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The Oldest, Most Experienced & Most Respected Radon Company In America.
Professional House Doctor's Inc. is America's Leading Certified Specialists In Residential & Commercial Radon Services.

Professional House Doctors, Inc. is proud to be the oldest, most experience and most respected radon company in the United States. Absolutely no one is more qualified, experienced or dedicated to providing the very best in radon removal systems. We guarantee it.

Radon is radiation. Radiation causes cancer. Protect Your Family - Learn The Facts.

Our company provides the fastest and most accurate radon testing services available. We also provide free advice and free consultations for anyone that would like to do their own testing.

Our substantial investment in equipment and radon testing technology, more than anyone else in the entire industry, allows us to provide every type of radon test available.

The two most popular methods for radon testing are charcoal test kits and Continuous Radon Monitor's (CRM's).

If you are testing your own home or building, we recommend saving money by using a Do-It-Yourself charcoal test kit, available on this site or from many local hardware and home improvement stores. They are easy to use and very accurate when the instructions are followed.

If you are buying a home or building, insist on hiring "Professional House Doctors, Inc." Our test equipment provides the fastest and most accurate results available, approved by The USEPA with results in as little as 46 hours. Our Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM's) are the preferred method as they can detect tampering and provide an immediate on-site print out that shows hourly concentrations and the average radon level during the time period tested.

Be sure to allow enough time for a radon test as part of your "Offer To Buy" so that it may be performed as part of the home inspection process. The EPA recommends that every home in America be tested for radon, but one of the best times to find out if a home has a problem is before you buy it! Call us for scheduling information and price.

We ask our clients to expect the best and we promise to provide it on every job we do. We'll explain every possible method of system design for your home and ask you to decide on which installation route you prefer. You're the boss. It's your home and we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

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