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The Premier Pacific NW Party Store.
Originally opened in Seattle in 1952, Party @ Display & Costume Supply is a family-owned and operated party, costume, display and theatrical supplies store. We have several locations, meaning wherever you are in Washington, there's sure to be a complete party resource center near you! Regardless of the holiday or occasion, we've got everything you need to make it great!

We have plenty of supplies for your next party or holiday, including:

  • Costumes
  • Tableware
  • Toys
  • Party favors
  • Decorations
  • Crafts
  • And more

    In addition to our exciting store locations we also accept orders over the phone or internet. We've been helping people throw parties for over 60 years, so you know that when you pay us a visit, we can help you find everything you need to make yours amazing.

    Call us or visit us online today! We ship across the country.
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    Products and Services

    Convention Rentals
    Event Rentals
    Holiday Parties
    Lighting Equipment Rentals
    Party Equipment Rental
    Party Supplies Rental
    Party Tableware
    Rubies, Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryolan
    4th of July Decorations
    Birthday Candles
    Birthday Party Supplies
    Children's Costumes
    Christmas Lights
    Christmas Trees
    Easter Decorations
    Guest Books
    Halloween Costumes
    Halloween Decorations
    Holiday Costumes
    Infants' Costumes
    New Years Eve Party Supplies
    Party Costumes
    Party Favors & Supplies
    Party Games
    Party Supplies
    Pet Costumes

    Reviews for Party @ Display & Costume

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    The Scene
    Any store that reserves an entire aisle for clown paraphernalia isn't messing around about dressing up. Display & Costume stocks every getup and accessory necessary for a one-night transformation. Other full-aisle… Read Full Editorial

    Wonderful Unique Shopping Experience! by Park R. via Judy's Book on 11/26/2008

    First off, customer service is king here. But that aside, they have an incredible place. Even if you don't buy anything, you'll enjoy browsing their Christmas and other seasonal settings. They must use a professional store decorator.…

    Great for Halloween! by ashwhit via Citysearch on 11/6/2006

    I wish I would have gone there for all of my halloween items, but I did get the last accessories there this year. They have aisles upon aisles of goods that go from grotesque to hilarity. I was very pleased with the selection of items and…

    Lots of spooky things! by Emily R. via Judy's Book on 10/2/2006

    We just made another jaunt out to Display and Costume. This is one of our first stops when starting our ramp up to Halloween. However, after stopping by this past weekend, I would highly recommend going during the week not the weekend…

    Deceptive store policies by matt10man via Citysearch on 7/27/2006

    I went into the Northgate store today 6/28/06 and purchased two yards of fabric trim for my wedding gown. I got it out of the store and discovered the trim which looked white under store lighting had an ivory cast not to mention that…

    Great place for Christmas by Robin L. via Judy's Book on 4/25/2006

    This is a great source for Christmas decorations and Christmas villages. They have big displays and good prices on lots of things. I usually ignore the party/paper part of the store and just walk right back to the Christmas area that gets…

    I LOVE Display & Costume! by Barrie T. via Judy's Book on 3/28/2006

    This is THE place to go to fill kiddie birthday goodie bags. Toys R Us told me they had NO Harry Potter stuff "because there hasn't been a movie out in a few months"--losers! They had ten million Bratz toys, and no Potterbilia? Display &…

    Random assortment of just what you need! by Chloe B. via Judy's Book on 1/14/2006

    No costume venture is complete without a trip to Display & Costume. I think they have a rental department, but they mostly cater to people like me who enjoy cobbling together their own costumes from various parts. They most recently saved…

    Party STuff galore by RC C. via Judy's Book on 12/31/2005

    If you're having a theme party, this place should have what you need. Or costumes, or crafts for certain events. From tiny items to large, they should have it. Convenient at northgate, however, during halloween parking can be…

    Party Needs Headquarters! by Natalie J. via Judy's Book on 12/31/2005

    Where else could I buy enough afros to outfit my family of six, butterfly party decorations, costume make-up, a discoball, and some rubber stamping supplies in one place?!?!No place other than Display & Costume! They have a wide variety of…

    as we all know, perfect by Laural B. via Judy's Book on 12/29/2005

    My boyfriend and I went for a 30s themed costume party, to pick up props and things. Within minutes I found a hair net and evening gloves, and he found a tommy gun and porkpie hat. We found lots of other things too that we wanted but…

    This store is fantastic! by Stacy N via Insider Pages on 11/29/2005

    No matter what type of decoration or theme you are looking for, you will likely find it here. I come to this store whenever I need a costume, party ideas, favors or decor of any kind. It's a favorite around my office for finding unique…

    Should be 1st Stop before your themed/holiday parties! by Lisa L via Insider Pages on 11/16/2005

    This place is just incredible. They have any sort of party supply you could need... down to the obscure. It is a place to get the "foundation" for your party. I would go here before driving all over town wondering if certain party stores…

    1st Stop before your Halloween or Xmas party! by Lisa _. via Judy's Book on 9/29/2005

    This place is just incredible.They have any sort of party supply you could need... down to the obscure.It is a place to get the "foundation" for your party. I would go here before driving all over town wondering if certain party stores…

    From wedding favors to ghoulish costumes, they have everything! by Ruth W via Insider Pages on 9/24/2005

    I am a frequent customer of this particular store because they fulfill a large part of my decorating, party-planning, crafting and special events needs. This large (almost wherehouse-like) store is well organized and easy to navigate…

    The best Halloween store around by Emily M. via Judy's Book on 9/15/2005

    Display and Costume is truly the best we've got in Seattle. I am a serious Halloween addict and no matter what my questions are (how do I make myself look frozen? how can I make little plaster fingers?), there's someone at D&C who can…

    Fulfill your wildest costume or celebration needs by Stacie S. via Judy's Book on 8/20/2005

    Every time I go to Display and Costume, I can easily spend hours wandering the store, looking at party supplies, decorations, and costume pieces and accessories. This place is especially fun as the holidays approach--Halloween is a blast.…

    Costume Supplies You Won't Find Anywhere Else by L B. via Judy's Book on 8/20/2005

    If you're the type that likes to go all out for Halloween, kids birthdays, etc. then Display and Costume is the place to buy your supplies. The store's emphasis is on stocking the individual supplies to make your creative vision come…

    Great Selection, But Can Be Pricey by Michael S. via Judy's Book on 8/17/2005

    Display and Costume Supply is a costume and party supply store near the Northgate Mall. They carry a wide variety of costumes, from simple rubber masks and makeup to elaborate full body clothing costumes. If you can think of a party…

    Not just for Halloween... by Mark B. via Judy's Book on 8/17/2005

    Display and Costume in Northgate is not just for Halloween even if it is the best place to go for Halloween costumes and house decorations. They also have a huge amount of party supplies for all occasions, birthdays, holidays, you name it.…

    If you're into Halloween then this is the place for you by Melissa J via Insider Pages on 7/28/2005

    I have to disagree with all the reviews about this place. It's a great place to go and look around for costumes and to have fun doing it but when it comes down to paying money for their costumes; they charge a pretty penny. Other party…

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