Car Credit Center


7600 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60620-5873
(773) 737-7600
Car Credit Center serves Chicago, IL and is located in the 60620-5873 ZIP code.

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Limited by Jonathanrocks78 via Citysearch on 4/19/2012

I visited car credit center on 04/12/12, they seem to have alot of people visit them, unfortunately the day that i went the selection of cars was not what i was looking for, many cars were under 70 thousand miles and looked clean though

Commercials by johncraig24 via Citysearch on 4/19/2012

After being tired of seeing the infomercials i decided to give it a try, went in qualified and was able to drive out with a car, pretty easy i guess

Fast? by RichardM1977 via Citysearch on 1/26/2012

Overall Service was good, I was able to drive out of the lot and had good payments

Commericials by derrekb110 via Citysearch on 1/23/2012

The Commercials Brought me in but i do have to admit they are very annoying! eitheir way they were able to help me out..

Nice Customer Service by msmith14796 via Citysearch on 10/10/2011

Everyone at the dealership was nice, and everyone worked with me to get approved! I ended up driving out with a grand prix, so im really happy!

Not Everything by Lgrace77 via Citysearch on 7/30/2011

My salesman was very patient and took good care of me. I was expecting to pay once a month but I have to every two weeks. Overall everything was good and I drove out!\r

Overall Good! by Ethan77 via Citysearch on 7/18/2011

I had made bussiness here 30 years ago, i made a quick app online \r and was contacted immeadiately. I was astonished at the freedomn to pick out a vehicle and not being pressured to buy something i didnt want to. \r

Eh! by Sjones718 via Citysearch on 7/18/2011

Salesperson was very friendly and it was good that i didnt have to walk around and look for a salesman myself, this is the first place that i came to after seeing ads on TV. My payments are a little high not like on TV, but thats mostly…

FAST FAST FAST FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Asaenz22 via Citysearch on 6/20/2011


Trade IN by Brockchi1977 via Citysearch on 6/20/2011

I came here to trade in my car, they valued it really good and I was able to leave out of here with a nice magnum! Overall Awesome, They really do help people with credit problems!

Long Relationship by Kenyons22 via Citysearch on 6/17/2011

The service was great, this is my third vehicle purchased here and the reason I keep coming back is because me as a customer I was treated with great respect. The Best Car LOT!

Great Financing by cmotown26 via Citysearch on 6/9/2011

Made sure that I left driving out, I am glad everything worked out and that i was approved. The process was very speedy, and they were able to help me in my situation!

Helpful in many ways! by eduardog77 via Citysearch on 6/9/2011

We were treated very good, and they helped us out in our really bad situation, they took the risk for us and are helping us to re construct our credit! what else could we ask for?

Good by withshe88 via Citysearch on 6/9/2011

Great Sales person, I liked the car and I had the ability to pick the car I wanted. There should be more dealerships like this, to help people and give them another chance.

Its like a big family! by bpaty56 via Citysearch on 6/4/2011

Very friendly, answered all of my questions. everyone was very informative especially my salesman

Straightforward! by neahj via Citysearch on 6/3/2011

Marvin already had the car ready for me, the process of coming to the dealership and purchasing the vehicle was very fast and STRAIGHT-FORWARD. My payments are to my schedule and I feel confident making them.\r

Approved! by Jjeorge via Citysearch on 6/3/2011

Abel was very direct and did not waste our time. everything went very smoothly and were glad the finance company settled. My payments were exactly what I was looking for !

My credit is horrible, but Hopefully will be fixed by issac via Citysearch on 6/3/2011

They Really worked with my credit, and my income. The payments are very generous and up to my reach. There was absolutely no BS, no run around I was in and out!

1st time by Stevenh via Citysearch on 6/3/2011

First time buyer of a car, it was relatively painless- oscar was really nice. The finance department was good my payments are less than what i thought i would have to pay.

Honesty And NO BS! by mmarquita28 via Citysearch on 5/28/2011

Everyone, was nice and worked with me, everyone was very helpful. Straight to the point and didnt take alot of time! speedy great process! \r

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