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Bianco Brothers specialize in the finest hand finished, made in the usa and sharpest surgical instruments. We have the best sharpening Service center
Bianco Brothers is the only company in the Instrument market to offer different types of packaging for their products. (Retail packaging of recycled plastic boxes or professionals soft plastic pouches). They do a large private label business. You might be using one of their products and not even know it.
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New Instruments, Nail Cutters, Hair cutting Shears, Sharpening Service, Blow dryers and Clippers, Knives and sharpening

Reviews for Bianco Brothers

Bianco Brothers received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 38 reviews.

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Lester S. Beaman on 3/25/2023

Had my knives sharpened by Vincent just last year and it's about time that I fix them up with a new sharpening. He did a wonderful job again with my chef's knife! Very professional, quick, and expert service. Highly recommended.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by John M. Page on 3/3/2023

I located this place based on the reviews they got and the vicinity to my home in the neighborhood! Best decision to take my knives to Bianco Brothers Instruments. Vincent is very accommodating and very pleasant. I definitely recommend taking your knives to them.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Vicky K. Sax on 2/7/2023

I have used many scissor sharpening companies and Bianco Brothers Instruments has by far been the best. Not only are they the most knowledgeable, but they are wonderful people that excel in customer satisfaction and professionalism. They go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

highly recommended by nigelogden on 1/30/2023

Thank you Bianco Brothers Instruments for the excellent work and service. I appreciate your help and appreciate how well you did your job. I can tell you guys are passionate about what you do and provide the best customer service and work. I heartily endorse your business.

highly recommended by briellahoward on 1/18/2023

Vincent did an amazing job sharpening our knives! I have been to several different places to sharpen our knives but none have been as good as Vincent. our knives were not only sharpened but cleaned and packaged well when I picked them up. Highly recommend

Highly Recommended !! by Cheryl R. Gildea on 1/16/2023

I looked up a few companies but found Bianco Brothers to be the fairest. He was reliable and had a great disposition. The job, knives and scissors, were done to perfection. I so recommend Bianco Brothers

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Melissa S. Lorenzo on 12/15/2022

We brought our knife and a pair of scissors which were in pretty bad shape. Fifteen minutes later, repaired and sharpened like returned and cut better than new. It's a joy to have people that know how to do something well. Highly recommend it.

Awesome Service! by Tina W. Porter on 12/13/2022

Such a nice guy, super easy to call or text and have them come out to you. Did a great job getting my knives back sharper than they were when new 10 years ago, and I was surprised at how affordable it was.

highly recommended by caliruiz on 12/5/2022

Top notch service by Vincent. He showed me the difference of how my knives cut before and after sharpening and you instantly saw the difference. He is a true master at his craft. Will definitely be back!

Strongly Recommended! by Jennifer D. Young on 12/1/2022

Bianco Brothers Instruments is the absolute best knife sharpening service one can find! My son in law told me about this great service, and I'm so glad! I recently had 10 knives sharpened to perfection. The service was quick, reliable, and met all of my expectations!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Stella Adams on 12/1/2022

A friend recommended this place as being the best in Brooklyn for sharpening knives. He was absolutely right. Got great service from Vincent, the owner, and the prices were extremely fair. When I got the knives back, they worked better than when they were new. Highly recommend this place.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Adelaide Baker on 11/21/2022

After seeing the great results, two of my neighbors also used their services, they were also extremely pleased and have continued using their services. I highly recommend Bianco Brothers, call Vincent and you will not be disappointed.

highly recommended by ericlambert on 11/9/2022

Great service, great turn around. Interested to see how long they stay sharp. But believe me, I ran them down a piece of paper and they cut so smooth. And on food, you guessed it, cut with ease and not smushing anything. Bianco Brothers

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Vivienne Lewis on 10/26/2022

Bianco Brothers provided excellent customer service, competitive prices, and quality work. . They went above and beyond and we were very satisfied with their services. I highly recommend Vincent and Bianco Brothers!

highly recommended by Luke Ward on 10/12/2022

Unquestionably the best. years of expertise, vast experience, excellent work ethic, and a customer-loving individual. doesn't improve. Ignore any phony sharpening service that has a hipster vibe. This is genuine. It would be wise to consult with this specialist.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Hugo A. Patterson on 10/11/2022

Vincent has a great service...his very respectful man and also loves his job. Very fast service and know what they doing.
So I will highly recommend them to anyone looking for sharpening company!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Ezra F. Gill on 10/5/2022

A friend recommended this place as being the best in Brooklyn for sharpening knives. He was absolutely right. Got great service from Vincent and the prices were extremely fair. When I got the knives back, they worked better than when they were new. Highly recommend this place.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Laila T. Rogers on 9/28/2022

Knives are sharp with very, clean even lines along the blade edges. Owner is very professional and charges an extremely reasonable rate per knife. There is no reason to be cutting with dull knives or mail them for sharpening as we used to do. I'll be back if our knives need some sharpening work. Highly recommend it.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Albert A. McEachern on 8/20/2022

The customer service was fantastic! Vincent came by to provide an estimate and he was honest, knowledgeable, and provided fair pricing. Their attention to quality and detail is top notch. Highly recommended!

