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When you need legal representation regarding a family law matter, working with an experienced lawyer is critical in navigating the legal process efficiently and successfully. The divorce and family law attorneys at Petrelli Previtera, LLC have vast experience in all areas of divorce and family law. We offer compassionate legal representation for clients throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. Call today to schedule your initial confidential consultation to discuss the situation and difficulties involved, share the goals you have in mind, and identify the next steps toward resolution.
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Reviews for Petrelli Previtera, LLC

Petrelli Previtera, LLC received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 36 reviews.

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Excellent firm and amazing legal service by May Reichel on 9/5/2022

I'm quite pleased with the entire procedure. Attorney Previtera answered all of my questions patiently and compassionately, helping me to grasp a challenging process. Everyone on the Petrelli Previtera, LLC staff was helpful. Kept me sane in a difficult situation and gave me the encouragement and the confidence to keep going. They have my highest recommendation.

Great legal service! by Sarah Willoughby on 9/3/2022

They gave me calm, sensible advice all throughout my divorce. Thomas assisted me in understanding the distinction between the law and morals and my options when I occasionally struggled to do so. They assisted me in settling with my ex and starting a new chapter in my life. They seem to be quite forward and fair when it comes to charging.

Great firm by Gianna Scharf on 8/15/2022

I appreciate honesty, and Petrelli Previtera, LLC Law Firm assisted me with my divorce matter. My attorney was highly competent and trustworthy. I received clear explanations of the procedure and what to expect; I wasn't overly promised anything, and the end result was excellent and just what I wanted. I am very happy with the service and will suggest this firm to anyone in need of legal counsel.

Excellent firm! by Emilio Horton on 8/12/2022

In my divorce case, the firm acted as my attorney. By clearly outlining all of my options and possible lines of action, they put me at ease with their professionalism. My confidence that my matter was significant to them and their personnel increased as a result of their swift service in promptly responding to my questions and taking action.  They took the time to explain the complex laws of the procedure and our alternatives to my current wife, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Great attorney! by Jenny Langlois on 7/6/2022

Everyone was really professional, and my lawyer was great. Petrelli Previtera, LLC could not have handled this situation any better than they did. very professional and receptive. The billing information was really helpful, and the level of contact was superb. It was simple to confirm that their time was used effectively on my issue.

Amazing legal service by Kayla F. Arneson on 7/5/2022

Excellent legal team who put in a lot of effort to win a big settlement in a difficult custody dispute. Thomas not only handled each court appearance with skill, letting us know what to expect and what the day's plan would be, He always remained calm with his cool, collected manner. I heartily advise anyone in need of family assistance to contact him.

Amazing legal service by Graciela Timmons on 6/23/2022

Attorney Petreli is an excellent strategist and a very thorough lawyer. He has put a lot of effort into advancing my case, and we have had a lot of conversations about it. Both the lawyer and the firm I chose are excellent. He's been a big assistance, definitely. Before talking with the opposing counsel or deciding on the next course of action in the case, he was a patient listener and slow to act.

Amazing Attorney! by Steve Heier on 6/22/2022

Thomas is excellent and performed an excellent job with my case. He is incredibly professional, and he made me feel as though we were working together as friends. He was always there to guide me through the various steps. He was very responsive and very on top of things. he was always right on the ball and always in contact.

Highly recommend! by Diane Estrella on 5/6/2022

Attorney has been incredibly thorough. She's only had to investigate a subject a couple of times; most of the time, she's been prepared and educated. She's also been resourceful when we've needed to put a unique twist on something to help the cause. She's been amazing!

The legal service is absolutely amazing! by Randy Lucero on 5/5/2022

Attorney was simply excellent. She was incredibly knowledgeable, and when I went to court with her once, she was quite organized, which I greatly enjoyed. There were some date-related questions, and she was able to obtain the answers by going straight to a tab in her binder. That made an impression on me. Also, the team's paralegal was fantastic. I want to make certain that she receives credit as well.

