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NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP works directly with insurance companies, providing all industry documentation while working directly for the customer.
We offer a free estimate and a 30 min response emergency service.
With ASAP you can always go through the restoration process with ease as we assigns each customer with a project manager to streamline the process.
We operate in Nassau and surrounding areas for over 25 years now and our friendly team is well experienced and knowledgeable.
With ASAP you know you can quickly get your property back to normal and move on as if the damage never happened.

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Reviews for NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP

NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 30 reviews.

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They saved my home! by Melody W. Perez on 6/1/2022

My home was in shambles after a pipe burst on the wall. I couldn't believe how much water damage there actually is and who knew that just one small pipe burst could cause so many problems! After getting NY Water Damage Removal's help, they got my place cleaned up quick with their amazing service--I'm thankful every day for all of them doing what needs done without any hassle or problem at such short notice!!

These people helped my business be in top shape! by Paul G. Tribble on 5/31/2022

The water extraction and drying process were made easy by these professionals! They got rid of the flooding water and molds at the same time! My business wouldn't be in top shape if it weren’t for them!

The reviews didn't lie by Pearl B. Dennis on 5/31/2022

Hiring the guys from NY Water Damage Removal was money well spent. They delivered on their promise of a first-class treatment and professionalism, plus the team was friendly enough to answer all questions I had about water damages!

These guys enlightened me on what to do next time, thanks! by Eddie V. Russell on 5/31/2022

When my apartment building started having pipe leaking, I was afraid that the problem would be too big for me to handle on my own. Fortunately someone told me about this company who came out and fixed it in 20 minutes! The people here are super nice and they also make sure you know what needs tp be done so nothing else gets damaged or destroyed while fixing anything related with water damage from leaks.

Thank you guys for the save! by Lucille N. Weesner on 5/31/2022

Last night our Airbnb apartment got flooded. We were so lucky to find NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP who showed up within an hour and saved us from the disaster!

Their service is great, fast and efficient! by Phillip D. Jones on 5/31/2022

The water leak at my house was terrible but these guys came right away to make it all better! I recommend them if you need any help with your plumbing and water damage repair needs!

Definitely worth sharing! by Jacqueline A. Young on 5/31/2022

I've experienced NY Water Damage Removal's water damage repair services. They are great because you can depend upon them for any type of water damage repair job big or small! I have a lot of real estate agents that I work with and I talked with them about this company and they all the loved services done to their properties! I was happy that I helped my colleagues with their mold and water damage problems.

They are worth every penny! by Yolanda K. Johnson on 5/31/2022

These guys were the best! They came in, diagnosed our problem, and solved it within minutes. Such great service - would recommend them to anyone with water damage problems!

Very professional! by Kelsie E. Chambers on 5/31/2022

They have a great team of employees that are very professional and quick to respond. I highly recommend NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP for all your water restoration needs!

I can't say enough positive things for this company! by Peter C. Fitch on 5/31/2022

This organization, as well as the personnel they brought to us, are fantastic! There aren't enough positive things to say! They were on time, professional, and efficient, and they completed the task! This company comes highly recommended! Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for the fast and reliable service! by Carmen A. Dear on 5/30/2022

They came to my house in the middle of night because I called about an emergency. I had a plumbing leak and they solved all problems right away when they came! They were very professional, fast service with great pricing!

They left with my property looking flawless! by Daphne G. Brito on 5/30/2022

I hired NY Water Damage Removal to remove the water damage and molds at my building, they were able to fix everything up in no time. The first floor and basement were flooded but by Monday morning it looked like nothing had happened!

They got rid of the molds in my house! by Charles E. Fleishman on 5/30/2022

When my home was overtaken by mold, a friend recommended me this company. And I'm glad to say that I would recommend them to anyone in need of water damage restoration services too! because they did such an amazing job with their work on getting rid of all the molds in my house!

No more molds on my drywalls, thanks! by Tamara T. Cox on 5/30/2022

They were professional and removed all the unwanted molds on my drywalls. They also installed new sheetrock where needed while spraying an anti-mold chemical to save any potential future problems with mold growth! It's great knowing that there are companies like this one out there.

Amazing service from this company! by Edward R. Gates on 5/30/2022

I have been a customer of NY Water Damage Removal and they never disappoint. The service is amazing, you know exactly what's going to happen with their restoration before even starting it (and good pricing too!), there really isn't anything more I would ask from them!

The Best Service from NY Water Damage Removal! by feled39733 on 5/30/2022

You're a genius! NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Cleanup Pros - ASAP is the best in their field, and they treated my house like it was theirs. Now I don't have any more mold to worry about-you saved me from an ugly problem once again!

