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Does the Do-It-Yourself-er in you wishes you owned a pickup truck or knew someone who owned a pickup truck? We did. Almost every time one of our home improvement projects required us to haul something! Do you find the experience of renting vehicles from retail stores such as U-Haul or Home depot cumbersome? To tell you the truth we find it painful. Let us take an example. You are shopping in your favorite furniture store and really like that shiny dining table set. You want to buy it and take it home today. But you drove to the store in your Toyota Prius! You check at the counter and find out they do not deliver the same day and their delivery is pricey. None of your friends own a pickup truck or they are not available rightnow. Now you are thinking of renting a pickup truck from, let's say, U-Haul. So what is involved in renting the truck at U-haul? You call a few stores in the neighborhood. Finally you find a truck that you want about 10 miles away from the furniture store. You drive there and park your Prius in the U-Haul parking lot. Complete the paperwork, drive back to the furniture store, load the table, drive home, unload the table (may be you take the help of your neighbor if the table is heavy), drive all the way back to U-Haul, fill-up gas on the way, return the truck and drive back home! Did that feel like a long process for something as mundane as getting a piece of furniture home? Did you think life could be simpler? Why would you waste several hours of your day for something that in theory could have been faster and cheaper? Well worry no more! That is why we started fleetzen. It was painful every time we were faced with such situations. It was painful for our friends and we are sure it must be painful for you! Fleetzen will make it convenient for you to rent a pickup truck, a VAN or a large SUV. In addition to the vehicle you will also get a help of a buddy who not only will haul the good from the pickup location to drop-off location but also will help you load, secure, and unload the item. Now re-imagine the U-haul story above again but this time with fleetzen as your buddy with the truck. Once you buy your furniture all you have to do is load the fleetzen app, provide some basic information about the work you need get done, and magic happens! We will connect you with a driver nearest to the pickup location. The truck and the driver will be at your service in matter of minutes. The furniture gets loaded and delivered to your home while you happily drive home in your Prius. How is that for convenience? Now take that example and apply it to any big item that you want moved and that does not fit in your car! Craigslist purchase, estate sales purchase, goodwill runs, dump yard runs, hauling plants? We can probably keep listing. Why should all these tasks be less convenient than hailing a cab when you need a ride? That is our mission! We deliver instant convenience and peace of mind
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