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Rehab Funding serves DALLAS, TX and is located in the 75201 ZIP code.

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Rehab Funding received an average rating of 4.61 out of 5 stars from 301 reviews.

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Great process by bash on 2/5/2023

Extremely happy with the service received from Rehab funding. very knowledgeable and helpful about the entire process from the beginning to the end. We will definitely be using Rehab funding again in the future. Our experience was a positive one.

Seamless and Easy by mixon on 2/4/2023

My experience with Rehab funding was seamless and efficient. Absolutely amazing service, response, and dedication by Rehab funding. Can not speak highly enough. I Highly recommend Rehab funding

Easy application, quick decision, great rates! by emrich on 2/3/2023

Applied and received a fast answer, this was my third loan with Rehab Funding because they had helped me so much in the past with my high interest credit cards, they are friendly and helpful.

Highly recommend! by borrego on 2/3/2023

Rehab funding was great to work with once again. He was responsive, attentive, and made sure the whole process was easy and smooth for us. he explained everything in a lot of detail and if we had any questions, he was quick to provide additional answers. We had our home refinanced in a record time. Highly recommend their services. !Thank you Rehab funding.

Easy to Apply and Loan was given within 2 days by hodnett on 2/2/2023

I was really surprised at how easy it was to apply at Rehab Funding and would definitely recommend it to others. We got our loan money within 2 days without any fuss or anything getting in the way. We

I had very good experience I am very pleased with Rehab Funding by acheson on 2/2/2023

I had very good experience I am very pleased with Rehab Funding
Associates who answer the phone r very nice and personable friendly really interested in helping u receive your goals in paying off debts

amazed at the entire process by lima on 2/2/2023

My home purchasing process was great. Everything was done in a timely and smooth manner. Very helpful with any questions that I had. Overall, a great experience! The entire process went smooth with Rehab funding. Rehab funding was also very helpful throughout the entire process, I would highly recommend to anyone Rehab funding!

wonderful by james on 2/2/2023

The staff working at this location are absolutely wonderful. They do their job efficiently and are super friendly and courteous. It's always a pleasure to take care of business at this location.

Very Helpful by hallock on 2/1/2023

Had a great experience with Rehab funding. Very professional yet friendly. Would recommend them to family and friends! Excellent experience from start to finish. Everyone was great to work with, very happy!Excellent customer service, great interest rate, good communication and very easy application process. Highly recommend and would definitely use them again.

Good rate and good service. by corbeil on 1/31/2023

Good rate and good service.
I was happy with the rate they provided me. The application went so fast and smoothly. I was impressed. Since I already had a loan with them, no paperwork was needed.

The process was seamless by jons on 1/31/2023

Jane is personable and attentive. She thoroughly explains the process and also told me which option is better for paying back my loan and why that option is better (bank account vs. debit card). The process was seamless and only about 30 minutes for a first time payday loan. If you want someone with a great attitude and no wait, get there as soon as they open and ask for Jane.

Great Service by kocher on 1/31/2023

Great service. I was happy with the process.
The process was swift and smoothly completed, professionally managed and gladly received.
they got me an incredible rate. I checked with other lenders, they said it wasn’t possible, but Rehab funding did it!

they saved me money each month by edgell on 1/30/2023

I tell all my friends about this company, they saved me money on my monthly bills so that is a plus. They were easy to work with online, very professional, answering all my questions I had as we went along.

Great company with knowledgeable by ardito on 1/30/2023

Just a great company! From timing, to customer service!! I’ve been recommending my friends and family and will continue!
Excellent customer service and quick turnaround at a good rate and closing costs.
Great company with knowledgeable personnel
The did what they said they were going to do. This is refreshing in today's world where most will say whatever they think will get you to pay.

First Experience by Thomas on 1/30/2023

From the first time I visit Rehab Funding I was greeted with such grace. Mr. Mike and Keyanta were so great helping me get through the process easily. I would definitely recommend Rehab Funding on Government to my family and friends.

Loan Consolidation by McMeans on 1/28/2023

Had another loan prior had payments on automatic is needed when applying for loan this way you don’t have to worry about missed or late payments. Then you will get better loan offers and also a fixed rate with in 72hrs funds were available in the bank account.

excellent by mary on 1/28/2023

I went on Rehab Funding to apply for a debt consolidation loan, I was truly amazed by how easy it was step by step! Not to mention how fast the approval came along the speedy payment to my creditors and myself!!!

fantastic by rohan on 1/27/2023

I love that they paid my creditors directly and there was still money left for me to do other things! Rehab Funding paid 3 of my credit cards off!Very fast and easy process for anyone. They are the best.

Easy to apply by babin on 1/27/2023

I was approved for a loan with Rehab Funding when others would not help me. I love that they paid my creditors directly and there was still money left for me to do other things! Rehab Funding paid 3 of my credit cards off! This has improved my financial situation immensely!

Super easy to apply, fast approval by pohlman on 1/27/2023

It is my second time getting a loan with Rehab Funding and absolutely loved it. They make everything very smooth and they are very fast in giving you an answer and provide the loan. I am super happy with the company and I'll definitely recommended to all of my friends

PERSONAL LOAN by botkin on 1/26/2023

Very easy to apply and even though the rate wasn’t the best it still allowed me to consolidate my finances and save some money each month. Definitely helped and gave me some relief

Great by lopresti on 1/26/2023

I have enjoyed two loans from this company at much lower interest rates than my own bank. Always a pleasant experience. The application process was very easy. The loan was for the exact amount we needed to consolidate our credit card debt.

excellent by gotam on 1/26/2023

I utilized my charge card to pay for everyday costs while in school, and a Loan from Rehab Funding assisted me with re...I didn't have to provide any documents and was approved within 8 days. The interest is pretty high

Great interest rate but no phone app ugh! by grisbyzz on 1/25/2023

Great interest rate but no phone app ugh!
The loan was quick and easy. Also the interest rate was good. But there is no phone app so I have to log in via traditional internet methods to stay updated. Kind of a drag

Excellent rates, quick and easy to apply by runyon on 1/25/2023

I started off applying for the loan on-line, which was very easy. I had a couple of questions, so I called and received all the help that I needed from knowledgeable, patient and polite representatives of Rehab Funding. Give them a try, you won’t regret

PERSONAL LOAN by ayoubzz on 1/24/2023

It’s just like a MIRACLE!! Thank you for helping me to go back on track and put my finances in control!! The manager who helped me to make this happen God BLESS you!

Great process overall by buntin on 1/24/2023

I was approved for $6k after needing to consolidate my credit cards. The process was really simple. I didn't have to provide any documents and was approved within 8 days. The interest is pretty high

better services by Shawn on 12/31/2022

the deposit went into my account on the date it was suppose to and really helped move things along quicker for me. Also, the fat that I can offer up additional payments to pay off my loan quicker is awesome. Thank you!

Amazing Service by Megan on 12/31/2022

The Rehab Funding administration was simply was I really wanted as I changed away from being a full-time regulation understudy. I utilized my charge card to pay for everyday costs while in school, and a Loan from Rehab Funding assisted me with renegotiating my advance and lowering my regularly scheduled installment until I start my occupation as a lawyer one month from now.

Super fast, easy, with great rates.... by varner on 12/31/2022

Thank you again for helping me achieve my financial needs. This is my third loan with Rehab Funding
and let me let you, they never disappoint me. Is fast, easy, with great rates. Once approved, the money is deposited in your bank account before you know it. Recommend it 100%!!!

fantastic by deneil on 12/31/2022

I esteem everyone at Rehab Funding who safeguarded that my development would be taken care of quickly and really. The site is so useful in applying for loans and really looking at its status of it.

Fast and Easy by whatley on 12/30/2022

I applied on a Sunday and money in my Account on Wednesday. It feels good not to have all the separate payments and I will have one and know when it will be paid off.

Working Good! by Earl on 12/30/2022

Rehab Funding offered extraordinary bearing, brief assistance, and an inconceivably capable Group with very experienced and really educated staff. Absolutely sensational help all through the interaction. The association Rehab Funding kept awake with the furthest down the line reliable and rapid responses to questions/messages and made the whole connection very basic and quiet. Staggering help is introduced by capable people.

excellent by mary on 12/30/2022

It's a joy to stop in and look at it for yourself. Regardless of whether you are taking care of bills. You can figure out whether individuals care or are only there for a task. It's decent when individuals are mindful and furthermore there for a task.

GREAT by Chad on 12/29/2022

Thank you for making the process as simple as possible. The lady on the phone was extremely helpful and nice. Regardless of that: you get 5 stars from me for just helping me out. Thank you!

Awesome work! by Reign on 12/29/2022

Giving 5 stars was excessively simple. The site is so useful in applying for loans and really looking at its status of it. I had no issues and the endorsement was within a couple of days. I thank you kindly for the loan and you will be strongly prescribed to my loved ones.

fantastic by kayson on 12/29/2022

Agents are aware of how solid the pre-underwritten approval from Rehab Funding is, and it definitely helps me perform my duties more effectively for my clients.Excellent customer service and interest does decrease for returning customers who pays of previous.

Awesome by Mireya on 12/28/2022

Your representative Lauren is an Asset to LoanAtLast Shes A Very Informative Curtious And Very Sweet Disiplined Informative Young Lady ,making your Company Richer for such an Asset.........James Jr.

