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Favorite Meal:

Steak & mashed potatoes. 

Favorite Snack Food:

Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Favorite Movie or TV Show of All Time:

I could probably list about 10 movies, but Stand by Me will always be a top 3!

Unknown Skill(s):

Not so much skills but I can watch the entire Lilo & Stitch movie and say it word for word. I am also a Licensed Minister in Illinois & Indiana!

Life Goals:

I hope to eventually go to school & become a Registered Nurse. I hope to work in a children’s hospital & impact the lives of patients in the same positive way mine always did!

If You Could Be Any Animal:

I would be a raccoon! They’re precious & chubby. Besides, who doesn’t love trash pandas?

Personal Achievements (outside of EZlocal):

I survived an Indirect Bypass of my Mid-Cerebral Artery (a rather important artery in the brain). My surgery made me a much stronger person than I was & helped me realize that if I can get through brain surgery and being sick, I can get through anything. 

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