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Shade Solutions

Style, color and fabric selection effect the energy saving performance of your awning, canopy or tent tarp. It is important to select a style that will accommodate how much the sun will penetrate your windows or patio. View more shade solutions at


    Fabric awnings and canopies create attractive, comfortable outdoor areas for people to gather, protected from the sun. In addition, fabric structures provide cover during inclement weather, and are more economical to build and maintain than comparable masonry and wood structures.


      Decorative colors and designs in easy-to-maintain fabrics give you the ability to coordinate your home or business exterior with your architecture, retail brand or patio furnishings. These durable fabrics withstand the elements providing utility and beauty to your outdoor space for many years.


        Consider a canopy or awning over decks and patios. Both offer a long-term solution to needed space at a lower cost. Your deck will be shaded from the hot sun rays and, depending on the awning material, provide outdoor protection on a rainy day.


          A fabric awning can be purchased in a standard size or custom made to fit your specific need and application. Awnings are commonly used over windows and doorways as well as providing shade over patios and decks.


            Color choice and types of material are important energy saving considerations. Awnings with low solar absorbing surfaces (light colors) maintain temperatures closer to the outdoor air temperature. Awnings that absorb solar radiation (dark colors) may need to be vented to reduce radiation and heat build up underneath the awning. Fabric construction can also effect heat dissipation.


              With a vast color palette and myriad design options, fabric awnings and canopies enhance visual appeal. Incorporate your logo, company colors and other distinctive architectural details into your building design with the help of an awning or canopy.

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