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1424 Ross Ave
Baton-Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 234-0639
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We guarantee quality results!
Do you need a professional to deal with your leaks, clogs and drains? Why not experience the relief of knowing a skilled plumber is handling all your requests? With A & W Plumbing, youll get quality results and top-notch service! A & W Plumbing has been providing complete plumbing repairs and installation for commercial and residential jobs since 1978 in the Baton Rouge area. Whether you have a broken sewer line, busted pipes or a damaged water heater, we wont give up until the problem is fixed! Count on our years of practice! Our clients also enjoy reasonable rates and quick service! Please contact us today at (225) 234-0639. We promise total customer satisfaction!
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Products and Services

Bath & Kitchen Remodeling
Burst Pipe Repair
Commercial Sewers & Drains
Complete Residential & Commercial
Drain Cleaning
Drain Repair
Drainage System
Electric Water Heater Repair
Emergency Service
Gas Line Installation
Gas Water Heater Repair
Leak Detection Services
New Construction
New Plumbing Installations
Pipe Relining
Plumbing & Heating Layouts
Plumbing Installation
Sewer Line Cleaning
Custom Plumbing & Heating
Flush Valves & Parts
Replacement Parts
Sewer Pipes
Sewer Pumps

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