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West Insurance Agency


Universal-City, TX 78148
(210) 908-6213
We are committed to help you pick the right insurance for your needs!What are we about? We are about helping as many family's get protection for the future.. Life can change in a blink of an eye! That's why I started this agency. I was driving to work one morning just a normal day as I thought. In a split second a semi truck swerved in my lane right in front of me. No time to react I clipped the trailer. Totaling a Dodge 3500 with a full replacement Ranchhand Brush Guard. I was able to walk away but not without some injury. Suffering several herniated disk, I could no longer work and since I clipped him,his insurance would not cover any of it. So I had to get an attorney, which is a process that takes a while. Mean while with no income I could not pay the bills and they repossessed my truck and then if that wasn't bad enough they came and repossessed my wife's tucks. That really hurt me I work hard to buy her a Dogde Longhorn Laramie and to see her crying really made me feel horrible. We almost lost our house as well. I had never heard of this insurance or the benefits of it. If I had this insurance , I could have taking up to 95% of my policy to pay his bills and could have'd avoided losing our trucks and dealing with all the stress. its horrible sitting home with nothing but your thoughts. Sitting their thinking how are we going to pay the bills, what and when are they going to take next. So I couldn't just give up, so I searching for job that I could do. That's when I found out about this insurance. So I started researching and the more I researching the madder I got. No one reached out and told me about this. That's when I decided this is what I'm going to do. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I went through. So that is why we are so committed to telling people about the benefits of the insurance we offer.

Products and Services

Accelerated Life Insurance
Accidental Death Benefit Insurance
Children's Life Insurance
Chronic Illness Insurance Plans
Critical Illness Insurance Plans
Estate Planning
Financial Planning
Independent Insurance Agents
Insurance Agent
Survivor Benefits
Terminal Illness Insurance Plans
AIG Insurance
American Amicable
Americo Insurance
Burial Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Foresters Insurance
Gerber Life Insurance
Mutual of Omaha
National Life Group
Term Life Insurance
TransAmerica Insurance
United Home Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Variable Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance

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