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J&C Roof and Exterior cleaning is a family owned and operated business. Previously working in the construction industry for over 15 years, John & Cole formed the business for opportunities to help people with their biggest investmenttheir homes. As they went down that path, a revolutionary new opportunity to improve customers biggest investments was presented to us in the form of cleaning, and so became J&C Roof and Exterior Cleaning!In association with Bruce Sullivan, Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc., we now service all of Council Bluffs and the greater Omaha, NE. areas. Providing roof cleaning, deck cleaning and house washing.J & C Roof and Exterior Cleaning provides expertise on cleaning and restoring your roof to its optimal appearance.The benefits of roof cleaning:* Adds to your roofs lifespan.* Saves thousands of dollars on premature replacement.* Improve your homes value.* Makes your roof look brand new!Roof cleaning is a sound choice in extending the lifespan of your roof. The build-up of algae, lichen and moss will damage your ashingles, resulting in an early roof replacement. Many roof manufacturers highly recommend regular cleaning and maintenance for your roof. The choice to maintain your roofs surface should be an important and informed decision. If left untreated, the shingles will accumulate more organic growth and retain excessive moisture, causing deterioration and decomposition. The valleys of your roof are especially vulnerable to deterioration due to the channeling of rain water, creating a breeding ground for the organisms. Essentially, a roof that retains moisture is a roof that will eventually fail.How should your roof be cleaned? Informed individuals agree that a roof cleaner should not power wash a roof with any kind of equipment attached to a pressure washer. As certified members of the Sullivan Roof Cleaning network, we use the recommended environmentally non-pressure washing procedures and solution. When contacting a roof cleaning professional, be sure to ask them the most important question: Will you use a pressure washer on my roof? We guarantee you that our answer is NO. Please, contact J & C Roof and Exterior Cleaning today for more information or to get a free quote

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