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7016 Camille Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73149-5207
(405) 213-1025
TruGreen Lawn Care serves Oklahoma City, OK and is located in the 73149-5207 ZIP code.
Mon 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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Lawn, tree and shrub care includes landscaping services and seasonally timed treatments; complimentary fourteen-point lawn analysis. Read Full Editorial

My Review by jimc564240168 via Citysearch on 11/29/2017

Service is provided on time provides the desired results. The technicians are helpful and willing to explain services provided and expected results.

My Review by ronaldc877331202 via Citysearch on 11/20/2017

TRUGREEN'S work overall has been satisfactory. My lawn has looked consistently good during the time period they have provided service.

My Review by donnar1012111383 via Citysearch on 9/7/2017

My lawn looks amazing...especially now that we've gotten a bunch of rain. It looks thick, green and luscious.

My Review by ginas1436668851 via Citysearch on 7/26/2017

Lawn is looking good. Specialists are always courteous. They seem to know what they are talking about, Expense could be a little less.

My Review by billyr1927353615 via Citysearch on 7/12/2017

Friendly representative who presents themselves professionally and seems to be genuinely concerned about the health and appearance of my yard.

My Review by dennisb198850344 via Citysearch on 3/30/2017

Technician arrived at scheduled time and completed the service in a timely manner. My lawn is the best in the neighborhood thanks to TRUGREEN!

My Review by jimh1024036652 via Citysearch on 11/2/2016

My service was to spray for web worms and the 2 service folks (1 female; 1 male) were super friendly and efficient. No complaints.

My Review by jerryg755284376 via Citysearch on 10/7/2016

Service has really improved the quality of my lawn! I would recommend your service to anyone. Satisfied customer

My Review by jamess745035641 via Citysearch on 9/19/2016

The service that TRUGREEN provides is one of the best in the area; if I have a problem they respond within a reasonable length of time. Great service.

My Review by donaldm36572337 via Citysearch on 9/9/2016

The treatment of the front and back lawns are always done on schedule. I always receive a phone notification prior to the scheduled date.

My Review by tylerw253368274 via Citysearch on 8/24/2016

My grass has never looked better. TruGreen technicians and staff are always willing to assist with any issues I may have.

My Review by donnar348879229 via Citysearch on 8/4/2016

I was very pleased. I called for a follow-up visit regarding the hornets I have and they were there within a day.

My Review by hbc593748003 via Citysearch on 7/22/2016

I called about a problem with my lawn on Thurs; and on Monday a technician was here telling me what I needed to do to my lawn, and he applied some fertilizer.

My Review by timm8842205 via Citysearch on 7/14/2016

Excellent in professionalism. Kept me informed on what was being applied to my yard. Informed me on watering.

My Review by williamh186194792 via Citysearch on 6/30/2016

Service is excellent. Work is done complete and as expected. We would Recommend TruGreen to our friends

My Review by billyc547708600 via Citysearch on 11/26/2015

try did great job on my lawn, compare to the shape it was in which was very bad. i was very proud of my lawn after about 6 wks, thanks for giving me my lawn back. have happy thanksgiving.ok

My Review by sheilar1905373151 via Citysearch on 11/19/2014

I'm sure this service is exactly what is needed, however, it is the end of the year, so you can't really know if it's the best treatment until Spring. In the spring, we'll know how well you did. So let's just wait and see.

My Review by johnh587079466 via Citysearch on 11/3/2014

Technician very knowledgeable. Articulates well his job and responsibilities. Great consumer relations. My yard has never looked so beautiful and Trugreen. Have recommended your company to friends and relatives based on your…

My Review by leeb272853545 via Citysearch on 9/10/2014

The specialist was very knowlageable about his products and service. He was also very friendly and ansered all our questions.

My Review by susant1003586242 via Citysearch on 8/27/2014

No problems so far and I really appreciate your doing what you do so well. The way you do it is so professional and easy for me too! Thanks so much again!!

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