Pappas Bar-B-Q

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1217 Pierce St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 659-1245
Pappas Bar-B-Q offers high quality meats, spice rubbed and slow-smoked in a secret wood blend. Our barbecue is served fresh from the pits all day. Everything is homemade - from the pecan pie, chunky potato salad and crispy slaw to the savory sauces and bold ranch beans. Even the salads are fresh cut daily!

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Pappas Bar-B-Q received an average rating of 3.25 out of 5 stars from 20 reviews.

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by Hormizd on 4/17/2021

by Hormizd on 4/17/2021

by Jehonathan on 2/27/2021

by Jehonathan on 2/27/2021

by Rhode on 6/15/2021

by James on 12/5/2020

by Quinton on 10/17/2020

by Mike on 2/1/2021

by Eshe on 12/14/2020

by Brankica on 4/1/2021

by Anna on 9/20/2020

by Lando on 5/29/2021

by Jomez on 11/18/2020

by Rosa on 3/6/2021

by steve on 1/15/2021

by Samael on 5/3/2021

by Samael on 5/3/2021

by Breda on 7/1/2021

by Praise on 12/20/2020

by gomez on 11/1/2020

Although it's the most nondescript setting of all the Pappas enterprises, this 1967 original remains one of the favorites because of the tender meat. Loyal fans and downtown office workers, especially, love to chow down on what are… Read Full Editorial

Save the BBQ!! by houstanman1964 via Citysearch on 3/7/2012

They should have kept the sauce and beans recipes from Luther's The meats are bland but passable. The beans are terrible. The real problem is the sauce. This sauce is just awful!! It is WAY too sweet (like pure molasses) and swimming in…

Not worth going to by Biga6462 via Citysearch on 3/30/2011

I have tried many top Bar B Q places around the state and this is the worst tasting out of any place I have every been. I am not sure what they use for sauce but it tastes terrible.

OK Food, Horrible Service by MRainier via Citysearch on 10/21/2009

I love BBQ and unfortunately this is the closest BBQ joint I know of close to where I live and work. I've been there maybe 5 times total since moving to Houston Nov 08. Three horrendous experiences overall, the other two were not stellar…

Contaminated Food by SaraBird7 via Citysearch on 2/13/2009

My boyfriend and I ate at this disgusting resaurant almost a year ago in the humble area. It was the worst, greasiest, tasteless food I had ever eatten. It was so bad that we had our money refunded and left after only a few bites. ugh…

Horrible to-go service by cgonzales54 via Citysearch on 12/16/2008

I work in downtown and me and several of my coworkers ordered from here for the first time. I called in the order and gave them about 10 minutes before I left, so I got there about 20 minutes after I phoned in the order. They said it…

BBQ by Tommy C via Insider Pages on 2/14/2008

Part of the Pappas group of places, Great bbq and moderate to high on pricing. The sliced Brisket and Ribs are the best on the menu. Save room from plenty of delicious sides...Got try it, Its great..

Not Real Texas BBQ by txbbqman via Citysearch on 1/26/2008

All the Pappas places serve excellent food except for this one. I guess they bought all the Luthers and turned them all into these. I have been to a few differnt locations to see if maybe its just one location but they have all been…

The Sauce is horrible... by jmccord109 via Citysearch on 11/20/2007

We just had Pappas cater brisket and sausage and we were not impressed. The meat was ok, not dry but not all that flavorful. The sauce is the worst I have ever tasted. I guess if i were trying to come up with a unique bbq sauce, this…

Worst BBQ in Texas! by huh111 via Citysearch on 12/6/2006

This BBQ is greasy and inconsistant. I live in Texas and I have had a ton of BBQ from west Texas to east Texas and I currently live in south Texas. Pappas should stick to doing what they do the best-- Seafood, and nothing else!

Among the few downtown barbecue joints, this is one of downtown dwellers' favorites. by Contributor via Citysearch on 11/27/2006

The Scene
A mainstay of the Houston barbecue circuit since 1967, this chain (formerly known as the Brisket House) faithfully follows the big portion/small price formula shared by other members of the Pappas restaurant empire.…

Crimes Against BBQ by texmexgirl via Citysearch on 9/21/2006

I really, really tried to like this place, because it's on my way home from work, and it has a drive-thru. But, I got a chopped beef po-boy and the bread was tough, and the meat was soggy. I said soggy! The chopped beef tasted like it…

BBQ-there is no better ANYWHERE. by curlitos via Citysearch on 5/1/2006

Other BBQ joints sadly idle away making themselves believe that they know BBQ. Their misguided patrons will never know authentic BBQ excellence unless they indulge in the heavenly pleasures at Pappas BBQ. Pity to those who will never…

Barbeque Heaven by windygarden via Citysearch on 5/13/2004

I love Pappas Bar-B-Que. As a native Houstonian I grew up earting barbeque often. In fact, it is my number one comfort food. Pappas consistently offer delicious and tender brisket. Their sides are all good but I especially like their…

The Best Burgers in Town by stephaniedory via Citysearch on 5/11/2004

The Bar-b-q is excellent. The Beef Ribs are GREAT! The french fries are cooked to perfection. Very good ranch beans, cucumber salad and yams. The Best made to order hamburgers in town. But, the bar-b-q sauce on the side is not good. The…

Worst BBQ Sauce by inteln via Citysearch on 8/11/2003

The price is good and the food is good, unless you use the BBQ sauce. I have frequented this establishment quite a bit and after the second time I ate there I just had to stop using the sauce. I hate to have my BBQ dry but when eating…

Don't understand by zerkdave via Citysearch on 2/23/2003

Why Pappa's is considered a high-end BBQ restaraunt. My experiences have less than stellar. I thought the brisket was fatty and of poor quality and of small portions. However, the service was excellent and the sides much better than the…

Good BBQ by lafemmek via Citysearch on 2/7/2003

I'm not a huge BBQ fan, but I enjoyed Pappas. The food looked and tasted good, especially the fries, nice friendly atmosphere, except for the stuffed animals littering the place. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely go…

Best BBQ in Town by anbeaver via Citysearch on 1/9/2003

I've never eaten BBQ anywhere where you get so much that is so good you happily gorge yourself because you just can't get enough.

Simply "the best of the best" by wine4bill via Citysearch on 9/19/2002

I've a native Houstonian and over the past 40 years I've eaten at every BBQ joint in this town and 75% of those in Texas. Pappas is the best of the best when it comes to Texas BBQ. I travel 80% of time on business and I love the…

Good Brisket by cminter via Citysearch on 9/2/2002

I think this place is superior to Goode Company. Pappas' brisket is more tender with less fat, and I like the sauce more (it's sweeter and thicker). After eating at both restaurants within a week, I found Goode Co. lacking "oomph." While…

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