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Finding a safe and friendly space for your elderly loved ones to call home can be reassuring for the entire family. Not every senior has the same needs, however, and it’s important to choose the right elderly care option. Middleton in Granville, OH, offers diverse senior care services, from independent living to memory care accommodation. Located in a picturesque setting, this serene senior community features nature views and walking paths, making it the perfect place for your loved ones to enjoy companionship and a caring environment.

To ensure the best care, every resident at Middleton receives an individualized service plan tailored to their needs. More capable seniors are likely to prefer independent living arrangements that allow them to transition gracefully to assisted living. Seniors who require support with everyday chores and personal grooming will benefit from assisted living, which has a licensed, 24-hour nursing staff on hand.

Regardless of their needs, your loved one will enjoy the aid of skilled elderly care professionals. The staff at Middleton is dedicated to fostering residents’ independence and self-esteem while providing compassionate service in a secure environment.

If you’re worried about costs, rest assured: Middleton is intent on providing excellent care that won’t break the bank. If you are in the Granville, OH, area and have a loved one who is considering senior care, visit Middleton’s website to view a gallery of their exceptional facility and learn more details about their services and amenities. Call (740) 281-1169 to arrange a visit.
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