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4842 N Crescent Ave Harwood Heights, IL 60706
(708) 452-7522

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Very Happy by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 9/9/2016

The work is always performed on time and as scheduled!

Professional service by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 6/3/2016

I've had nothing but positive experiences with Engler Heating & AC. They arrive when they say they will and get the work done.

My Review by nicku547670497 via Citysearch on 6/3/2016

I've recommended Engler Heating & AC to all of my family and friends. Good service overall.

Good team by Rick G via Insider Pages on 5/3/2016

Whenever I call they come on time and do the work. Good experience overall.

My Review by billm1239703816 via Citysearch on 3/1/2016

I think Engler's pricing is pretty fair. I have been using them for 25 years so obviously I don't have many complaints.

My Review by sethm1045376073 via Citysearch on 2/4/2016

Engler Heating and Air is really easy to work with. If they tell you a job is going to get done at a certain day and time then it gets done.

My Review by karad1423355782 via Citysearch on 12/9/2015

I have been using Engler Heating and Air for a long time now. The help keep my boiler running well. I really like how well the communicate with there customers.

My Review by bens797810869 via Citysearch on 11/16/2015

The service Engler Heating and Air Conditioning provided me has always been excellent. They communicate very well with you so you are never surprised.

My Review by davidp7706582 via Citysearch on 10/27/2015

My family has used Engler Heating and Air Conditioning Co. for over 25 years. That really says something about the level of service they provide. The pricing is fair as well.

Superb by Peter F via Insider Pages on 9/10/2015

Engler Heating & Air Conditioning will help you out as quick as possible and for a fair, competitive price.

My Review by minniej692627004 via Citysearch on 9/10/2015

We used Engler Heating & Air for our rental property. What a timely, honest, and professional service. Highly recommend.

My Review by danikaw via Citysearch on 7/17/2015

I have a lot of respect for these guys because they not only got the job done, they did a great job for such a difficult spot. Thanks Engler Heating & AC.

Great Service by Bobby M. via Judy's Book on 6/18/2015

I never heard any complaints from them, and they were right. I now recommend these guys to everybody.

Perfect by Chris D via Insider Pages on 5/22/2015

Engler's reputation is excellent. I was recommended by another company because they liked their work and they have never let me down.

My Review by ryanm1807262744 via Citysearch on 3/23/2015

The owner, Brad Engler, is very knowledgeable and up to date on all codes and requirements for his crews. As a result, they always do top notch work.

My Review by derrickb235325787 via Citysearch on 1/29/2015

Doing business with Engler Heating & Air is always a pleasure. They do great work, they're on time, and they're very pleasant to work with. I would recommend them to anyone!

Great Services by Jeff K via Insider Pages on 1/7/2015

I had Engler Heating & Air Conditioning come out and put in a new boiler. I thought the service technician did a great job and was very neat.

My Review by billh236587012 via Citysearch on 10/24/2014

The technicians for Engler showed up on time, did the job in a timely manner and they did a great job.

Do it right by Martin W via Insider Pages on 9/26/2014

Engler Heating & Air Conditioning does the job the right way the first time.

My Review by annieb997193608 via Citysearch on 2/13/2014

Great value for the services that you receive!