Fast and Easy by fajardoz on 12/28/2022

Fast and Easy
I applied on a Sunday and money in my Account on Wednesday. It feels good not to have all the separate payments and I will have one and know when it will be paid off.

Easy Loan Process! by Wilsum on 12/28/2022

Least demanding loan application I've at any point finished. They messaged me about any additional records rapidly and answered with 3 updates around the same time. I could nearly envision the individual working behind the PC, haha. With everything taken into account, it required 3 days to figure out it, and that was simply because I decided to confirm my bank as our forefathers would have done it. I'm certain it might have been quicker.

Great rate. Easy to apply and aquire loan by bratcher on 12/27/2022

Great rate. Easy to apply and aquire loan
The rates were significantly better than other options. Also, they were quick to approve go through the process and pay off my credit card balances

Smooth and easy dealing by Corey on 12/27/2022

This is my second involvement with Rehab Funding and it has been incredible. Rehab Funding is the best proficient group that makes the entire cycle truly dependable and tranquil. I had no issue satisfying closing time limitations. From the taking care of as far as possible, Rehab Funding is consistent. Many thanks to you Rehab Funding. I would energetically recommend Rehab Funding.

Very good customer service by Sieber on 12/24/2022

I quickly accepted their proposal for the far better rates. I also opened a really nice, fee free, rewards checking account in just a few minutes. No other company even came close in their offers and stellar customer service as The Rehab Funding. They're different.

It's good by adan on 12/24/2022

It was a long process, but we finally closed the property. My executive was EXCELLENT - and the overall team. The rate was great. Just refinanced with Rehab funding handled everything in a very professional manner, great experience, I would definitely recommend.

Thank you for your financial help when… by fajardo on 12/23/2022

Thank you for your financial help when I needed money in this difficult time for me. Installments well spread over the weeks, which I am very happy with. I recommend your company. Thank you with all my heart????????

Very good customer service by arvizu on 12/22/2022

Very good customer service. Sorted out a problem that I should not of had with my application which made it get cancelled. Rehab Funding manager took over my case and offered me the loan I wanted after relooking at my application for me. So in very grateful as the money was to get christmas sorted out

Fast, Easy, Great Communication! by waltman on 12/22/2022

This was a great experience with getting a home loan they are friendly and they know how to get the job done quickly very happy with the job they did, The process was quick and very communicative. I was able to ask quick questions via text at any time of the day. Closing process was flexible and fast! Rehab funding is highly recommend!

very good fast service by Debusk on 12/21/2022

very good fast service
this is my 3rd loan with Rehab Funding I don't look anywhere for loans this is my go to place I've been treated good with good fast service every time.

Very good experience! by thaler on 12/21/2022

Rehab funding is awesome.. so easy and quick to deal with. they were efficient and responsive.. I was amazed how quick our loan got done and we got everything we were looking for. This was our first refinance and online process. responsive and personable. Very knowledgeable as well. Thank you! Rehab funding.

excellent by william on 12/20/2022

Once that gets paid, that account has to be closed. I have changed my direct deposit details for a new account, but that needs to go through one or two cycles until it has changed. I would not have been able to meet my obligations on time and someone helped with a new account with you, and actually lowered my biweekly payments beginning on March 26th. Your company has always been a pleasure to work with.

Excellent customer service by rael on 12/20/2022

Great job helping me to refinance my home. Thorough and helpful throughout the process and kept up with all deadlines. Rehab funding exceeded expectations. Super responsive, provided the best rate for my fixed refinance, communication was superb and we closed in a timely fashion. Highly recommend. ! Definitely recommend.

Awesome by Willian on 12/10/2022

I was approved for my loan and it has helped me to combine my credit cards and pay off my vehicle as well. Leaving me room to improve my credit and reduce the number of creditors to pay each month

Excellent loan by Sustaita on 12/9/2022

The loan process was simple and very easy to understand upload all your documents online I recommend getting a loan with they anytime The process was really straight-forward. Customer service was excellent and it came right when I was really sweating it.

Very helpful by Caison on 12/8/2022

I’m very pleased with how everything went with my loan and the payment plans that are offered. I will keep Rehab Funding in mind for any future needs

EXCELLENT by Ripley on 12/3/2022

Jacob was exceptionally useful and cleared up for me everything about had to be aware of. I will send entrepreneurs to her. Jacob and Rehab Funding did an amazing job to meet as well as surpass my assumptions as a whole. He is exceptionally proficient, reliable, and courteous. I would prescribe them to anybody.

Good Services by Angelica on 12/3/2022

Briefly, my account was compromised last week, leaving me with over a 1,000K deficit in my account. My account was blocked and restricted by the Fraud Department at the bank,so I cannot access this until that deficit is paid for. Once that gets paid, that account has to be closed. I have changed my direct deposit details for a new account, but that needs to go through one or two cycles until it has changed. I would not have been able to meet my obligations on time and someone helped with a new account with you, and actually lowered my biweekly payments beginning on March 26th. Your company has always been a pleasure to work with.

Amazing by Ashlyn Boston on 12/3/2022

We went with Rehab Funding over online banks and larger corporations when our agent recommended them to us for our first home purchase. They were able to match our pre-approval at a lower rate than they had originally offered because they were very thorough during the application process. They kept us updated via email throughout the closing, and everyone we talked to was friendly and professional. The best part is that we finished in less than 20 days. If you're looking to buy or refinance, Rehab Funding is a good choice.

Effectively by Johanna Finnley on 12/2/2022

Buyers are provided with thorough information by Rehab Funding, and the company responds quickly to calls and emails. They also provide pre-underwritten preapprovals, which local agents know are gold, and their reputation precedes them. Agents are aware of how solid the pre-underwritten approval from Rehab Funding is, and it definitely helps me perform my duties more effectively for my clients. Overall, they help me better assist my clients throughout the entire process of helping a buyer buy a home. I am delighted to have Rehab Funding as my team.

Fast and Easy by Manns on 12/2/2022

The loan application was incredibly simple to finish. They have incredible rates and they even have the choice to have the installment consequently removed from your record which is simple for somebody like me! The attendant went the extra mile to help me. She did an awesome job!

Friendly by Zaylee Marcelo on 12/1/2022

My close friends were the ones who first introduced me to Rehab Funding. I was extremely impressed by the speed of the procedure and the competitive interest rate offered by Rehab Funding. The team were extremely friendly and quick to communicate with one another. As a first-time homeowner, I felt like they took me seriously and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. I have told my coworkers and social network about how great they are, and I will continue to recommend it to people I know!

Fantastic by Allis on 11/30/2022

Great experience. Communication was great and closing time met expectations. Definitely recommend rehab funding! Fantastic customer service! Amazingly helpful with our loan process. Made the whole situation very understandable and stress-free

Helpful by Louisa Lawrence on 11/30/2022

It was a pleasure to work with the Rehab Funding's team. They were all extremely knowledgeable and helpful as we worked through the various stages of the process. Additionally, using the online portal was a breeze. The team's excellent service and excellent communication allowed us to close even earlier than anticipated. Rehab Funding is a company that I would highly recommend to anyone I know.

FRIENDLY by Micha on 11/29/2022

This is a real review. I'm in California and I have independent living homes for seniors and mentally ill men and women. I didn't know anything about this company and read good reviews. They are the real deal. David got me a loan and I am forever grateful for him believing in me. Call David, if he can't get you funded, then probably no one can

Professionally by Indie Rodrigo on 11/29/2022

I rarely provide any kind of feedback, but the Rehab Funding team was fantastic and deserving of five stars. Rehab Funding completes tasks promptly and professionally, and everyone was aware of exactly where I was in the process—they were always one step ahead of me, their communication was excellent. Rehab Funding is your best bet if you're looking for a lender.

Fast and Easy by Laux on 11/28/2022

We are blown away with our rehab funding representative Ken Cohen! If you have Ken to help you with your credit needs, then you have nothing to worry about. The whole process took less than 24 hours. He didn't mind to give us his personal phone number to call him if we have any questions. You can call this candid guy and you'll see what brilliant customer care is.

Excellent by Leyla Jayson on 11/28/2022

This company is of the highest quality; given how good they are, who even cares about the price? When it comes to getting a loan, this company treats you like you're at a spa getting a massage, whereas other companies will take you through the seven circles of hell. They are excellent; I performed several refi using them, and each went off without a hitch. They make taking out a loan less painful. They provide excellent service.

Easy and smooth Customer Dealing! by Ares on 11/26/2022

This was a breeze! I didn't feel like I was giving up my life, and I didn't have to look everywhere for documents that weren't necessary!

Amazing experience by knudsen on 11/25/2022

Was a smooth process and convenient as it was all online. Communication was great throughout the entire process.Amazing experience. Prompt responses, through explanation, and ample support throughout the process.highly recommend rehab funding.

Great company! by Hopkins on 11/25/2022

I have recommended this loan company to many people very helpful in time of need. Also very convenient quick deposits to account and can reschedule a payment very easy with no problems. Great company

Good Working staff by Rhys on 11/25/2022

I applied for a loan for the first time with Rehab Funding, and they responded promptly. I provided the data mentioned and in just 48hr I was supported and a date was set to move the assets into my ledger. I adore the option to set up monthly automatic payments. I highly recommend them because it is very convenient.

Good experience by Carter on 11/24/2022

My experience with Rehab funding has been easy when it comes to applying for a loan the the easy payment are affordable and the explanation to your payments. I have used them about 4 times for emergencies and am very pleased.

amazing by nomy on 11/24/2022

Would highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to go through a complicated process to get a loan.He provided helpful guidance, answered my inquiries, and expedited the procedure.Thanks team Rehab funding for amazing service.