Excellent Attorney! by Edwin Rickert on 4/22/2022

Divorce can be a difficult process to go through, both emotionally and legally. Attorney guided us through the entire procedure in a pleasant and supportive manner. His professionalism and expertise were quite beneficial. We were grateful that a buddy recommended Him to us. We had met with another attorney initially, but we didn't feel at ease with him, and he didn't appear to pay attention to our unique needs the way Attorney Petrelli did.

Great Attorney! by AlexGoldsmith on 4/21/2022

My situation is really complicated. I am grateful to that attorney, who has been a wonderful advocate for me and has assisted me in challenging legal system. We would not have been able to have a favorable resolution for my case if it hadn't been for him. Has always been a strong advocate for what is right and fair. I could not have negotiated this legal system without him, and I would have been easily walked over. I would strongly suggest him to everyone.

Amazing Firm! by fisheringthelalaine on 4/1/2022

I had a fantastic time with her. She aided me in resolving my divorce. She is an excellent divorce attorney. I can suggest it to anyone who requires the services of a divorce attorney. She will fight for the rights of you and your family.

Fantastic Lawyer! by rhynesiarhelenaa on 3/31/2022

She is a fantastic communicator. She communicates, offers direction, and discusses a strategy in a clear, succinct, and efficient manner. She's quite knowledgeable, and the service was reasonably priced.

Highly Recommended! by MyronFisher on 3/5/2022

We felt secure knowing that all of our documentation was completed appropriately and on time. They helped us prepare for mediation by answering all of our questions. Highly Recommended!

Good Service! by hagleyjaneworth on 3/4/2022

Divorce is the most emotionally draining event a person can have. They were quite beneficial. They made my case incredibly simple and painless. They dealt with my situation in a professional manner. I'll tell my friends and family about them.

Amazing Service! by orlandohotjewel on 2/9/2022

They will pay attention to your requirements and devise a plan to achieve all of your objectives. They were amazing and considerate of my needs. You won't regret it!

Kudos! by kurtstarthur288 on 2/7/2022

They were constantly on top of things and made sure everything was in order and ready for the court! Always pay attention to them, is my suggestion! They will put their many years of experience to work for you! They will always put your case first!

Great service and amazing lawyer! by Jane Moses on 1/10/2022

Thomas assisted me with my case and has always done an outstanding job! He is a true professional who excels at what he does. He goes above and above the call of responsibility to assist his clients, and he is highly understanding. He's well worth every cost. I couldn't think of a better lawyer to recommend than him.

Excellent Attorney! by Fred L on 1/7/2022

Attorney and his staff were highly educated and helpful, and I would certainly recommend them to anybody going through a divorce or separation. When coping with the stress and emotional roller coaster of a divorce, they were incredibly sympathetic and helpful. The details of the Agreement and the Marital Settlement were well presented to me, and I actually felt included in every decision.

The service is beyond amazing! by Mildred Covington on 12/15/2021

For my difficult divorce, I hired Katherine and her legal team. She was not only aware of the principles and ideals that come with marriage, but she was also quite supportive throughout the process. When I couldn't fly back, she took care of my court dates. Always on top of everything when it comes to the case. Thank you so much for assisting me in escaping such a sad marriage.

Highly recommend! Excellent attorney! by James Cortis on 12/14/2021

I'm really satisfied with Mindy's work and time commitment. I appreciate your knowledge, perspective, and faith in our honesty. Your kind, educated, helpful, kind, and supporting demeanor is really appreciated. You were always there for us, I knew it. I'm also grateful for all of the effort and time you and your team have put into Marshall's estate! They're fantastic! We owe you a debt of gratitude!

Pleasant service! by Bernard Bull on 11/4/2021

My attorney's work was excellent, and I was extremely pleased with it. Of course, it was a trying time for me, but he remained calm and composed throughout the process. He persisted in pushing for a solution to the numerous challenges that arose, taking the initiative to keep things going when the other side was experiencing delays. They seemed to actively defend my interests while keeping the exchanges with my ex-lawyer wife's from being too contentious. Also, extremely kind persons who are always helpful and considerate.

Amazing legal service by David Burnett on 11/3/2021

My lawyer was fantastic and consistent. He advised me on my different options for moving forward with my case and helped me choose the best one for me. From the beginning to the end, everyone I dealt with was amazing! I'm very pleased with him, and I have great expectations for him as a whole. We provide all of the means and experience necessary to ensure that the process runs successfully.

