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We began performing wildlife control services professionally in 1995 as a small, family run business. Led by our founder Steve DeMoor, the company grew to become the largest independent wildlife control firm in the nation, offering services throughout the southeastern U.S.With Steve at the helm, the company became one of the most influential and respected firms in the country. His secret...dont do things just because thats how everybody else does it. From the very beginning, the company was unique, working and looking like no other wildlife firm. Everything from the pricing to the services to the warranties was new and fresh. He developed new techniques and introduced many new products and services never before offered. Steve was quickly considered to be a pioneer and innovator within the industry, always doing things the way he believed things should be done, not how everyone else was doing them. As a result, the company was able to deliver exceptional results and save customers money. Having a leader that could think outside the box, and who was not afraid to go against the grain, allowed our company to build a solid reputation within the communities we served. In 2014, Steve parted ways with his business partner and took sole ownership and responsibility for the organization, and our name was changed to Dr. Critter, (a phrase customers had been affectionately calling Steve for years). He immediately reduced the size and footprint of the company in order to provide a higher quality and more local, personalized experience for each and every customer.With nearly 20 years in business, and more than 100,000 satisfied customers, our company continues to be innovators in the wildlife control industry, and the organization chosen by those in the know. When quality matters; when you need it done right; when failure is not an option choose the best, choose Dr. Critter.
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Animal Removal
Animal Trappers
Bat Removal
Beaver Removal
Bird Control
Carcass Removal
Mice Control
Mole Removal
Opossum Removal
Pack Rat Control
Pet Safe
Pigeon Control
Raccoon Removal
Rat Control
Removal & Relocation
Reptile Control
Same Day Service
Skunk Removal
Snake Removal
Squirrel Control
Baiting Systems

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