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306 Main Street North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
(843) 663-3322

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Ehh methinks not! by Mil on 5/13/2018

1 out of 5 stars

This is the worst customer service experience I have had in a very long time! When I entered the salon the person at the front desk had a mouth full of food, not once did any employee that I made eye contact with smile or acknowlwdge me.When I was led over to the stylists' workstation the floor around her chair was surrounded by hair left from her previous client, I do not know my stylist's name because she did not introduce herself, their was absolutely no conversation, she did not even show me the back of my hair when she was done. Since this was my first visit to this salon - if she had asked me "what brought you in to-day" I would have told her that my hairdresser had retired and that I was looking for a new one not only for myself but the rest of my family (this would have been 7 or 8 prospective new clients).I had indicated that I did not need my hair washed since all I needed was a trim so as a result I was in the stylists' chair for a total of 20 min and this cost me $50.00.
I hate to think what this would've cost if my hair was washed,blow dryed and they 'd used some product?????
Absolutely would NOT return!!!!!!!

Go elsewhere by Mer Jan on 4/22/2018

1 out of 5 stars

I wish I could give ZERO stars. I had a a scheduled appointment to get my hair cut by the owner who did not show up because she was in a bad mood. I had to find out from the other stylist she texted who had to tell me of in front of other clients. Then the fat one has the gall to preach to me about professionalism after I had been humiliated in front of customers. A very loud small beauty parlor no frills nothing fancy.

BEWARE! by AM PO on 8/19/2017

1 out of 5 stars

Teasers is a quaint hole in the wall Southern woman beauty parlor. The main complaints are against the owner Alma Simmons and the redneck gossipy women who work for her. Alma is a notorious gossip who pretends to be nice but is the cattiest bitchiest woman I have ever met. She is a notorious two face person who trash talks her friends employees and who ever else is visual range. She will swear she never says the things she said even when confronted with e-mails, text or voicemail proof she did. She enjoys talking about the boyfriends and husbands of her circle of friends, calling them losers and trash while she has been married twice both husbands cheated on her and has no clue to or keep any man before or after happy satisfied. She calls other people losers? On any given occasion you can enter the business and smell the wine and whatever alcohol they have at the moment on their breath or out of their pores of those who work here. If there is no drama it will be created to satisfy whatever joyless bitter life they have.

Speechless by Mer Jan on 7/8/2017

1 out of 5 stars

Teaser's. The place is old and plain looking.  For the prices Just had a haircut at Teaser's. The place is old and plain looking.  For the prices they charge, their salon should be renovated a bit to compete with new salons in nicely decorated shops.
I showed the stylist a picture of the cut I wanted.  My hair was previously cut that way as well and it just grew out.  I didn't think it'll be hard to keep the style; just cut it down a bit.  Obviously it was as the end result was a blunder.  My haircut totally did not look anything like how it was supposed to look.  This haircut would be something my local cheap cuts salon would charge me 8 bux for.  Stylist over at Hair on Main did a much better job with my hair.  Although pricy.
Sorry to give this salon a bad review especially since the ha ha hairstylist was a dippy hungover blonde.  But I really hate how my hair turned out