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Over 2 Billion Local Searches on Google, Clients Benefit

According to the June comScore report, Google presented over 10 billion search results in the US last month alone. Of those, over 2 billion were local searches - consumers looking for products and services in their area -- to buy offline. As the number of local-based searches continues to grow on Google and Yahoo,’s clients are positioned to reap the growing benefits of targeting potential customers in their area. The local search space continues to offer new opportunities to small business owners who want to get a leg up on the competition. With somewhere around only 15% of existing business listings even being claimed online it’s winner takes all. It’s early bird takes the worm in local search, so businesses looking to secure top search engine placement need to act quickly. General contractors, plumbers, roofers, insurance agents, attorneys, dentists and jewelers are just a few of the small business owners who have b... [Read Full Article]

Free Business Listing Goes Wrong, Hilarious

At EZlocal, every newly-claimed, free business listing is cycled through our homepage.  A few minutes ago I noticed that BP’s corporate offices in Houston, TX had claimed their free business listing.  Of course, I was immediately suspicious; BP is far too busy dumping oil into the ocean to have time to claim their EZlocal profile.  Sure enough, their profile had been hijacked:     We had to delete the profile (quality control and such), but it was too funny to lose forever. Here is the full size image the prankster uploaded: [Read Full Article]

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