Impressive Work by Arlo on 11/24/2022

Within minutes of my contact, Joshua Baker responded to my request. He provided helpful guidance, answered my inquiries, and expedited the procedure. He made what could have been difficult or impossible happen, he encouraged me to compare, and he made me feel at ease with my decision. He was pleasant and extremely professional throughout. I am extremely pleased with the result.

Friendly by pete on 11/23/2022

They’ve always been the nicest people, just great environment to be around! Love it. I could tell the lady they’re seemed a bit irritated as I just came in at opening but she quickly and I mean quickly put on a smile and nice persona when she don’t have to, great experience!!!!!!

Definitely choose him! by carleton on 11/23/2022

Great refinance process. Communication was great and closing time met expectations. Definitely recommend!Fantastic customer service! Amazingly helpful with our loan process. Made the whole situation very understandable and stress-free.highly recommend Rehab Funding.

Good experience by Slater on 11/23/2022

I was experiencing an unexpected emergency and Rehab funding came through for me without having me pay back hundreds of dollars. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a loan. They gave me a chance when nobody else would.

Great work by Derek on 11/22/2022

I can't express my gratitude enough for Tommy Crittenberger's financial assistance at this point. I'm glad that my business can expand! I suggest it to him! I want him to do business with me again in the future. Thanks

Friendly by merrit on 11/22/2022

After looking at my monthly payments and all the unnecessary payments i was making to include credit cards. I realize something have be done. I decided a loan will be the best bet. Thank you for giving me that chance.Thank you REHAB FUNDING

Great company! by Devine on 11/22/2022

This was the easiest, safest and quickest loan experience! I felt secure and the repayments were so easy! Anytime I needed a little extra time to pay they made it super easy! Great company!

Easy process and fast service!! by mulligan on 10/29/2022

This is my third loan with Rehab funding. The process was super fast ! The proceeds were in my account the very next day after approval It is an amazing. I am happy with the great service of team.

Good Services by Julie on 10/29/2022

I like the process online, it was easy to apply and got response quickly. Overall very happy with experience except having to call 800 # to finish the request. Customer service asked or gave summary of what was said online. Felt it was not needed sinceI still had to go back to leave electronic signature. Overall very good experience.

Very good service. by Weaver on 10/29/2022

Have truly enjoyed I am on my second loan. They have made it very easy and quick. After paying off the first loan it has increased, and the refinancing or the new loan application is just as easy and quick as a first. Very helpful staff and very quick repayment process. Definitely would recommend

Easy to apply by abadie on 10/28/2022

I applied for another loan on top of the one I have already and it was simple, easy and straight to the point. I didn’t need to speak with anyone during the process. Love it. Thanku team Rehab funding for amazing service.

Helpful by bays on 10/28/2022

I was very happy with the loan officer, loan product. I especially enjoyed the convenience of being able to do everything from home. From start to finish the experience was very good..recommend give Rehab funding a call if shopping for a mortgage.

clear and easy to understand by Koenig on 10/28/2022

I have had two loans with Rehab funding. Super easy process! Payments, fees and payment dates are clear and easy to understand. Overall it is a quick and simple process. I won’t go anywhere else if I am in need of a small loan.

Great Finacial Service by sturm on 10/27/2022

I have had numerous loans from the Rehab funding and they are for real. They provide a smooth process and great customer service. I highly recommend for your small and big loan needs.

Great Services by Adolfo on 10/27/2022

The Operator I talked to today was Richard. He was very friendly, very helpful and easy and fun to talk to-good customer service. My problem was solved. Thanks for being put up with me

Helpful by cromartie on 10/27/2022

I refinance my home in February 2020. The process was fast and Rehab funding Loan offices and staff were helpful. Never did receive a copy of my appraisal from the Rehab funding!

Very good service. by Antonio on 10/27/2022

Easy to fill out and understand form, loan was processed fast money was in account in couple of days. Got loans documents sent to my email as soon as loan was complete. Very good service.

Good Services by Gussie on 10/26/2022

The first few times you use them you will have to call in and go through the standard process but once they know you and know you pay back loans. You don't have to talk to anyone. Just login online say what how much you want then the money is in your account.

Great and easy by knarr on 10/26/2022

The process of applying was quick. I received the funds via direct deposit within 2 days. The terms were flexible and gave many choices of amounts and various payback terms. I would use again.

Professional Work by doherty on 10/26/2022

Great job excellent service Rehab funding and team did a quick and very professional work
We would like to thank all of you. I received fast, friendly, and professional service along with a great finance rate.

Wonderfull by porter on 10/25/2022

Wonderful to work with, ahead of every aspect Excellent service great savings. Rehab funding and rest of staff were absolutely amazing, making our refinance seamless! We loved our rep. Always kept us informed. thank you!

Awesome by Quinonez on 10/25/2022

I have used Rehab funding a couple times now and I have never been more satisfied with any of the other companies than I am with Rehab funding Thank You very much.

Easy process and fast service!! by belton on 10/25/2022

Application was so easy and I had the funds within a few days. Would highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to go through a complicated process to get a loan.Thanks team Rehab funding for amazing service.

Good Rate and swiftly managed. by kopec on 10/24/2022

Acquiring my recent loan with Rehab funding was handled professionally and VERY quickly. Thank You for meeting my financial needs in such a prompt highly recommend to my family and friends.

Simple and Easy by monti on 10/24/2022

Very easy to use but after my re-fi I found a different company that charges 1/3 of what Rehab funding does. Great to work with. Smooth and easy refinance.

Awesome by Vanna on 10/24/2022

Customer service reps were very cordial and knowledgeable. They provided detailed instructions on the process.i am very impressed with the level of professionalism Everything I need loan at last they are right there. I'm glad that I have partner like that. When I need extra cash right away. I'm Very appreciated of LaL

excellent by boby on 10/22/2022

I have had a good experience with locals for years they help me when I need it payments are low but high-interest love doing business with them.You can call this candid guy and you'll see what brilliant customer care is.

very efficient by Tuckfield on 10/22/2022

The experience I had with Alex just does not get any better. In less than 24 hours from 1st conversation with Alex we were finished and totally funded. (money in my acct) Alex had the foresight to listen to my needs and made it happen now. Alex understood my needs and my momentum with project has not been broken. Needed to shop no where else.

excellent by ame on 10/21/2022

One phone call to Cameron and the rest was a totally professional,fast and pleasant experience with an outcome that was exactly what I was looking for. I have had a good experience with locals for years they help me whe...

Explained program and all options very well by Makutz dodd on 10/21/2022

Everything went quick and Cameron stayed on top of everything and called me several times to make sure I understood the whole process. Explained program and all options very well. Needed funds to purchase equipment. One phone call to Cameron and the rest was a totally professional,fast and pleasant experience with an outcome that was exactly what I was looking for. He is a straight up legit guy that works hard for his customers needs

great by eza on 10/20/2022

They will provide a great service to anyone that he works with.We are recommending rehab funding to all our family and friends!He truly went the extra mile to make sure we received the best loan possible.

answered lots of questions by Felan on 10/20/2022

Jake Rotman was excellent and professional he stayed on top of things and the process was quick and easy. I wouldn't mine working with him again. He was readily available by phone and email to resolve any & all concerns and answered lots of questions, from my first phone call through Funding a day or two later. It felt more like he was my local banker.

knowledge and understanding of everything by Timbery on 10/19/2022

We reached out to rehab Funding for guidance as they were highly recommended by other financial institutions. We were able to work closely with Jason Javich and his team. Jason's knowledge and understanding of everything involved with the process was priceless. . He was in contact with us the whole time during the process and answered all our questions promptly. His guidance and expertise made the process very quick and very smooth. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and his team.

Very good service. by Alonzo on 10/18/2022

Easy to fill out and understand form, loan was processed fast money was in account in couple of days. Got loans documents sent to my email as soon as loan was complete. Very good service.

knowledgeable by Kellway on 10/18/2022

David is very knowledgeable and friendly based on my experience. He follows through with all the details of the process, which shows his abilities and skills in addressing the concerns of his customers. I would be more than happy to recommend him to my colleagues, or anyone who are looking for financial options in their businesses. Kudos to David !

Helpful people by Shawn on 10/1/2022

They were having system problems on their computer, but they handled it very effectively! All my information and gave me a call when the computers were back up and running and made it a very seamless process

Great by Stadler on 10/1/2022

This is the second loan I've gotten with Rehab Funding. The loan process is easy and fast too. I started the loan process on a Friday and received an approval on Saturday and completed everything that day. The customer service people are great too.

EASY AND FAST by KELLIE on 10/1/2022

Much thanks to you Rehab Funding it was a joy working with your organization. You made everything so natural from the process to approval and afterward to finish the interaction for the forgiveness, was a particularly magnificent encounter as well! I was unable to request much else astonishing then your group. I'm really thankful and would be glad to utilize you again in the future for my business. Much obliged to you.

Very professional by Joni on 9/30/2022

I appreciate being able to access funds when needed with such ease and support from the Lowood, MS branch… I don’t have to feel embarrassed as the support is very professional and efficient, and I am not made to feel lesser than!