Professionally amazing lawyer! by Andrew Owens on 10/14/2021

Mr. Petrelli could not have been more efficient, reliable, and responsive when I was in need of answers. He also looks out for his client's best interests and needs. He has a lot of compassion for his client. He is very intelligent and definitely knows his profession very well. Anyone in need of an excellent family law attorney, I recommend Petrelli Previtera, LLC.

Truly amazing lawyer! by Jamie Cress on 10/13/2021

He did an absolutely fantastic job! I met him during my initial consultation and he left an impact on me. I specifically requested his moving forward. Very good at communicating and keeping me up to date on the status of everything. He was a consummate professional. The impression that he left on me was proven throughout my case. He did a great job.

Outstanding lawyer! by Diane Albright on 9/6/2021

I had a truly professional, reliable, and honest consultation. Mr. Petrelli is down to earth and cuts to the chase. That’s how attorneys should be. He doesn’t waste his time or your time with any actions that will impede the progress of your case. His ultimate goal is to complete the case as much in your favor as humanly possible. His staff is welcoming, accommodating and working as a team with to ensure you are completely comfortable as a client.

Pleased with his professionalism and amazing lawyer by Debra Coon on 9/4/2021

I could not have asked for a better experience in the midst of a bad situation than working with Mr. Petrelli. He was honest and fair and patient and kind. He was respectful and made sure I understood everything that was happening throughout the whole process. No one gets married expecting to get a divorce and then be having to fight for custody of your child. My situation could be very different right now and I will always be grateful to him.

I'm very much thankful for him. by Arturo Borland on 8/9/2021

My divorce and custody battle was a very difficult one. My ex-husband tried continuously to take me through court hearings simply to outspend me. He lied about work and even his home situation. Mr. Previtera was always one step ahead; constantly exploiting his lies. We won every court hearing and not because it was simple but because he is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and fights for you just as hard as she would fight for his own.

Can't recommend him enough! by Jameson Trevino on 8/6/2021

Atty. Petrelli is excellent and help me bigtime with my case. They provided outstanding and trustworthy service for my family and me. They took care of everything, and worked with me step by step with the utmost professionalism, always making sure I was satisfied with the ongoing details of my case. I would recommend them to anyone.

Excellent and professional lawyer by Eduardo Castillo on 7/2/2021

I am most grateful to have had Petrelli Previtera for my case. I was very pleasant and at ease to know that he can handle my complicated case. He is always been very responsive, understanding, and highly professional. I have also referred several people to him. I highly recommend him.

Professional and amazing lawyer by Russell Ropert on 6/30/2021

My lawyer provided outstanding guidance and support during a very difficult process. He was professional, reliable, and understanding. He knows the law and provided great insight. Great communications and provided me with updates about the case. I would highly recommend him if you want a professional that knows how to get the job done.

Excellent and thankful to their service. by Hince Beverly on 6/3/2021

My experience from the time I contact my lawyer from this firm was one of complete comfort and confidence. I felt secure and that I was being given great sincere advice and direction through a very difficult divorce. All involved gave me professional service with a compassionate understanding during the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a complete attorney's office to handle your divorce from start to finish.

Highly recommend excellent lawyer by Tommy Smith on 5/6/2021

Attorney Petrelli was so helpful and responded to all my questions so quickly. My divorce went so smoothly, he took care of everything. He really makes you feel like there is a personal touch when he talks to you about your case, instead of having a secretary take messages and so forth. I highly recommend having him take care of any legal matters you may have.

Very Reliable by Zenida A on 4/7/2021

Good thing that they are recommended to me by my friends. They are trustworthy, they know what they are doing. They are great listeners and great at giving advice. They are very reliable.

Relived by Dominique Letterman on 3/3/2021

Everything was going from bad to worst. I dont know where to turn to, every attorneys I ask always gives me a negative feedback because my case is hard. But not for attorney Rebecca Sporar, she made me feel that I still have a bright future ahead of me. I appreciate your efforts.

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