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Foresight Land Services has over thirty years? experience providing our clients with coordinated Engineering, Surveying, Planning and Environmental Services. We have built our reputation in the four-state Berkshire Region by delivering creative, fast, and cost-effective results which are responsive to the particular requirements of each and every client. In recent years, Foresight's Survey Department has expanded to provide services throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, including metropolitan areas such as Boston/Cambridge, and Hartford/New Haven. Foresight?s professional practice combines the personal attention of a Principal with a team approach to project development and execution. The multiple capabilities of our staff are illustrated by the number, diversity, and scope of our Projects. Here are some highlights of what Foresight has to offer: Commitment to quality, integrity and client satisfaction. Balancing environmental quality with sustainable growth. Integrated surveying and engineering technology (electronic total stations and "CAD" drafting). Computer Assisted Design/Drafting ("CAD"). Quick turnaround of projects. Over thirty years of continuous service. More than 4,000 successfully-completed projects. Broad range of project types and sizes. Professionals licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont. OSHA-trained staff for operations on hazardous waste sites. If you are contemplating a project and require professional assistance, our staff is ready to help you in every way possible. Civil Engineering/Planning/Environmental Services Upscale Home Sites Ponds Condominium & Townhouse Developments Residential Subdivisions Resorts and Golf Courses Assisted Living Residences Commercial Sites and Shopping Centers Industrial Parks & Building Sites Health Care Facilities Educational Facilities Municipal Engineering Surveying Services HIGHWAY & Waterway Surveys Alta Land Title Surveys Boundary Surveys Topographic and Utility Surveys Wetland/Flood plain Surveys Construction Layout Surveys As-Built Surveys Hazardous Waste Site Surveys Surveying is an integral part of land-use, development and engineering projects, and an essential component in many legal and financial transactions involving real estate. Foresight offers a wide range of surveying services, delivering fast, accurate products tailored to the specific needs of each client. In recent years, we have expanded our Survey Department to provide large-scale surveys throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. We have recently completed commercial surveys in Worcester, Cambridge, metro-Boston, and other areas of central and eastern Massachusetts; and, in New Haven, Hartford and Naugatuck, Connecticut, among others. Our highly experienced survey staff utilize state of the art computer technology throughout the surveying process -- from electronic total stations for field data collection through deed research and analysis to CAD-drafted plans -- to produce an efficient and accurate final survey. Clients may require a boundary survey for many types of Projects involving transfer of property, subdivision or development of land. Commercial clients need ALTA surveys for refinancing or new construction. Developers and municipalities often need a utility or easement survey for construction of infrastructure improvements. Architects and builders often require accurate surveys of existing structures and ground features, and precision stakeouts for construction works-in-progress. By working closely with our Surveying, Planning and Environmental Services departments, Foresight?s Civil Engineering staff can deliver fast, accurate and cost-effective design and construction documents and plans.
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