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Claim Your Health & Safety Badge on EZlocal

With health and safety measures in place at the majority of local businesses around the country, EZlocal would like to share and promote steps being taken to deliver services in a safe and healthy manner on Businesses with policies in place related to COVID-19 measures can now claim and prominently display their Health & Safety badge on the EZlocal directory. [Read Full Article]

10 Ways Small Businesses Are CRUSHING It During the Coronavirus Crisis

Introducing 10 Ways Small Businesses Are CRUSHING It During the COVID-19 Crisis, and How You Can Crush It, Too! Jim Tracy, President of EZlocal, goes in-depth! EZlocal is a leader in digital presence management helping thousands of business locations manage their local-social-website content across internet directories, online maps, social networks, and search engines. [Read Full Article]

Google Had a Recent Technical Issue, Business Owners Were (Understandably) Upset

If the prospect of your page being “de-indexed” sounds a little alarming to you, you're not alone. Just know this: there’s cause for optimism. An estimated 4% of indexed sites were affected and it might as well be said: this kind of thing has happened before and this most recent instance won’t be the last time it does. However! Google has been quick to resolve these kinds of issues in the past and we have every reason to believe they’ll do likewise here. [Read Full Article]


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