Graymont PA Inc


965 E College Ave
Bellefonte, PA 16823
(814) 355-4762
Graymont's products include high calcium and dolomitic lime, value added lime based products such as specialty hydrates and precipitated calcium carbonate, pulverized stone, construction stone, asphalt and ready mix. Specific Products Include: Quicklime:High Calcium Quicklime AOD Lime Pulverized Lime Chemical Lime Granulated Lime Ground Lime BOF Lime PCC Lime Dolomitic Quicklime Quicklime Blends (Dolomitic/High Calcium) Pulverized Quicklime Hydrated Lime:High Calcium Hydrated Lime Dolomitic Hydrate Type N Dolomitic Hydrate Type S Dolomitic Hydrate Type SA Niagara Lime Putty Food Grade Hydrate Lubricant Additive Hydrate Hydrated Cement-Lime Blends PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) Co-products:Lime Kiln Dust Hydrate Tailings Baghouse Lime Chemical Limestone:Ag-Lime Hydra-Lime+ High Calcium Limestone Dolomitic Limestone High Calcium Limestone Fines Dolomitic Limestone Fines Pulverized Limestone:Rock Dust Agricultural Exhaust Gas Scrubbers Scrubber Reagent Roofing Granules Drilling Mud Additives Glass Stone Feed Supplements Construction Stone: Construction Aggregates/Sand and GravelDecorative Stone Dimension Stone Rip Rap Ready Mix Concrete Redi-Rock Retaining Walls Asphalt

Products and Services

Material Handling
Research and Development
Redi-Rock/ Retaining Walls
Chemical Limestone
Construction Stone
Hydrated Cement Lime Blends
Hydrated Lime
Pulverized Limestone
Ready Mix Concrete

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