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We are a multi-service company who has the ability to BUY, REPAIR, RENT, and SELL HOMES.
Clarksville Property Solutions LLC, of Clarksville, TN, is a private for-profit Real Estate Investing Company. Founded in 2005 by Amy Lopez to acquire, rehab, and lease residential and commercial real estate. Mrs. Lopez initially started the company with the goal of providing affordable and quality rental housing in the Clarksville, TN area.

Mrs. Lopez says, "We are not Realtors, we invest in real estate as Private Investors. As the company grew, we understood that many of our tenants; while wanting to own their own home, had economic, employment or credit problems, which kept them from qualifying for a traditional mortgage loan. Because we quickly recognized the huge demand, we expanded our rental business to include creating affordable, single-family housing throughout Clarksville, TN."

Clarksville Property Solutions, LLC’s answer was to develop creative techniques such as a Lease/Purchase Agreement, which allows a client to make an initial "option deposit" and subsequent annual deposits while leasing and occupying the home. That way, our clients make progress toward home ownership because. While the "option deposits" are non-refundable, their full amount is credited toward the sale price of the home, which is set when the agreement is signed. While living in what will eventually become their own home, our clients can build equity, repair their credit, establish a reputable financial management history and ultimately become qualified for a standard home mortgage.

Our clients understand and appreciate that Clarksville Property Solutions has demonstrated a strong commitment to parts of the community whose housing needs have been badly underserved and where few realistic options have been available to those seeking and capable of home ownership.

As a final note, Clarksville Property Solutions, LLC. not only provides affordable housing, the very nature of the business helps the local economy by providing work for local contractors, realtors, mortgage companies and other related businesses.
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