Fantastic by callum on 9/30/2022

Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly. I was in a time crunch with a big event planned and needed funding for advertising as soon as possible. All his responses were prompt and professional. I received the funding I needed in four business days

The application process was fast and… by Bedwell on 9/30/2022

This is my 1st time doing a debt consolidation loan, and I was very concerned about being taken advantage of because of my inexperience. How wrong I was, this company walked me very slowly through the process and made sure I knew what was going on before I signed anything. This company appears to want to help and not get another sucker on the line. I believe they are not trying to hurt me, but help me get out of debt sooner than later!!

very personable and efficient! by jhon on 9/29/2022

Jessie at the Champion Ohio location is always very personable and efficient! Ive been going to this office for 2 years and everyone there has always been professional efficient and pleasant! Office is always clean and inviting to come in. I'm always greeted & I always get reminder phone call. Keep up good work I'll keep sending customers!

EASY AND FAST by kimber on 9/29/2022

It was easy, fast, and took all the stress out of an enormously stressful process. I am finally relieved of a huge strain in my life and I wouldn't be without Rehab Funding. I have had a good experience with locals for years they help me when I need it payments are low but high-interest love doing business with them.Friendly people - great service!

Fair and Reasonable by Rademacher on 9/29/2022

This is my second loan with Rehab Funding. I appreciate, as someone who is still building their credit, that Rehab Funding takes into account all manner of factors before approving or denying a loan. The interest is a bit high, but as they are taking more of a risk, and as they aren’t sketchy unlike some other providers, it’s quite worth it.

The application process was fast and… by Haggins on 9/28/2022

The application process was fast and simple, and I was approved within 24 hours! The site was easy to navigate, so that I could find what I needed quickly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs emergency funds fast! Thanks, Rehab Funding!

wonderful by Susan on 9/28/2022

The ladies at my branch are all wonderful beautiful girls that are very pleasant to deal with. I’ve never felt judged or looked down upon for having to reach out for funding, life is such a whirlwind, it’s such a relief to know that there are solutions.

Fantastic by Ernest on 9/28/2022

I was in an extremely challenging circumstance and you folks were there I'm genuinely keen on all that you have done I don't have any idea where I would be correct now had you not been there many thanks for your help and help everybody ought to go to you really are there for individuals thank you have a favored day.

Applying was fast and easy by Gebhart on 9/27/2022

Applying was fast and easy. Their decision was quick and straight to the point. Their process upon approval was over before I knew it. I am grateful that Rehab Funding let me take out a loan and I wont let them regret their decision. Thank you Rehab Funding!

very pleasant by Sallie on 9/27/2022

The ladies at my branch are all wonderful beautiful girls that are very pleasant to deal with. I’ve never felt judged or looked down upon for having to reach out for funding, life is such a whirlwind, it’s such a relief to know that there are solutions.

Friendly by JUANA on 9/27/2022

The staff is always courteous, and accommodating. Each year I have been able to get the amount needed to take care of important business.I really can't say enough positive things about Lisa and the entire experience.

great and easy experience by Ken on 9/26/2022

Rehab funding is a great and easy experience when you need a little extra money and if you need to pay it back a little late they work with you it is very convenient and I highly recommend it.

Amazing customer service! by Fair on 9/26/2022

Had some hiccups due to another credit pull during the application process. All of the staff I spoke with from tech support to rectify the issue (namely Joe and Jenifer that I remember) were excellent to work with. Nice to be treated like a real person in the 2019 customer service environment

QUICK AND EASY by OLIVIA on 9/26/2022

Was Approved for a consolidation loan within Minutes, communications were instant. My creditors were paid in full within 4 days! I can finally breathe and sleep easy knowing my debt will be paid off sooner than expected! Thanks Rehab Funding!

Great Services by Maxine on 9/24/2022

Joseph was freaking amazing as always. Over the past month in a half I was in bad times and Joseph was super nice and they helped me with my loan. I truly appreciate him and the whole entire Rehab Funding for helping me! You all are the absolute best .

He made it so simple! by laura on 9/24/2022

I recommend anyone seeking a loan to work with rehab funding. They are attentive and responsive, and they knows there space inside and out. They will provide a great service to anyone that he works with.We are recommending rehab funding to all our family and friends!

Awesome Services by Dorothy on 9/23/2022

Honestly the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. Deferred my due dates until my un employment kicks in who knows up fo 8 weeks. Then pick up where I kept off with some interest accrued but that’s nothing compared. No hassle and polite

good service by Marlene on 9/22/2022

I have used Rehab Funding a couple of times and they have always been very professional and have always gone out of their way for me when I have had an issue. Whether it be that I am not able to make a payment due to Covid-19 reasons, to needing an increase in funds, to needing to make changes on payment dates, they have always worked with me to fix any issues I may come across and they always fix it to my satisfaction.

Quick and Easy by jung on 9/21/2022

This experience was a breeze! Luke was great to work with. He told me what to expect and he was spot on! I will definitely recommend rehab funding and especially Luke to my family and friends. great service with attention to detail. Answers all questions even after hours. So helpful

Amazing Services by Jack on 9/21/2022

REHAB FUNDING has exemplary customer service. I would recommend you all to anyone needing immediate funds. Your loan counseling is spot on for the needs of an individual. Thank you for treating me with dignity during this insane quarantine!

Great Services by Jeff on 9/20/2022

Great customer service fast application process and just a stress free phone call all around I'm satisfied doing business with REhab Funding. I got a small loan even though I have bad credit. But I know this will help me for the future.

thanks by hgvnksfa89 on 9/19/2022

thanks for excellent customer care, rehab funding is really nice so thanks a lot one more time!!helped tremendously in the entire process. ...Diwesh was the absolute best. Thank you for all your help

Awesome Services by Daryl on 9/19/2022

Customer service's attention was excellent, I've had several loan thru Rehab Funding have recommended it to friends and family money is given to you promptly as promise and I always love the feel of talking to family not business( TASHA) is my favorite employee

GREAT SERVICE by jordan on 8/27/2022

Excellent service. Will recommend the company to others. Process was very streamlined and easy. Mr Saif Ali Zaidi was excellent. He helped tremendously in the entire process.Diwesh was the absolute best. Thank you for all your help.

Wonderfull Experience by alfredia on 8/27/2022

We had a wonderful and simple experience with Rehab Funding. Dean Henkel walked us through all our options and got us a great deal making the process quick and painless. We would highly recommend going through Rehab Funding.

Good Work by betty3452 on 8/27/2022

As a matter of some importance, the desk work was immediate and direct. The Rehab Funding group was for each situation very obliging with questions I had and ideas for applying for Loan Forgiveness. The interaction was extraordinarily helpful. Much gratitude for you.

very simple by Gillespie on 8/27/2022

Rehab Funding application was very simple to fill out and everything is laid out in front of you in black and white. Other sites have declined me even though I have a credit score in the 700's I was amazed and shocked Rehab Funding approved my loan. I was told it would be reviewed and they world get back with me in 3-5 business days. I was approved within minutes of my application submission and had my funds deposited the same day. Their rates are way below other companies I researched for the same amount of loan. I would recommend Rehab Funding to anyone needing a loan.

Fantastic by Bristol Ari on 8/27/2022

I had a fantastic experience with Rehab Funding. I would suggest them for your business funding needs. I had the option to speak with my funding expert with any updates which allowed the process to be consistent. Much thanks to the whole team for your assistance.

Extraordinary by deloera on 8/26/2022

For the most part, everything went well. I was given a disclosure agreement based on what they believe my house would be worth. I believe that no estimation should be provided until an official estimate is done. I believed that my cash back would be one amount at it was substantially less than they anticipated after the estimate was provided.

Great by Riggs on 8/26/2022

Rehab Funding is great because it takes into account more than just your credit score! They look at years of employment, education, etc. And they make it easy to apply!!

Magnificent by Paris Otto on 8/26/2022

Much thanks to you Rehab Funding it was a joy working with your organization. You made everything so natural from the process to approval and afterward to finish the interaction for the forgiveness, was a particularly magnificent encounter as well! I was unable to request much else astonishing then your group. I'm really thankful and would be glad to utilize you again in the future for my business. Much obliged to you.

GREAT SERVICE by luca on 8/26/2022

Thank you so much for forgiving my business's REHAB FUNDING loan! This loan allowed us to continue to operate during the pandemic! The experience was fast, easy and efficient. I would work with REHAB FUNDING again. Also, I have referred them to other business owners. Thank you again!

excellent by thomas on 8/25/2022

the process of applying for loan forgiveness very easy. The instructions were clear and I was able to complete the process very quickly.The loan forgiveness program is the best thing ever because now I have to worry about future debt.

Smooth from start to finish by Dittrich on 8/25/2022

My experience with Rehab Funding has been very smooth from start to finish. Even with a careless mistake (on my part) on the application part - I emailed their support staff helped me fix the issue in under a day (thanks Annie & Jeremy). From start to finish, the whole process took 2 days! I will be recommending them highly to anyone I know that is in need of a loan.

Awesome by Maren Raymond on 8/25/2022

What an extraordinary company. The team is awesome, they directed me the entire way through the interaction. They were extremely responsive and continued to email me to remind me about the means and when they are expected. I enthusiastically suggest Rehab Funding and much obliged for all the assistance.

Excellent by Engman on 8/24/2022

I have been trying to rebuild my credit, and was holding my breath the entire time I was working through the application process. My credit finally got to a "fair" status on Credit Karma, and they indicated that I had "excellent" odds of approval with Rehab Funding. The simple interest rate I received through Rehab Funding has a substantially lower APR than the credit card balances I can't seem to shake because of the insane interest they accrue. This was a great solution, and I'm grateful Credit Karma's assessment was accurate.

