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Favorite Meal:

Roast, with potatoes, carrots, and green beans from a slow cooker. :)

Favorite Snack Food:

Stovetop popcorn!

Favorite Movie or TV Show of All Time: Movie:

"The Song of Bernadette." Fun fact: I don't watch TV and don't HAVE one either!

Unknown Skill(s):

I sometimes know things about people and situations in their lives they never tell me or anyone else. But I don't tell them, so NO, you don't have to feel weird around me, because you'll NEVER know. :P

Life Goals:

1. I am currently building a "Spirituality 101" course I will soon be teaching as an adjunct instructor at College of DuPage for Spring 2020. 

2. To always be teaching spirituality, tailored to anyone's belief system.

3. I'm working on my SECOND book which should be finished in 2020-- "Living In the Silence: How to Live A Life of Solitary Devotion." It will not be available to the public, but rather to those who have completed "Spirituality 101" or the methodology I teach in my private office.

4. I'm probably at some point most likely going to wind up in a monastary somewhere (according to an application thing I completed, I'm like 98% compatible with Benedictine Sisters despite the fact I'm NOT Catholic, LOL). But for now I have chosen to stay on the outside so I can do my work the way I want AND so life won't be so easy where I may become lazy in my spiritual diligence!

If You Could Be Any Animal:

A cat, but ONLY if I'm indoors and let outside sometimes and not around little kids who will chase me or hug me too tight! And no dogs, unless we grow up together. :P

Personal Achievements (outside of EZlocal):

I wrote a book last year: "If I'm So Spiritual, Why Do I Feel So Crappy?: How to Partner with the Divine to Upbuild Your Life From Nothing." I also have a few interviews floating around online. Lol. And, I've helped many people who have always struggled with finding sustainable peace and purpose in their lives. But you'll most likely never hear me talk about ANY of these things. Hahaa!

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