Church At Carson City


7217 S Garlock Rd
Carson City, MI 48811-8528
(989) 584-6006
Church At Carson City serves Carson City, MI and is located in the 48811-8528 ZIP code.

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My Review by melvinb187057342 via Citysearch on 6/21/2017

I do not know what they believe in now when I was their no xmas no holidays no doctor of any kind no mix couple every man had to have bread, all woman must wear dress no t.v ,women had to have their new born at home and not at hosp. and…

My Review by kellyr1721331554 via Citysearch on 4/6/2017

Many of my family members remain in this CULT!!!!! When you leave the church they shun you and don't let your family members have anything to do with you. They lie about what people do or say if that person begins doubting them and what…

My Review by cm1039617295 via Citysearch on 9/29/2016

All the bad things iv read are true, I use to go to that church cult for around a year . I delt most with this WILLAIM MORROW on garlock rd. who owns morrow and sons construction company, he tried to get all I owned. Thank god , I got…

currupted church by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 9/29/2016

this church is a cult , one of the leaders of the church , tried to get me to give him my house, which was paid for in full, saying the church would take care of me, when they pray they crawl and cry around on the floor like babies lol.

My Review by sarar1852507654 via Citysearch on 9/19/2015

Evil, controlling, lying Cult leaders. Nice people at first. Don't trust them. They adopt kids to breed them with their own. They think its okay for children to have sex with other children. They lie about how much money their businesses…

Bible believing church by R K. via Judy's Book on 2/20/2015

This church teaches the whole Bible--Old and New Testament, and puts it into practice on a daily basis. The people are warm and friendly. Their Christian beliefs are fundamental and practical.

Family destroying Cult at Carson City by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 9/27/2014

my wife left and divorced me. the leaders of that cult are encouraging her and my 3 sons to have nothing to do with me telling them that they are standing strong for the Lord. and if they have anything to do with me I will drag them to…

Yes what they say is true by lovingmylife30 via Citysearch on 1/30/2012

I could not agree more with the fact that this place is a cult. They sweet talk you into their "church" They lie and beat around the bush and play mind games. They seem so sweet and kind etc. As soon as you join and about a year or so into…

Cult by Imfree2love via Citysearch on 1/30/2012

It's really sad what this so called "church" does, all in the name of God. I had to shake my head in head in disgust when I read the review that was given by .....friendoftruth. (clearly a member ) Saying they have taught from the Bible…

Cult! by thunderbolt99 via Citysearch on 1/23/2012

Seven Characteristics of a Cult 1. Opposing critical thinking versus letting people think for themselves Their members must accept what the cult believes without challenging their doctrines. They do not want their members to think…

Bible believing church by Friendoftruth via Citysearch on 1/9/2012

This church has been in the area over 35 years and teaches from the Bible. THeir meetings are centered on the Word of God and include great music.

Cult Alert by Bill Hubler via Citysearch on 5/15/2011

The Church at Carson City Michigan (Shermanites) shermanite-cult.angelfire dot com

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