Extraordinary by Legacy Gunner on 8/24/2022

I get extraordinary client support from Rehab Funding's group, those guys shook and truly go hard for their clients. The most common way of accepting my business loan was basic and I valued working with genuine experts. I would utilize them again to get funding for my organization.

Excellent Job by haygood on 8/24/2022

Rehab Funding was professional, and courteous. Team members of Rehab Funding was patient and thorough answering all of my questions. They kept the ball rolling and the process was completed in the time frame promised. There were absolutely no surprises at closing date! An excellent job

Positive by Brasher on 8/24/2022

I was able to get the loan with no problems. The online access was great and I never had to gointo the store. Outstanding service always positive and professional. They are very friendly and go above and beyond to help.THANK YOU BUILDER BANC

QUICK AND EASY by SRTYN on 8/23/2022

Quick and easy way to take out a small loan when an unexpected event occurs. Very friendly staff and the fees are not outrageous.The ladies are so friendly and so helpful, I will defianly go back again if I need a loan and I will refer them to my friends.

Good work by Pipkin on 8/23/2022

Me and my wife have been struggling with credit card debt for years now with no way to pay them off because of the interest. No other creditor or bank would give us any loan amount to consolidate the debt until I did a loan request on credit karma and it sent me to Rehab Funding. It approved me in 10 minutes with enough to pay off all of my credit card debt with a way lower payment a month than all of the credit cards were charging us! We were about to file bankruptcy because we thought there was no other option for us. I'm forever grateful for Rehab Funding.

Smooth Closing by shaunda on 8/23/2022

Always received key information in a timely manner--rates change rapidly, and correct data are important. Smooth closing. Rehab Funding has always been a good choice for refinancing.

Incredible by Viviana Jaylen on 8/23/2022

Rehab Funding is an incredible organization to work with. Because of the impressive skill of the group, we had the option to protect the PPP funding and resulting forgiveness with very little issue. Rehab Funding is one of the incredible fin-tech organizations that assisted small businesses whether COVID-19 storm.

Received my loan in a matter of a few… by Palacios on 8/22/2022

Received my loan in a matter of a few business days and even when they needed an extra document from me they would call immediately asking if I could provide better documentation, it really gives me a sense of people actually working behind the computers and not the computers running the system, feels good to see it ran that way and it shows care for the people, the APR was also lower then my own credit cards. Great company id say I even say they look out for veterans with disabilities, they even knew that the documentation needed for disability was one that came from the Veterans Affair.

Excellent service by malena on 8/22/2022

Very pleased with your company! From the beginning, rehab Funding helped us a great deal. Rehab funding excellent in his job. Very good people. We have been very happy with Rehab Funding,the service, product and friendliness of everyone we worked with. Thank you

Enlightening by Elisa Cody on 8/22/2022

Rehab Funding was exceptionally enlightening and assisted me with every one of my necessities with finishing my application. I'm getting the funding that I really want, they were additionally extremely accommodating with assisting with my forgiveness application. I will keep on involving them for any loans need it for my business.

great services by Mayra on 8/20/2022

I was in a bind and needed cash fast. I left my account with Expressloan 911in great standing. I received and email notification that I could borrow the money I needed and get it the same day. I was able to pay the bills I needed to on time and have some extra cash left over! Thanks expressloan!

great by sebastian on 8/20/2022

Never had the need to call customer service. Loan forgiveness took less than 5 minutes to apply. With in 1 week I got the result.I recommend working with Revathi!

awesome by Kylain on 8/20/2022

Quick and bother-free! Returning client here. Exceptionally quick email reactions to any inquiries you might have. That to me is vital! This organization is there when I am needing cash. Never have any issue I got supported rapidly regardless have my record with them.

I have used Rehab Funding for several years by Sciortino on 8/20/2022

I have used Rehab Funding for several years and have gone to several locations and i haven't had a bad experience in any. I appreciate the smile with service in tough times.

Awesome services by Lisa on 8/19/2022

I was in a bind and needed cash fast. I left my account with ex[ressloan 911in great standing. I received and email notification that I could borrow the money I needed and get it the same day. I was able to pay the bills I needed to on time and have some extra cash left over! Thanks expressloan 911!

I waited over an hour to be served by Huard on 8/19/2022

I waited over an hour to be served. Which I had all my documents. The clerks was cashing checks doing money orders to whom came in and I was there before anyone:

fantastic by logan on 8/19/2022

I applied for 3 of my business. Easy to apply. Never had the need to call customer service. Loan forgiveness took less than 5 minutes to apply. With in 1 week I got the result.

Impressive by vickie23 on 8/19/2022

I'm incredibly thankful. I endeavored to raise my financial assessment so I could renegotiate from a 35 percent loan cost to a lesser rate. I felt stuck since I was denied as a retired person on proper pay.

great services by Darla on 8/18/2022

Customer service was excellent. Unlike other loan companies,there was no harassment with regards to late payments.They are very understanding and work with u especially in this difficult times

excellent by ethan on 8/18/2022

They really helped my business. They assisted us for the entire process making it seamless and fast.
The automated process was very smooth and easy to navigate. We were also impressed with the ease and speed of the loan forgiveness process.

Good Staff by JoanN on 8/17/2022

This was a Blessing for my sake of me since COVID I had passed for escaping my obligation I really say thanks to Rehab Funding for giving me an open door the machine was exceptionally simple and secure to attempt I will actually want to prescribe them to others says thanks to Rehab Funding. Simple to utilize and acquire endorsement. Cash was immediately kept.

great servi by Clayton on 8/17/2022

They are the Best in a Time of Need and Hardship, they came thru like a pro. Very satisfied with the customer service that they provide. Pure Excell

fantastic by james on 8/17/2022

The process at the beginning was decent. Once you have all the information that is required the whole thing goes by pretty quickly. The customer service responses are quick (based on what I experienced). Being forgiven for the loan also was handled very smoothly.

Short of cash by Twyla on 8/17/2022

Short of cash, I recalled a Television Commercial on Rehab funding Services. I went to visit my local Rehab funding Service Center, to see how I'd be helped, with relevant identity verification.
I was elated to receive exactly what I needed. My Quick Cash Emergency mattered to the friendly Rehab funding Representative, I was Blessed to feel welcomed by. And, also, genuinely grateful for the teamwork in accommodating me on that day! Thank You Rehab funding

great services by Debbie on 8/16/2022

While the interest rate is high, the level of service and how they work with you through trying times like we are in now. I will continue to get a new loan from Expressloan 911..

Good Work by Rick on 8/16/2022

It was so natural and easy to apply. No lengthy holding up period. Got my assets in days not weeks like different organizations! Extremely happy with the general insight!

excellent by liam on 8/16/2022

You made the process so easy. We will always come to see you for our financial needs. It was an absolute pleasure to work with your team. Words can not express my sincere appreciation to you for your assistance in providing me with the privilege of forgiving our loan.

Very very helpful and friendly by Christina on 8/16/2022

Very very helpful and friendly. She was so understanding and patient with me. I will definitely recommend this Rehab Funding location to family and friends. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service

great services by Emile on 8/15/2022

Would have been five stars except I was on the phone for nearly thirty minutes. On hold for about fifteen minutes because the representative Amanda couldn’t figure out what was happening with the loan amounts and interest rates. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor who without hesitation fixed everything!

Hard working staff by tyrone33 on 8/15/2022

Xpress Loans is irrefutably one of the best credit firms accessible today. Their administration is magnificent, the application interaction was basic and clear, and they quickly supported me. It's easy to reimburse, and they work with you in such countless ways that there's no way you won't have the option to do as such. I'm unquestionably cheerful.

Great job by Corvin on 8/13/2022

Customer service people will always friendly and polite and competent had occasion to talk to them more than normal. All in all other than the interest a good experience. Enjoyed the process of getting approved no issues with customer support answering any questions I had. Will definitely recommend!!

very friendly by Muniz on 8/13/2022

The personal was very helpful and patience. She was also very friendly and fun to talk to. Will be back again. These ladies are SO friendly and nice and knowledgeable. (Fast too!) I really like how they explained everything so we could understand it.

quick and easy by McClemens on 8/13/2022

The whole funding process was quick and easy. Jason Javich was excellent and very professional. If I need quick funding again, I will definitely choose Rehab and Jason. I highly recommend this funding opportunity to any business looking for a bridge loan or any financial need quickly.

Very easy to apply by Clardy on 8/12/2022

I am retired due to medical issues and on Social Security so my income is low and I was just squeaking by each month. Rehab Funding saved me. The process was quick and easy. I hate filling out forms and they only and a couple of things to fill out.

Thank you by Phoenix on 8/12/2022

Thank you for the loan. I was able to take care of an expense that was bothering me. Now I am at ease and grateful. It was good,right on time, because these are bad times for everyone especially for seniors

pleasur by D'Albertis on 8/12/2022

Working with Cameron has been a pleasure, makes the process as simple as possible! Thank you for all your help. I am excited to be part of Rehab Funding. Thanks Rehab Funding.

Great service by Neale on 8/11/2022

It did take a awhile to get approve but you have to be patient. Rehab Funding has given me a chance by approving my loan and paying off my credit cards bills. I am excited to be part of Rehab Funding. Thanks Rehab Funding.