Thank You For a Job Well Done by Leonard S. Gray on 8/5/2022

My knives were extremely dull and now they can easily cut anything! I had to remove the few other knives we had in the knife holder to avoid mixing sharp and dull. We are completely satisfied and will be shipping them the rest of our knives and scissors shortly. Thank you for job a well done, quick job!! And at a very reasonable price!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Jeffery C. Hand on 5/26/2022

This is a great cuticle clipper and it’s awesome! Which makes it easy to store away! my mom love this cuticle cutter because it gets the job done very quick and as well easy , I will purchase soon

great service by Wilson A. Smith on 4/11/2022

We have been impressed with you and your company. Everything was simply perfect! We like absolutely everything! Thank you so much for such an amazing service. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends.

highly recommended by Sandra Crane on 4/7/2022

Your support is very invaluable. Thanks for a job well done! We have been impressed with you and your company thus far. Thank you for being so accommodating Bianco Brothers Instruments

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Patricia F. Hymel on 3/24/2022

I've used all kinds of cuticle nippers from drugstore brands.
These nippers are just as comfortable to hold. Precision nipping.
They last longer than any others.
5 stars Comfortable to use, sharp and stays sharp.

Thank You!! by William S. Gates on 3/16/2022

I am beyond pleased with the service! The turn around was great and I felt completely safe sending my very expensive knives to them! They came back pristine!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Jennifer V. Gutierrez on 3/15/2022

Excellent quality and good value for money, would buy again
Highly Recommend Bianco Brothers for Cuticle nipper, Blow Dryers and Clippers, Hair Cutting Shears.
Thank you Vincent !!
I'm very happy with my purchase

Marcia Crawford by Marcia Crawfor on 2/25/2022

Thank You!! Bianco Brothers for the great service and great job as well. I am thankful and pleased with the work you guys have done. I can see, you guys love what you do and give the best service with high quality jobs. I highly recommend your company.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by John C. Hedley on 2/23/2022

The thing that comes to my mind when I think of your company is “great experience”.
Just to let everybody know what a great staff you have. They positively influence customer perception.
Kudos to your team! You helped me out and delivered some real customer delight!

Highly Recommended!!! by Gina B. McGhee on 1/31/2022

Vincent is so wonderful! He responds quickly and communicates every time you call or email! He is so knowledgeable and also sends you to additional resources in conjunction with services he provides! His quotes are accurate with no hidden charges, and his team is just as great!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Anne J. Powers on 1/24/2022

Just discovered this store yesterday and what a find for an Sharpening service. And they have a beautiful selection of Hair cutting shears and nippers. Highly recommend Bianco Brothers for your sharpening needs...

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Lillian L. Madsen on 1/8/2022

I had a great experience with Bianco Brothers. The tech was very professional and knowledgeable. Service was done within a time frame. Will use it again in the future, thank you!

He's an expert by Sharon R. Baker on 10/26/2021

Vincent is a master blade sharpener and an expert when it comes to sharpening all types of blades. He uses state of the art, water cooled disk machine and will put a razor edge on your blade in a matter of minutes.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! by Rebeca C. Daluz on 10/23/2021

Took my dad's Kramer knives here to get them sharpened for his birthday. So happy I was able to get them done the day of, on such a short notice! Will definitely came back, was definitely a cool and friendly guy. He even demonstrated cutting paper with the knives after they were sharpened, and left some care tips/notes for my father for future use. Highly recommend it!!


highly recommended by Emmett Nelson on 8/2/2021

Best most reliable tow service in the area! Thanks guys for coming to my rescue multiple times this week! So grateful for such kind, helpful & honest people. Definitely My First to go towing service. Bianco Brothers

Highly Recommended by Martha C. Shuffler on 7/13/2021

Great service, great prices, and a wide variety of product selection. Best place to stop by and get what ever supplies you need. I Highly Recommend Bianco Brothers!!

Highly Recommended by Allen S Hassler on 7/12/2021

It's tough to find collectable knives- let alone non-kitchen knives.

The quality and the authenticity, and Free Sharpening on every purchase is Awesome!

This Bianco Brothers was very professional and efficient.

I Highly Recommend them!

Great Service by Daniel M. Johnson on 7/2/2021

We love this company and would highly recommend to anyone. This company was very professional and efficient. They made recommendations that would help us in the future and was sure to do all that they could to ensure our satisfaction.

5 Star!!! by Gladys A. Bryant on 6/27/2021

Let me tell you. They are sharp. Possibly sharper than they originally were. I highly recommend Bianco Brothers. they truly is a professional! I would definitely recommend you to all my friends.

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