Chelsea Chinese Restaurant

20 Reviews
229 9th Ave
New York, NY 10001-6601
(212) 620-5200
Alcohol Beer/Wine Only
Average Entree $9.95
Delivery Fee Free
Feature Lunch Special
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Feature Dinner
Feature Wheelchair Accessible
Feature Accepts Credit Cards
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Chelsea Chinese Restaurant serves New York, NY and is located in the 10001 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Sat 11:30am-11pm

Reviews for Chelsea Chinese Restaurant

Chelsea Chinese Restaurant received an average rating of 2.95 out of 5 stars from 20 reviews.

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by Quinton on 6/25/2021

by Eshe on 8/22/2021

by Brankica on 2/11/2021

by Guadalupe on 10/20/2021

by Guadalupe on 10/20/2021

by Lando on 4/11/2021

by James on 7/27/2021

by James on 7/27/2021

by Ibragim on 6/8/2021

by Mike on 9/24/2021

by Brankica on 1/25/2021

by Brankica on 1/25/2021

by Anna on 5/13/2021

by Lando on 3/25/2021

by Jomez on 7/11/2021

by Samael on 2/27/2021

by Samael on 2/27/2021

by Gabriel on 1/9/2021

by Breda on 4/26/2021

by Esen on 10/10/2021

This Chelsea restaurant is nearly a New York dining institution, and an old standby for above-average and classic Chinese. The restaurant formerly at Canal and Bowery fills a large space overlooking Ninth Avenue that has delivery bikes… Read Full Editorial

Mixed - for the best food order off the last 2 pages by Live2Explore via Menuism on 11/16/2012

Oh how I miss good Chinese food. Living in the Midwest, I've started to think of P.F. Chang's as good...

Worst NYC Dining Experience - Food and Service by Foodyguy via Citysearch on 9/4/2011

I can safely say that this was my WORST dining experience in 10 years of living in NYC!! I never bothered to write a review before (good or bad), but this was just too much!! Also, this was the first time in my life that I decided not to…

Superb Chinese Food by AdamLandhoff via Citysearch on 8/15/2011

I've got to say, i loved the food here. Not only was it delicious, but it came with great service and the environment was perfect for this kinda food. I loved the place, and I'll definitely be stopping back. That wonton soup was to die for

Amazing by Katie Ss via Citysearch on 4/12/2011

The food was terrific and especially the wonton soup. I love wonton soup...

A typical Chinese American restaurant by ImagineReason via Citysearch on 3/23/2011

I wouldn't expect more from this restaurant than typical Americanized Chinese fare. The portions are very good, the service very poor, and there was little Sichuan I could find in my dish.

Don't Trust by Food Mission via Citysearch on 2/21/2011

If you are a vegetarian, you cannot eat here. For example, the menu says the hot & sour soup is "vegetarian," but if you ask if it actually has broth in it, they say yes...that's not vegetarian! None of their soups are. I was reduced to…

Service leaves little to be desired by chantal289 via Citysearch on 3/28/2010

Expect to put your name down and then add another 45 minutes at the said time. It is not worth the long wait only to be expected to wolf the food down and leave. We were a party of three and they kept on refusing to sit us down at tables…

Horrible Service! by cm1979 via Citysearch on 10/28/2009

The food was descent BUT we were asked to pay our bill and leave before we were even done with our dessert! I get that they had people waiting but we weren't just lounging around by any means. The server was crazy RUDE about it! At least…

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL by zlotsky via Citysearch on 8/21/2009

Ordered lunch from this place because it had decent reviews and OMG the food was awful!!! I have never had such terrible General Tso Chicken, it was mushy (not crunchy), all fatty meat, just nasty!!! Sauce was pretty bad too ? DON?T DO…

Great Soup Dumplings......... awful other food by michaelgold01 via Citysearch on 3/19/2009

Typical chinese restaurant stuff I will not complain about. The good table was "reserved" for two people of asian decent that came in after us while we were stuck next to the kitchen....... wouldnt seat us until our whole party was there…

HORRIBLE Rude Service and mediocre food by PinkElephant27 via Citysearch on 1/9/2009

Appaulled by the treatment these people gave me. I called for a delivery, they were hostile. I should have known better but I ordered from them anyway. 1 Hour and 20 minutes later the guy showed up. I said you are over an hour late. He was…

HORRIBLE, TACKY CUSTOMER SERVICE by bellakins via Citysearch on 12/22/2008

I had by far, the WORST restaurant experience at Grand Sichuan. I came in to order a few appetizers. I was told (after sitting down) that there is a $7 minimum/guest to eat in. After putting in a bigger order, I was told that they had RUN…

Authentic Sichuan Cuisine by Thomas S via Insider Pages on 11/20/2008

Have dined here many times when in NYC - Excellent food every time.\r \r Favorites include Sliced Conch, Loofah (spouge gourd) w. scallop and Boneless Whole Fish with pinenuts.

For Great food __not recommended for a total dining experience due to manager by aword via Citysearch on 10/16/2008

__get rid of "Larry" the so called manager of this restaurant .\r Go out to have a pleasant non rushed dinner with friends _ order from some of the best dishes on the menu_and I will say the food is excellent__then during dinner …

WooWW Chinese Food by Htompkin via Citysearch on 9/20/2008

Wow - this place has great Chinese food! My roomates and I went on a Sunday night and had a great dinner at a very reasonable price. You must go and see this lovely restaurant I would recommend this place to anyone who needs deliver .

famously RUDE by LuckyZtar via Citysearch on 7/4/2008

I've had 3 meals in the dining room of Grand Sichuan, and ordered delivery once. Fine as the food has been (I do like the well-known soup dumplings), the service has been the RUDEST I've had anywhere. Servers expect you to order…

It's all about the Fresh Auzhou Chicken by EnoOne via Citysearch on 2/29/2008

It's all about the Fresh Chicken and the Soup Dumplings - complain all you want about the other dishes, but those two alone will have me coming back time and time again to this no-frills no-nonsense eatery that has to be the best Szechuan…

24th Street location still open, but 50th Street location closed by glazerj via Citysearch on 2/26/2008

I studied abroad in Beijing last spring for 5 months and I would describe this restaurant as between "american chinese" food and authentic chinese food. They speak mandarin, not cantonese, so I could practice the language. \r \r Also, to…

Sichuan food is good by Xiaotuzhang via Citysearch on 1/31/2008

The Sichuan food here is good, suitble for most customers, even Chinese torist groups who enjoy eating here. However, the restaurant is still open and why city search marks it "close?"

Not What It Used To Be by siuloanbao via Citysearch on 7/16/2007

Went there for dinner Friday night and ordered a few traditional Sichuan dishes. First were two appetizers - spicy beef & tripes; sliced conch w/hot oil. The sliced beef was tough (should be tender) and the dish was too salty. The conch on…

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