Very reliable service! by Larry S. Myrick on 5/30/2022

Great work! These guys know what they’re doing and were very professional. If I have any more mold, then of course calling them again would be the case!--so if you people need a reliable company for this type of thing, then give these guys a call because your satisfaction is their priority :)

This company is hassle-free! by Frances H. Lopez on 5/30/2022

NY Water Damage Removal sent an amazing team to us, and I'm so glad we found them! They were on time and very professional. The guys got the water damage repair done quickly without any hassle at all - couldn't recommend this business enough!!

No Communication Issue at All! by koyaboj274 on 5/30/2022

I am so pleased with this company! I needed some water damage restoration done quickly and they were able to help me out in just hours. NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Cleanup Pros - ASAP then handled the repair work as well, which turned out beautifully (and on time) because of their regular clear communication around everything that's happening & when it will happen next... Can't recommend them highly enough!!

Definitely worth the 5 stars! by bryanjames on 5/28/2022

NY Water Damage Removal were very polite, respectful people that I have ever dealt with. They went above and beyond to make sure my water damage problem is solved! I will be recommending these fine gentlemen everywhere possible- five stars all around!!

Thank you so much for your humble and fast service! by geilteresa on 5/28/2022

The NY Water Damage Removal team was amazing! They were very attentive, prompt and friendly. The service I received from them will be highly recommended by me to all my friends who need help with water damage issue in their home or business!

NY Water Damage Removal took care of my home like it was a baby! by margaretsamuels89 on 5/28/2022

They are the best company to go with if you have water damage in your basement. They took care of everything for me, explained what they were going do throughout each stage and made sure that I was happy before leaving! The work staff was super nice too-I can't say enough good things about them or recommend this business more highly!!

This company's service is worth every penny! by xewawe7893 on 5/28/2022

The team at NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP did a great job repairing the water damage in my house. They were kind and punctual, which made me feel comfortable with them as they worked on-site! The cost of their services was clearly discussed upfront - I thought it reasonable given how quickly everything got taken care off too! plus you get peace knowing that someone has experience working through these kinds struggles (and will do what needs done).

I definitely recommend NY Water Damage Removal! by tixakav927 on 5/28/2022

This company is the best at what they do. I would never go anywhere else for my house needs, especially when it comes to water damage removal! They are dependable and always show up on time with their workmanship job well done in hand, and you won't regret hiring them (and that's before we even get into how affordable prices tend towards). I give these folks my full recommendation because there isn’t anything more valuable than good work.

Water Damage in my Basement Bedroom Area! by xagaso5743 on 5/28/2022

The first job I had done was due to water damage in my basement bedroom area. The flooring and drywall were both replaced with care, precision - even though there's been some reconstruction needed because of the extent that it got wet down here! It looks like new now too after these other restoration projects NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Cleanup did for me; thanks again!!!

Superb Service from Water Damage Removal Team! by kefow25092 on 5/28/2022

From the moment that I contacted NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Cleanup Pros - Asap, they were Humanity Restoration. They sent a representative over right away to assess my damages and give me an estimate on repair or replacement services; the cost of work was extremely fair in comparison with other companies who give out higher quote without even looking at what's wrong!

The customer service representatives repeatedly assured us we would be happy with our decision regardless if it turned out okay because these people really care about doing excellent job making sure customers feel safe during their recovery process which made me comfortable knowing these professionals always go above-and our expectations. Thank you and more power to the your team and looking forward for another water damage restoration in the future!

Thank you so much for your service! by Mary P. Harrington on 5/27/2022

Thank goodness we found this company when our new apartment had extensive mold on the basement level. When they came out to assess everything, their honesty and straightforwardness put us at ease immediately! Thank you NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP's team!!!

This company is so efficient in what they do! by Kerry M. Johnson on 5/27/2022

We found NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP to be professional and efficient. They were thorough with us during our difficult time of losing home due water damage after a storm, answered all questions we had about mold removal or contractor services offered in an affordable price range that fit into what my family needed for their house-they even helped pick out quality materials depending on how much money you want spend as well! This team worked quickly but did fantastic jobs at getting everything done quick enough.

Our house was "unlivable" before these guys came, than by fiyed78746 on 5/27/2022

Hiring NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP was the best decision we made when it came to getting our house livable again. These guys were able to find problems that even inspectors missed, like mold around a window in another room where there is water damage on top of already being exposed bricks from an old hearth!
Mold isn't always easy-to spot so make sure you get someone professional who knows what they're doing if this should happen at your place

Quality Workmanship is Just a Call Away! by nokof41323 on 5/27/2022

We had a water damage in our home and needed help fast. The team at NY Water Damage Removal & Flood Clean Up Pros was able to come out within 24 hours, which ultimately saved us money on repairs because they got the job done quickly without having any unnecessary downtime or hassle for ourselves as well!!

This business provides quality workmanship while being very affordable - everything you want when dealing with these issues! So grateful and thankful for your service!

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