Performance Edge Crossfit


640 Haines Dr Suite 300
Liberty, MO 64068
(816) 531-5211
We are a fitness community that believes in healthy living, working hard, having fun and being supportive of each other’s’ desire for constant improvement. It is a place comprised of unique individuals brought together with the common purpose of bettering themselves. There are no egos and no bad attitudes. We are all encouraging. There are no goals too big and no beginnings too far away.

Some people want get stronger, some people want to be a better athlete or a better runner. Some people want to lose weight and tone their bodies. Some people just want to feel better about themselves. Our environment and program can help you crus any fitness goal you have. With us, you will have a chance to do things you never thought possible.

Most people shy away from a challenge. They will never experience the level of joy you get from conquering difficulties. Pushing past the comfort zone teaches you that you are capable of more than you thought possible. Every goal met empowers you to take on more. Here you will come to embrace challenges. We will challenge your body, your heart and your mind.

We work together in classes. Every class is coached by a professional. Your coach will guide you and make sure you are getting the feedback you need. We will teach you the movements and help you perfect them. Everyone needs coaching no matter the skill level. The scalability of our program allows the beginner to work alongside the experienced effectively.

Our fitness program is a dynamic blend of gymnastic movements, weightlifting and cardio. The combination of movements and intensity delivers results you will not get form any other program.

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