Fully Recommended by Hover on 8/11/2022

Rehab Funding help me get back on my feet it was as easy as 123 getting my loan hassle free the best loan company I have ever got a loan from I would recommend anyone that needs cash fast without a hassle Rehab Funding will fit all your loan needs. Thanx again Rehab funding

Perfect for consolidation by Hawken on 8/10/2022

Rehab Funding was a sigh of relief- consolidating credit card debt to a loan from Rehab Funding really helped increase my credit score! They made it easy to apply, be approved, and get funded.

Recommended by Madden on 8/10/2022

The process was quick and efficient. Adam Kiss did a good job and was very communicative. The only exception was the one-time fee for the line I found out about after the process was done. If it was disclosed I did not recall.

Great rates by Serena on 8/9/2022

Loan was approved in minutes. Money was deposited in my account in two days paid of all credit card debt. Now I only have one payment each month.

Loan process was simple and easy by Parsley on 8/9/2022

Loan process was simple and easy. Money was deposited the same say. Everything was presented to me so I know how much I would have to repay.Excellent company..... the best place for short term loans...... in Delray Beach FL

Perfect by Carew-Smyth on 8/9/2022

Always listen of the client to help and get resolved.
the perfect crew here .. thank you so much and appreciate it. He was knowledgeable and very helpful through the application and funding process!

Good rate, super easy and quick to apply by Elder on 8/8/2022

I went on Rehab Funding to apply for a debt consolidation loan, I was truly amazed by how easy it was step by step! Not to mention how fast the approval came along the speedy payment to my creditors and myself!!! I strongly recommend Rehab Funding to everyone. They’re great.

very smoothly by Scurry on 8/8/2022

My application went very smoothly with the help of Jason Javich. I would be more than happy to work with him in the future. His guidance was the difference in a great transaction!

it was pleasant experience by Charlotte on 8/8/2022

My experience at Rehab funding was very pleasant. The lady representative was very informative, friendly, and work at a fast pace to ensure all her customers was met at a timely manner. The store is very clean and inviting. Best customer service hands down.

Best service by yuonne on 7/30/2022

Rehab funding is the best of the best. It made this stressful processes non-stressful and super easy. I highly recommend Rehab funding overall due to best service. Thank you Rehab funding.

AMAZING by EMBER on 7/30/2022

The best loan company, the entire process was very smooth. Unlike other loan company like loan builder, until now I’m still waiting for my appeal and I can’t even talk to a right person. No one knows or has the answer to my questions so frustrating. It’s been months! But REHAB FUNDING is very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!

Great experience by Hoose on 7/30/2022

my experience was great. I had a problem that was caused by my bank and amanda was a great help. She was the only reason I was able to get what I needed in order to receive the loan! She deserves a raise because she is knowledgeable and very very helpful! She’s also very nice and she did help me out tremendously!

They were very helpful and efficient… by Metivier on 7/29/2022

I was informed on Credit Karma recommendations on getting my debts paid off and Rehab Funding was one of the options along with about 4 others. I was denied with the other 3 but Rehab Funding gave me a chance. The process for sending my information in was easy and quick and the turnaround time was amazing. I thank Rehab Funding so much for helping me get out of debt and getting back on my feet.

Awesome company by haberman on 7/28/2022

Awesome company to work with.Everyone was great walking us through our refinance.My experience with Rehab Funding has been great from my initial contact until completion. All agents were very helpful and understanding.

Great process by Edelstein on 7/28/2022

Super easy and fast processing! I thought I was just beginning and it was over and approved as fast as I started! Great process for anyone looking for a new way of banking and lending!

AMAZING by TARYN on 7/28/2022

We have been with REHAB FUNDING for several years. They have always been wonderful to deal with. Our local branch know our names, know a lot about us and take the time to deal with us on a one-on-one basis. I would recommend them to anyone needing a loan.

Money saver by hibbert on 7/27/2022

It was a pretty simple process to save me a lot of money. Mark was a good guy to work with. A few glitches along the way we were able to overcome pretty easily.


REHAB FUNDING has always been helpful to me. Staff is great and work with you anyway they can. If I have a financial need they have always helped with the best solution and advice. thank you REHAB FUNDING for being here when I need you.

I've been tackling my credit card debt… by Overall on 7/27/2022

I've been tackling my credit card debt with little success due to increasing interest and multiple payments. Rehab Funding was a way for me to review what I had and try to consolidate. In the end, my payments will reduce by more than half, allowing me to reduce my interest paid and allow me to get ahead in my debt reduction to one day be able to buy a home!

Friendly and Professional by jacqulyn on 7/26/2022

Rehab Funding were great to work with during my refinance and closing on a home! I’ll absolutely be working with them again in the future.Love the ease of communication, you can call, email or text.

QUICK AND EASY by BENNIE on 7/26/2022

My loan experience was quick and very easy with Rehab Funding the young lady who handled my loan application was very kind and patient. But more importantly the loan came through at a time when i especially needed it and the terms even worked out better in the end, i'm very grateful.

friendly and professional by Chisolm on 7/26/2022

Once you make the decision, check your rate and apply, the process is very easy. The verification call was quick, and the representative that talked to me was friendly and professional. I didn't feel like I was being judged. Thank you

Good Job by melania on 7/25/2022

Everyone involved in this transition were exlet and were good at what they were doing so I say thanks to all involved. They were fast, a better price than the competition, and very helpful!

Great company! by Lees on 7/25/2022

Great company! Gave me a loan when others would not. Great choice to help consolidate some monthly costs! I couldn't believe how quickly they responded and how pleasant they were on the phone! So far my experience has been a 5-star experience.

Positives - Quick by Laura on 7/24/2022

Positives - Quick turnaround on initial quoting was very helpful. The dashboard works really well to advise you on where you stand as the process unfolds, and the ability to upload docs as you go expedites the process efficiently. After we got going, the assignment of a second point of contact to help with follow up was also very helpful.

Opportunity to improve - You need to add more experience and/or practical guidelines to the back room - lack of judgment and common sense got pretty irritating, and slowed closing. I am sure you lose opportunities in the current state, when they are avoidable

very helpful by Phillips on 7/23/2022

I have taken several loans through Rehab funding they are very prompt with payment and the intrest rate is very low compared to other quick loan places plus their payments are due monthly unlike other places that are due each pay period.

Awesome Services by Erlinda on 7/23/2022

I was in a bind and needed quick cash, my credit isn't great but I was able to the money I needed direct deposited the next business day. Payment plan is great, affordable.
Love the ease of communication, you can call, email or text.
It's good to know they 'got my back if I ever am strapped for cash again.
Excellent company, wish my bank was as nice as they are.

Professional by nora on 7/23/2022

The store manager was phenomenal! Very pleasant greeting upon arrival and she remained professional for the remaining time I was in the store. Would definitely recommend to my family and friends!

Great customer service by Rebecca on 7/22/2022

Great customer service. Everything was taken care of in a timely professional manner.They were there to help when no one else would! I would recommend to anyone who can't get a loan! Thanks!

Jacob was awesome by Benjamin on 7/22/2022

Being self employed, my bank of 20 years had too many issues with our refinance loan but, Rehab Funding had our loan closed in weeks at an awesome rate. My go to lender from now on. Jacob was awesome

Great Services by Sean on 7/21/2022

Great customer service. I have used this service in past. They reduce the interest rate for repeat “good customers”. You guys have been the best loan company I have dealt with.

very helpful by Dobson on 7/21/2022

Rehab funding has been very helpful in building my credit and helping my financially. I disagreed with the practice of lowering the amount I could borrow but Happy with the results.

Potential lenders by Katherine on 7/21/2022

Sara Tabor did such a great job with our primary residence refinance I went back to her for our condominium rental. I had spoken to several potential lenders but she was really able to work me through the process very efficiently. Very knowledgeable, excellent phone presence and was able to effectively provide options both on rate and term. Ask for her by name she will treat you right!

Great company by Hammond on 7/21/2022

Rehab Funding is a great company to do business with, The application process is very simple to use and the determination is also very fast. Many times you can have the funds you need the same day. I have used there services many times and will continue to do so. I highly recommend this company for financial needs.

Good services by Arron on 7/20/2022

Make payments on time and finish paying off loans to open better loan opportunities with lower interest rates. Don’t fall behind on payments! Instead jump ahead.
very good service

Good service by Danielle on 7/20/2022

Easy to use service. There when needed. Simple pay back options. No hidden fees. Only request is lower the interest rates a bit.Good service for those whom need non traditional service.

Great Experience by Maysonet on 7/20/2022

Always have a great experience with this company! They are there when I need help. Thanks. I have been dealing with Rehab funding for a couple of years now and have always had a positive experience. They are there when things financially get tight for me. And always very nice and helpful when I need it.

Awesome Services by Verna on 7/19/2022

Great customer service. I have used this service in past. They reduce the interest rate for repeat “good customers”. Jason was great. He was patient and very knowlegeable asset to the company.

I Appreciate it by Chronister on 7/18/2022

Two of the most absolute caring women I’ve ever met! Did everything in there power to make a difference and did!! Ty!! Truly honor and appreciate you!!!

