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Walt's Tree Service & Landscaping


21378 NW Bendemeer Rd
Hillsboro, OR 97124-8520
(503) 648-0918
Today: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Tree removal service, arborist
We have been trimming trees, pruning, and taking down dangerous trees since 1981. Experience really does count. dSage Landscape design and construction services, one custom yard at a time. We pride ourselves on being able to provide tree removal, tree pruning services, view trimming, tree topping, arborist services, certified arborist, landscape design, landscaping installation, rock walls, ponds, bubble rocks, water feature, rain garden, swale construction, seed lawn, sod lawn, drainage, irrigation installation and repair, tree and shrub planting, plant warranty, to Aloha, Beaverton, Carlton, Cornelius, Durham, Forest Grove, Gaston, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, King City, Portland, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Yamhill.
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Stump Removal
Tree Removal

Reviews for Walt's Tree Service & Landscaping

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They did a beautiful job. Timely and professional. by Carlene V via Customer Lobby on 2/16/2016

We called Beaver Tree Service because we have a very huge maple tree in our backyard and they did a beautiful job taking care of it. They also cleaned up really well. I mean, they were professional and on time, I've been using them for…

No complaints. by Jim C via Customer Lobby on 2/11/2016

We were very, very happy with Beaver Tree Service. We only had one tree to do but they showed up on time and did great work. We have no complaints what so ever. I would definitely have them back and recommend them to others.

Beaver Tree Service is the best! by Judy P via Customer Lobby on 2/10/2016

Beaver Tree Service did a wonderful job of pruning my trees. They pruned, limbed, thinned out, and took some dead wood out of my trees and my trees look beautiful! Ted, who was in charge, has a really great eye and he had his crew approach…

They do good work every time. Worth the money. by Pete B via Customer Lobby on 2/10/2016

Beaver Tree Service cost a little bit more than other companies that are out there but with them you don't have to worry and see a bunch of people doing the work and hanging up there without safety gear on and stuff like that. I had a lot…

Overall a pleasant experience by Tracey R via Customer Lobby on 7/2/2014

I have had a wonderful experience dealing with Walt's Tree Service and I am happily satisfied with the results. They do an excellent job conducting the service in a timely manner, completed it on time and promptly. Their work ethic and…

Great. I'd use them again! by John G via Customer Lobby on 6/24/2014

The guys from Walt's Tree Service were very good. They removed two stumps for me, then ground out the roots that were coming up. They missed a couple of roots, but they were close to the curb and didn't really show up until later. They got…

Would recommend them highly by Dave F via Customer Lobby on 6/18/2014

Walt's Tree Service is wonderful! David and Robin helped me bring down some flowering pear trees safely. They were 30-40 ft tall in a very small lot and they were able to take them down, chop them up, and help me haul away all of the…

Really impressed with their professionalism. by Lloyd E via Customer Lobby on 6/17/2014

You never know what you'll get when you call up a business in the phone book, but I was really impressed with Walt's Tree Service. In fact, I have already recommended them to people. They did a good job cutting down 5 trees for me.…

My good luck was Walt's Tree Service by Jerry S via Customer Lobby on 6/13/2014

I had two large birch trees on the corner of my lawn that were infected and dying, and they needed trimming. I had Walt's Tree Service come, and they trimmed it down to the ground. Walt's Tree Service did a good job. They had the right…

Great work. Professional. Careful. by Randy D via Customer Lobby on 6/10/2014

This was my first time using Walt's Tree Service. They took down a big fir tree in our backyard and a pine tree in our front yard. The fir tree had huge roots that were threatening the foundation of our home. It needed to come out as soon…

Good service by Jan B via Customer Lobby on 6/4/2014

I had Walt's Tree Service come and Joel was very very good. He was done in about two hours. He cut some trees in our front yard and he did a very good job.

Professional, prompt service! by Dick H via Customer Lobby on 6/3/2014

We used Walt's Tree Service for the first time, and I really appreciated their professionalism and their work. They came on time, and they got the work done quickly. They cleaned up everything really well, and it was just a good…

Quality work at a very reasonable price by Tom D via Customer Lobby on 6/24/2013

Walt's Tree Service did a lot of pruning of trees and shrubs and the clean up for us. We've been a customer for about 30 years, when he just started and he's been coming back each year since. I keep coming back for their value. The only…

I recommend Dave to everybody by Judy B via Customer Lobby on 5/24/2013

Walt's Tree Service is great, Dave has been very helpful to me. He helps me trim my trees and he tells me what my yard needs while he is there. He gives me all kind of great hints as to how to take care of my garden and yard and I…

Good all around. by Andrew D via Customer Lobby on 5/20/2013

I am a repeat customer of theirs. They do a variety of jobs for us. They always are able to work around our schedule for job time-frames. Special requests have not been a problem, either. For example, if they come to trim a tree and we…

They do everything right. by Justin & Heidi H via Customer Lobby on 5/9/2013

I first used them in '99 and they have done the lots on two houses for me now. They did a custom design and implementation of that design. I use them for tree service as well. They are great.

They did a good job. by Mary V via Customer Lobby on 4/27/2013

I hired Walts Tree Service and Landscaping to clear the portion of my neighbor's cherry tree that was coming over to my property. It was just getting into my stuff and making a mess in my backyard. I was impressed with the fact that they…

I was pleased with everything. by Dan D via Customer Lobby on 3/26/2013

I had them come in and cut down about four trees, several very tall ones and several medium height. They also ground the stumps. They did an excellent job of cleaning up after they were done.

Quick and efficient. by Ruth B via Customer Lobby on 3/21/2013

This was done on a rural property that we own, not a residence. We had 3 trees removed completely, and another tree limbed up. There were quite a few employees working the job. They did it very quickly and efficiently.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. by Charlie Y via Customer Lobby on 2/26/2013

I have been using Walts Tree Service and Landscaping for fifteen years. I have had them take down trees that were over 100-feet tall. Everything they do, they have done for me at some point. They are reliable, they do well, their prices…

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