Distilled from Uru beer

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