Great Services by Cody on 7/18/2022

This company worked with me to solve an issue. The customer service rep stayed on the phone with me for over an hour until this was resolved. Well done

Extraordinary by Sarah Cameron on 7/8/2022

Rehab Funding helped my business out an incredible extraordinary arrangement during the pandemic. Permitted me to excel, everybody that I talked with was very agreeable. What's more, assuming I might add, I had the option to have my loans pardoned. The interaction was a smooth and simple cycle. I certainly suggest them for entrepreneurs and will work with them in the future later on!

excellent by lillian on 7/8/2022

I applied for Business credit not knowing what to expect Mohd Danish was Amazing, he explained the entire process and always kept me updated real-time with the status of my loan. Thank you very much Mohd you are the best.!!

Perfect by Falconer on 7/8/2022

Highly recommend Rehab Funding, Cameron is so pleasant and accommodating. He listened to all my concerns and did a great job finding me the funding I need. Exceptional service! just got funded and it was easy and great customer service from
Cameron Clearfield did a great job and was very simple. this is my second
time with funds from Rehab funding.

Supportive by Addison Issac on 7/7/2022

I applied for a business loan through Rehab Funding and the whole cycle felt smooth and everybody that helped me out was dependable and exceptionally supportive. The team was perfect and educated. I will apply for another business loan to grow a greater amount of my business.

wonderful job by Poore on 7/7/2022

I worked with Jake Rotman and he did a wonderful job, expeditious, and worked around my busy work schedule. Appreciate the support! The best customer service I've ever dealt with. No bullcrap all straightforward and very easy to work with

Efficient by Shea Kylo on 7/6/2022

Rehab Funding has been totally instrumental in our capacity to continue to develop our business throughout recent years as we have managed them on a few exchanges. Definitely, will recommend them to others.

updated on everything by Cross on 7/6/2022

Thomas Cooke was great!! He kept me updated on everything step of the way. I applied online late Sunday night and was approved Tuesday morning! The process was easy and stress-free! Thomas was professional and courteous! Thanks again.

fantastic by stella on 7/6/2022

Himanshu was great at helping me and understanding every step of my loan they were quick and efficient I would definitely recommend them to any business owner looking for a loan !I answered the Rehab Funding call one afternoon and thought I should at least hear what they had to say.

excellent by voilet on 7/5/2022

very good team adjustable nice soft spoken always listen person like me who always shout to others thank you though.Nitesh Patel is highly professional and committed person. we have very good experience during my process of loan. He is very efficient and well knowledeable in his work.

Effortless by Chloe Alex on 7/5/2022

It was an exceptionally effortless cycle and they were fast, exhaustive and helped me out when I was after all other options have been exhausted to refocus. I will without a doubt utilize them in the future for future undertakings.

Grateful by Scerri on 7/5/2022

Jake and Owen were great at processing my application and getting me the funds I needed. A fast and reliable team. definitely recommend it for anyone needing fast working capital.

excellent by grace on 7/4/2022

I am grateful to have found this company to float my business during the height of the pandemic. I was hesitant and doubtful at first, but really glad I took a chance. The gentleman I worked with was also very responsive. A long overdue review but wanted to recommend this .

Quick and Simple by Harper Ethan on 7/4/2022

They are quick and simple to work with. Terms can be somewhat unique, yet they come through assuming you want speedy supporting. They communicate with you constantly. Furthermore, when they give you a conveyance date the cash will be in your record that day.

I have been a customer of Rehab Funding by Adams on 7/1/2022

I have been a customer of Rehab Funding for years and I have nothing but good things to say about the business itself and the wonderful staff. Wonderful Service

Quick, easy, trustworthy by Finley on 6/30/2022

Quick, easy, trustworthy! A company with a good reputation, devoted to taking care of their customers. I would use them again in a heartbeat, and recommend them to everyone in need of their services!

Gooch processed my loan by Jerry on 6/30/2022

I knew how great the rates had been but truly hadn't planned to refinance, given a recent car purchase and reduction in income. I answered the Rehab Funding call one afternoon and thought I should at least hear what they had to say. Betty Perez, my loan officer, was awesome and took the time to explain many things and answered all the questions I had. I have a rental property and a principle residence purchased by way of a VA loan that I wanted to refinance out of. Betty ran a number of scenarios for both properties and determined the best mix of buy down points that resulted in great outcomes for both properties. Seth Gooch processed my loan and informed me of all the documents they would need beforehand.

process especially by Diane on 6/29/2022

I want to thank ?? Melissa and Rebecca for sticking with me through the process especially Melissa for the phone calls and timely updates we made a great team, which made the process much easier ?? you and your team are the best!! Happy Holidays to you all!!

He was very polite, too his time with me. by Amelie on 6/28/2022

He was very polite, too his time with me. Helped me figure out what I need. Excellent customer services. Thank you I appreciate it so much very pleasant. Will be recommending this Rahab Funding . I think his name was Marcos Thank you so much.

communication was timely by Victoria on 6/28/2022

At first things were going very well, questions were being answered and communication was timely. Simple refinance on home I am sole owner of, and thought it should pretty straight forward. After about 3 weeks there was nothing but crickets from the person I was working with. After not hearing from him and no response for close to 2 weeks I was able to get a hold of someone else and things did not get much better. Signed final paperwork on refi the day before Thanksgiving and was getting cash back and it has been another headache these last several days trying to find out what is happening with the wire transfer for funds as none have been received and I am getting no straight answers. If you don't have months to wait for this process to finish up, then I suggest looking for a different company.

Great Work! by theo9 on 6/27/2022

Thank you kindly for all that you've accomplished for us. We value the entirety of your diligent effort, incredible skill, and commitment to keeping everything on target. We're eager to begin chipping away at our second arrangement with you! Any individual who needs a loan ought to contact the Rehab staff. Much thanks to you, Mary Ann and Irene, for being perfect!

Great Services by kian11 on 6/25/2022

Exceptionally simple cycle, and Very ready to work with private companies. In every one of the years we have been doing business, there has never been a simpler method for getting to Capitol and getting it out onto the place of work building limit before Rehab This is our fourth financing solicitation, and it was similarly as simple as the first.

Super Trustworthy by Tamesha on 6/25/2022

Rehab Funding is always there when I need it. The process is always quick and easy and the funds can be immediately deposited to a debit card. I was also able to borrow a higher amount after I paid back my very first loan. They are super trustworthy.

Great rate and easy to apply by denson on 6/25/2022

I had multiple bills crop up all at once amounting to large amounts by various providers. I contacted Rehab Funding and within minutes they approved me to consolidate all of them under one umbrella with an affordable repayment plan which I am able to work with, and their interest rate is far better than the high rates I was going to have to pay with each one of the other creditors. Rehab Funding to the rescue! Thank you Rehab Funding!

Highly recommend by Bias on 6/25/2022

I would highly recommend Rehab Funding. The whole process was so simple. I have a substantial amount of credit card debt that I have been battling for a while. I wish I would have done this sooner but I didn't want to deal with the paperwork!
I received a fair rate and payment amount and will payoff everything much sooner than if I continued to pay one at a time. I'm glad I finally took the time to consolidate my debt!!

great company by Jana on 6/25/2022

Rehab funding is excellent. From great rates to best in class customer service. I would recommend to anyone that looking for a little cash bumper and also looking for added payment history because they report to all three bureaus

Great Work! by logan24 on 6/24/2022

Exceptionally pleasant individuals working there have consistently helped me when I really wanted them. Changed places on account of shutting office and next time nearer to workspace. Extremely simple exchange love this business they are continuously watching out and really focusing on their clients in any event, during these difficult situations we've been having thank you Andalusia an Enterprise Alabama area you women are perfect

Outstanding service by ferris on 6/24/2022

With the fed raising interests rates every other month, Rehab Funding was a great option to consolidate my debts and stay away from the fed hikes. Thank you Rehab Funding.

Always Helpful by Lemuel on 6/24/2022

Jackie the loan officer in this location is always helpful. Always has a smile on her face. No matter the day or the situation. I would not do business any where else.

Quick and reasonable by Schultz on 6/24/2022

I have used Rehab Funding in the past with a much lower interest rate. Despite not receiving a rate as low as the previous loan, Rehab Funding was the quickest and still lower than other institutions with the approval process. Thank you!

great company by Tanja on 6/24/2022

Money for rehabilitation has saved my life. The money is in the bank pretty promptly after they approve your loan. Very professional firm. Your questions are always immediately answered. Definitely a great company.

Great Work! by MASON on 6/23/2022

Another issue was that their documentation guidelines appear to be higher than other home loan organizations. Account explanations for evidence of assets for specific record types didn't meet their models, despite the fact that the assertions meet Securities and Exchange Commission standards. Seems like the endorsing system is somewhat cumbersome.

Great rare and extremely easy to apply! by paquin on 6/23/2022

I am completely satisfied with Rehab Funding. The process was easy and efficient. I was really in a bind and the Rehab Funding came through.Thanks for amazing service.

Wonderful Services by Darell on 6/23/2022

I have had such wonderful service here and also online is great as well. Once i had a emergency come up and was not able to pay back as planned. The girls were so sweet and set up payments. I paid it off and was approved for another pay day loan. So very understanding and considerate. Thank you

Stess free by Cantu on 6/23/2022

This is the easiest of I have ever applied for a loan. A very welcomed change. Stress free 100%, little time to complete, straight forward, lay person understanding of terms. fully satisfied with the service.

good rates. by Lena on 6/23/2022

Very on point. Pretty good rates. Punctual and reliable. Gives option to refinance with pretty decent terms. They’re just a good loan company for me,Thanks so much for your assistance

Got money Fast!!!! by stoneman on 6/22/2022

I applied for a loan and it was no hassle and I received the money really quick.. Very very happy with this company!! I recommend them to anyone.Thanks Rehab Funding for great and superb service.

