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10991 Ruth Rd
Huntley, IL 60142-7147
(847) 659-1675
Today: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
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Enhanced by our elite level coaching staff and state of the art facility that includes two large free foam in-ground pits, an in-ground trampoline, an in-ground tumble track, two full 40 x 40 competition spring floors, channel bar, pit bar, competition balance beams, uneven bars and vaulting runways. Huntley Unlimited Gymnastics School has become one of Illinois premier gymnastics training facilities. With over 15,000 square feet, H.U.G.S. has developed into one of the largest training facilities in Illinois. From novice to competitive gymnast, H.U.G.S has it all.
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Tue 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
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Reviews for Huntley Gymnastics

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Disappointment by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 4/9/2015

Very greedy ownerVery inexperienced high school kids="coaches"Very unfriendly staffETC

Wonderful! by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 1/31/2012

Well, my prior comment still stands. Actions do speak louder than words. The team girls are halfway into their season and they are doing a fantastic job! The current coaches who have stepped up to the plate are doing an amazing job! …

Things are great! by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 12/15/2011

Many changes have been made over at HUGS and they have all been very positive. I have two kids on team and this is the happiest they have ever been when it comes to gymnastics. It feels like we are one big happy family/team and that is the…

great start to a new beginning by Christina T. via Judy's Book on 11/8/2011

This weekend levels 4,5, &6 competed their first meet of the season. The HUGS family could not be more pround to see the coaches getting the job done and the kids finally being recognized for their hard work in the gym. level 6 received…

hugs rules! by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 11/7/2011

hugs is a great place for kids to enjoy themselves and get stong. hugs has many great coaches. hugs is great!

The NEW HUGS! by Dawn L. via Judy's Book on 11/7/2011

I forgot to mention that not only does HUGS have an elite staff of team coaches, we also have an elite staff of recreational coaches who build the foundation of our great team girls! It is not one coach that makes a gymnast great, it is…

Great Gym...Great New Owners by Dawn L. via Judy's Book on 11/6/2011

HUGS did go through a major over haul this year. Beginning with the removal of two disgruntled coaches and team members that created drama, HUGS has rebuilt to an elite staff of coaches and great gymnasts. Also, HUGS has a NEW owner that…

We left this gym and went to the new gym HGA. by Mark L. via Judy's Book on 11/6/2011

The owner is just in this for the money. He cares nothing for any of the kids. Last winter he let the heaters fail and my two team girls were training in 40 - 50 degree temperatures for a month in the winter. He doesn't have the parking…

Not Recommended by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 10/17/2011

Good: Location. Close to home.. Bad: Only one instructor to a class of 10 to 12 toddlers. Not enough direction. More instructors would mean that parents wouldn't need to go in with the kids and distract.. Improvements: Cleaner, more…

Love it! by Lorraine R. via Judy's Book on 9/11/2011

HUGS gymnastics is awesome! The coaches truly care about the gymnasts and have REAL background experience in the sport of gymnastics. At other gyms you get high school coaches and other coaches who were just cheerleaders when they were…

Amazing!! by BIG C. via Judy's Book on 7/28/2011

Little F’s comments about HUGS are quite interesting. She obviously is NOT a current gymnast at HUGS, but is one of those gymnasts who was recruited by the old coaches to go to the new Huntley gym, that has yet to open. Everything…

Horrible. Just Horrible. by Little F. via Judy's Book on 7/15/2011

Good: The business runs well at first but when you look closer, it's not what anyone would like.. Bad: The gym is filthy, the gymnasts are bitter and mean, the coaches (or coach should I say) are uncaring and rude, the equiptmenment isn't…

hugs is gonna be amazing this year! by poop a. via Judy's Book on 6/3/2011

The other gyms r gonna look at hugs and be like i thought she was a level 6 last year and now she is a level 8!! WOW! we have the best coach around:Mario! he has been coaching girls for a long time and now that he finally gets to be head…

snipe by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 5/28/2011

Good: This is the best gym around. I dont no why people are leaving. Once they see us next year competing they are going to regret leaving couse we are gonna dominate. nbd. I LOVE THE COACHES! i dont have anything bad to say. i have been…

Overall a Great Program by unstopable girl .. via Judy's Book on 12/14/2010

Hugs is a great gym, our competition season is just kicking off this weekend and all of the girls look ready and prepared to go. Our 4s, 7s, and 10 go on friday, with the 9 and 6s on Saturday. Finally the 8s and 5s on sunday! Gonna be a…

HUGS is Great!!! by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 12/2/2010

As a parent of a level 6 gymnast who has been at HUGS for 7 years, I love it. The coaches are attentive and they are creating great gymnasts. You think the gym is dirty? Well, many great gymnasts came from gyms that were not the best. …

then change by Joe S. via Judy's Book on 11/2/2010

If they don't like the reviews then they should change. I brought my daughter there a few years back and I am surprised after reading these reviews that some of those coaches are still even there that weren't interested in teaching, just…

Get a sitter! or pay attention to your kid! by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 9/8/2010

The only thing i have to say about HUGS is the one coach that worried about how she looks, and does not pay attention the the kids. I can see from the mirror that she is not friendly with the kids. My daughter goes there, i would…

NOT RECOMMENDED by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 7/28/2010

DIRTY. RUDE. The receptionist hates questions and makes me feel like I'm troubling her when I am so much as handing her a check. The coaches curse and degrade the kids. They talk among themselves about the kids. After 4 year my kids…

These reviews aren't flattering! by Laurie D. via Judy's Book on 7/16/2010

I'm in search of a gym to enroll my young daughter who has very little experience. My daughter loves the concept of gymnastics so I'm looking for a gym who will guide and mentor her without treating her like an Olympic champion. Before I…

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