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Google Had a Recent Technical Issue, Business Owners Were (Understandably) Upset

If the prospect of your page being “de-indexed” sounds a little alarming to you, you're not alone. Just know this: there’s cause for optimism. An estimated 4% of indexed sites were affected and it might as well be said: this kind of thing has happened before and this most recent instance won’t be the last time it does. However! Google has been quick to resolve these kinds of issues in the past and we have every reason to believe they’ll do likewise here. [Read Full Article]


Measuring Your Marketing: Rising Above The Data And Learning To Spot Patterns In 2019

There are so many ways to measure the effects of your marketing efforts online it can begin to feel like a losing battle, encompassed by sheer chaos and reams of charts that seem to shout opposing viewpoints. There's good news though, just as an M.C. Escher print would suggest. The saving grace of this never-ending scroll? Patterns. Learn to spot patterns and you'll be able to put the data in perspective, quiet the noise around you, and pay attention to what really matters. [Read Full Article]

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