Great Services by samith on 6/22/2022

I really impressed with Rehab Funding Staff. Our working experience renegotiating with Rehab was very speedy, simple, and effortless. Our home loan-trained professional, Tara Gale, was exceptionally useful and consistently accessible when we had questions. I would suggest Rehab for anybody's home loan needs. I am really thankful to you Rehab

Sweetest Person by Terica on 6/22/2022

Lorraine is the sweetest person. She makes sure you understand everything she says. She will answer nine thousands you have for her to the best of her ability, if not, she will make a phone call just to be sure. Always smiling, friendly, very patient, and pleasant. She has excellent customer service!!!!! Give her a big raise or make her boss lady!

Thank You Rehab Funding by McLaughlin on 6/22/2022

Rehab Funding saved me from drowning in credit card payments when no one else would. I was making payments of $2300 a month in high interest debt and they helped me consolidate to a $1200 monthly payment. Much more manageable. Thank you Rehab Funding.

Good company by Marina on 6/22/2022

I've been using Builder Banc for a long time. I always have a loan on the go. When they tell you that money is available, they are quick to get approval. You can adjust the due date whenever you want. That is why I have given them the best possible score in their system.

Quick response, competitive rate by Batres on 6/21/2022

I was nervous about this but decided after checking reviews to try it. I even called customer service and got courteous service and just the right loan. I saved about $300 a month!Thanks Rehab Funding.

Amazing Work by juanli on 6/21/2022

Despite the fact that there have been a couple of changes in the workforce, the brilliant help is as yet present in each perspective, from the second you stroll in till you leave the store, with the money. Much thanks to you for conveying a cheerful encounter like clockwork. I highly recommended Rehab Funding.

Good Service by Malchow on 6/21/2022

I've worked with Rehab Funding twice now. The first time got me out of a bad situation and on my feet again. The second is helping me clean up the lingering effects of those bad decisions

Really Appreciate by Cammy on 6/21/2022

I really appreciate this company I was in need of some cash and my friend recommended I go here Deja was very polite and helpful. Quick friendly greeting an near immediate customer service in obtaining financial assistance in real time!

love the service by Oster on 6/21/2022

It's always a pleasure to collaborate with you! The service is fantastic! Easy to pay and the greatest pay schedule I've seen! They're fantastic and always come through for me when I'm in need.

Straight forward by Hipp on 6/20/2022

Was referred to Rehab Funding by Credit Karma. Could not have been a more pleasant experience. The application process was straight forward and easy to understand. All of the questions were simple and also easy to understand. Thanks to all for a great experience.

Great Customer Service by Pisani on 6/20/2022

I have had an extraordinary involvement in The Rehab Funding.I had the option to get my obligation taken care of on three records. Also, ready to pay my routine monthly installments . Indeed I set a budget so I don't go over and have the option to deal with minor crisis if necessary.

Great communication by Nobbs on 6/18/2022

Owen was very helpful and determined! I appreciate his diligence and professional behavior. He put in a lot of hard work and never gave up even when I was ready to throw in the towel. Great communication throughout the entire process as well as the best rate/terms I found with 10+ lenders. Highly recommend and will be using them again in the future.

Great experience! by WRIGHTS BEACH on 6/16/2022

Peter was more than helpful in helping us get the funding we needed fast!.
The process was very simple and peter walked us through our financing so there were no questions. Great experience!

Highly Recommended by Burford on 6/15/2022

Very easy process. Teddy was very helpful and answered all my questions.
great customer services, extremely fast approval. He was realistic, open and direct but still respectful, professional and knowledgeable. He helped in a bind and offered great support and discussed alternative options and educated me on reasoning. I was pleased with his service.

professional! by Hull on 6/14/2022

Owen is a professional! His team got us loan with minimal paperwork in under 12 hours. The rates for their products are among the most competitive in the market. Quick, clear and easy! Thanks Owen!

Excellent Services by David on 6/11/2022

I usually check buying sites i havn't used before on rehab funding and the reviews are very helpful. Spot on. fantastic company,top sevice highlly recommended to my friends ,if them need money,thank you for your great service.100%recommended.

excellent by pedro on 6/11/2022

I pray this company maintains its way of business and not go all big corporate & start treating people like just a number because right now, as they are, they treat you like you matter...and that was the game changer for me!

Honestly this experience was one of the… by Cole on 6/11/2022

Honestly this experience was one of the easiest of my life in regards to loans or finance. From start to finish our rep Steve made it all super simple and easy to understand and helped us find terms that were right for our needs. I'm blown away.

excellent by julio on 6/11/2022

Ryan was so very helpful!! I wasn't expecting to be approved but I was. Thank you Ryan!!I had not been able to just filling out my own requests online. I feel like I can breathe now and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. It was an answer to prayer. Thank you God and thank you Christina and Freedom Financial!

Your team was outstanding and a… by Esther on 6/10/2022

Your team was outstanding and a pleasure. Super professional and smooth in the entire process. They did everything they promised and had never before experienced such service from any lender. Please thank them for me,

Fantastic services by Anita on 6/10/2022

After several emails I was then able to review the store that I had recently dealt with without having an account with facebook. Thank you very much Rosemary in Canada

Great process from being approved to… by Richard S. on 6/9/2022

Great process from being approved to closing out. The staff was extremely helpful, attentive, and pleasant through the entire process and I enjoyed it. Your professional staff took care of my needs without a doubt. Great work people.

Excellent Services by Stella on 6/9/2022

Excellent, would definitely recommend to family and friends. I give you 5 cause when I was turned… down from almost every one you guys are take a chance with me. I appreciate it very much, but I think you guys can lower the interest down a little bit more

fantastic by cardo on 6/9/2022

I think the process to sign up was good and I’m very great full for this opportunity!
It was an easy process, I didn’t feel lost whatsoever during it. Sign up was very quick and felt easy to follow

amazing by Fabian on 6/8/2022

The staff is always courteous, and accommodating. Each year I have been able to get the amount needed to take care of important business.I really can't say enough positive things about Lisa and the entire experience.

Provided Great Help by Kelly on 6/8/2022

The rep provided great help and a lot of the future, I will refer to my friends and will do more business with this company and with the rep that help me.

Excellent Services by janny on 6/8/2022

The directions for writing a review of my shopping experience were clear and easy to follow, and I appreciated the opportunity to share my good experience with others. Thank you Rehab Funding..

Fantastic services by peter on 6/4/2022

Rehab Funding is fantastic! The idea is great and it is well implemented.
But more important than the idea itself is the people behind it. The customer service is great, so polite, prompt in their replies and so professional.
Rehab Funding is an example of a service that deserves 10 stars, not just 5!

fantastic by mason on 6/4/2022

She was able to offer me a loan that was in the amount I wanted with a great interest rate that would process very quickly. I really can't say enough positive things about Lisa and the entire experience.

Fantastic services by Liza on 6/3/2022

Great website, easy to use and follow and allows you to voice your opinion about other companies to improve them. Recommend that everyone use it. Thank you for this site

wonderful by daneil on 6/3/2022

Patrick Sandoval was wonderful customer service. Actually a person that knows there job an was excellent on handling all my ? and very happy with the experience. Top rate service

amazing by oliver on 6/2/2022

Thank you so much Amy for you help with getting us back to where we wanted to be. Also for making this loan such an easy and pain free process.

good services by pierre on 6/2/2022

Your representative was very helpful.
She clear and informative around the loan process. I will definitely recommend your company to friends and family should the need arise for your loan service.

Fantastic by Betty g on 6/1/2022

Rehab funding makes getting a loan simple and quick. The payment schedule is fantastic. They do not penalize you if you need more time to pay. You can pay with a credit or debit card ahead of time. I'll be using them more frequently in the future.


I have been doing business with REHAB FUNDING for a number of years.
The staff is always courteous, and accommodating. Each year I have been able to get the amount needed to take care of important business.

Awesome Services by dell mouse on 5/2/2022

I recently paidoff a loan and satisfied my debt. Upon completion i was able to secure a new loan. I am very grateful for Rehab fundingf. When no one else would take a chance on me, you guyys did. Thank you so very much!!!!

AMAZING by AliciaB on 5/2/2022

I have had a good experience with locals for years they help me when I need it payments are low but high-interest love doing business with them.Friendly people - great service!

Clear and Streamlined Application Process by stockdale on 5/2/2022

Was Approved for a consolidation loan within Minutes, communications were instant. My creditors were paid in full within 4 days! I can finally breathe and sleep easy knowing my debt will be paid off sooner than expected! Thanks Rehab Funding!

Greatful by Amelia on 5/2/2022

I am extremely grateful. I worked hard to raise my credit score so that I could refinance from a 35 percent interest rate to a lesser rate. I felt stuck since I was denied as a retiree on a fixed income

I have always had a good experience and… by JORDON080 on 4/13/2022

I have always had a good experience and a warm welcome whenever I have used REHAB FUNDING for my needs. The employees are willing to converse and treat everyone like a family.

Best Experience by James on 4/13/2022

Probably the best experience I’ve had concerning applying for a personal loan! Efficient, quick and amazing customer service! Very thankful! Seamless, easy, transparent process. Super impressed. Very friendly and attentive staff.

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