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Growing up like many others my hair had been relaxed. I knew nothing about a curl pattern. As I got older I became responsible for my own hair. I began to realize how thick my natural hair was and boy was I lost! I would go to the beauty supply store and spend tons of money on all sorts of products that I hoped would work. When all else failed I turned to YouTube. Many influencers introduced me to the different curl patterns and what product should work best for each. However, as many of you may know its pretty rare to find someone with one uniformed curl type all around their head so that did not help much. After plenty of trail and error is when I discovered that it is More Than Curls. In order to find the best products and regimen to nourish your hair, the proper identification of your hair is required. There are a few factors that tie into figuring this key step out and that is where we step in. More Than Curls was launched to provide people of all ages the knowledge to properly care for their hair and RETAIN length. The goal is to inform many it’s more than curls! Ones Hair ID is a mixture of a variety of things: texture, curl type, density, and most importantly porosity! These all play a role in providing the best care to your hair and More Than Curls will provide you with all the proper tools to do so!
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