Allen Branch's Fitness One Training Systems


1209 Shields road Suite 7
Kernersville, NC 27284
(336) 655-4558
Today: 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Allen Branch's Fitness One Training Systems offers More than just Kernersville Fitness. They offer Certified Personal training, Group Classes, Martial Arts, Children's Programs, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Weight loss programs and more. Just minutes from Greensboro, High Point or Winston Salem, The Kernersville Fitness and Martial Arts programs are guaranteed to provide you with a fun, Christian environment to get fit and have fun.
The Kernersville N.C. based fitness and martial arts classes and programs have been featured on FOX8, WXII, WBFJ, The Local News and in Featured Training Videos sold across the Globe. World Class Fitness and Martial Arts classes bring the Kernersville area the best in Fitness Training for all ages and levels. If you are looking for a gym near you in the Kernersville NC area, they are definitely worth looking in to.

This is how we do it at Fitness One. Real People, Real Science, Real Results. We are Fitness One and we are the only gym of our kind. At Fitness One we want you to see results from your workouts and we want you to see them fast. The hours wasted at a box gym either bored on a treadmill or wandering around a weight room not sure of what to do are finally over.

Call us to schedule a free trial where you will see the environment, learn how we work and even have a free fitness assessment. Our typical weight loss is 7-17 pounds in the first 21 Days of our program! You can be our next success story by following our simple plan to faster results. Call Fitness One to learn more about how your fitness program can actually get you what you want-Actual results. Our programs include Personal Training, Fitness, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Fitness Classes, Certified Trainers, Kids Karate, Boxing Training, Speed and Agility and Sports Performance Training and much more.

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Reviews for Allen Branch's Fitness One Training Systems

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My Review by Sharon H via BirdEye on 2/4/2017

Just to be clear this is a 5 star gym.

My Review by Sharon H via BirdEye on 2/3/2017

Not the typical gym. I have worked out for many years and have participated in all types of classes etc at a variety of facilities. At this facility it is all about working out smart. Less time in gym with inbelievable results. The…

My Review by Jerome Gray via BirdEye on 12/12/2015

I love Fitness One!!! Every is encouraging. All the instructors are professional. Everyone has a chance to WIN.

My Review by Jeff F via BirdEye on 9/4/2015

Great workout today looking forward to Tuesday!

My Review by jeffreyf1286888761 via Citysearch on 4/21/2015

Love ABF core fitness. Great trainers and staff!

My Review by Michele Wilson via BirdEye on 3/7/2015

Three years ago (Feb 29 2012), I took the first step in changing myself when I got the courage to walk into Allen Branch's Fitness One! I always thought of gyms as a place where "fit" people went to work out. I was so nervous to walk into…

My Review by Carolyn L. via BirdEye on 2/4/2015

Allen and his staff are incredible. They are engaging, knowledgeable and creative. Each and every class is different and intense. They help all beginners learn how to safely workout while challenging the advanced ones to exceed their…

My Review by Hugh Jones via BirdEye on 2/4/2015

Allen and Josh run a first class fitness center. They know how to put you to work and get results. Hugh Jones

My Review by Molly Trexler via BirdEye on 12/27/2014

In February I will have been at Fitness One for 2 years. I joined as a very sad, over weight, and highly intimidated person. Fast forward to today, I am 70lbs down, I have more confidence than ever before, and feel better than I ever have.…

My Review by Peter via BirdEye on 12/15/2014

Love Allen Branch Fitness. Core workouts are the best. My legs shake after every work out.

My Review by Kathy H. via BirdEye on 11/20/2014

Fitness one changed my life forever! I have been at Fitness One for 3 years and during this time I have dropped 5 sizes and lost over 80 inches. I am very determined, focused and committed since joining Fitness One. In the year before,…

My Review by Charlotte via BirdEye on 11/1/2014

I use to hate working out and it was so hard to get motivated to drive to the gym 5 minutes away. Now I drive 30 minutes to workout and I am there 5 days a week. As everyone else has said this is not your typical gym, this place is…

My Review by Marc via BirdEye on 6/3/2014

Great fitness center

My Review by Kate via BirdEye on 5/8/2014

Fitness One is unlike any gym I've ever worked out in! The workouts are intense and the staff and members are motivating, accepting and dedicated to health and fitness! For example, yesterday I had a crazy busy day and still managed to…

My Review by Karen Kirkman via BirdEye on 5/6/2014

I have never enjoyed working out. Fitness One has changed my entire outlook on exercise. It has helped me feel stronger and more able to do the things I want to do. The instructors challenge and push you and help you show yourself just…

My Review by Billy Jenkins via BirdEye on 5/6/2014

Unparalleled staff and knowledge for anyone. BEST at motivation and caring about YOU is their main goal. Luv these guys

My Review by Lindsay via BirdEye on 5/6/2014

Fitness One is not only a gym but a family. When you become a member of this gym you have everyone on your side. If you have questions about diet, stretching, or anything you can always ask without feeling like you are intruding. I have…

My Review by Leigh Ann Long via BirdEye on 5/6/2014

Fitness One is not your ordinary gym! I love being able to choose between different classes each day. Since joining Fitness One, I have lost 16lbs and feel great!

My Review by Ron Mikat via BirdEye on 3/18/2014

5 seconds. Typically true violent attacks begin and end within 5 seconds. Do you have the intent and tools at hand to address a truly violent act against you or the ones you care about? Most I speak with say they would avoid the violence…

My Review by Margie Frazier via BirdEye on 3/10/2014

I joined Fitness One six months ago. At 56, I have become strong and fit without injury. If there is something I can't do yet, the trainers help me modify and they along with fellow classmates are always encouraging. If you're ready to…

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