Vidal Landscaping


181 Sola Dr.
Gilberts, IL 60136
(847) 426-2490
Vidal Landscaping serves Gilberts, IL and is located in the 60136 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Sat 8am-12pm

Reviews for Vidal Landscaping

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My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 3/10/2015

Prompt snow removal.

My Review by JOHN & GAILS via Demandforce on 3/3/2015

I use Vidal for snowplowing and they are very good. I would highly recommend them for this service.

My Review by MARK & DIANZ via Demandforce on 3/2/2015

Consistently performs on time and on budget. Quality of service is excellent. Long term customer.

My Review by TONID via Demandforce on 3/1/2015

Vidal's crew do a good job of cutting the lawn, even though we do get a little irritated when tire marks are left on our lawn because the grass is very wet. He (Vidal) has returned my calls promptly when I do have a problem with his…

My Review by JohnA via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Overall, vidal's crew does a good job.

My Review by DONR via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

We have been using Vidals service since 1988. We would not stay with them if we were not happy.

My Review by MARY ANNB via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Always the best work!!

My Review by RICHARDH via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Vidal has always provided excellent service in plowing the snow at our home. Vidal is reliable and competent. Dick Hicks

My Review by EARLT via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

The guys that cut the lawn go too fast and when they turn the tires dig into the grass

My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

excellent service- always on time!

My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Snow Plowing going very well

My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

This last snowfall no plow truck came Wednesday, 2/25, or Thursday, 2/26. I ended up hand shoveling the drive way in order for my car to get up the driveway. I strongly feel that I am owed a refund. Please reimburse me for one snow plow…

My Review by WENDYO via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Great Service! Thank-you!

My Review by JACK & GEORGIAL via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

For the most part, you've done a great job. It's only annoying when you plow when there's too little snow. So far this season, that's only happened once. I like the fact that you're cleaning off the front stoop and close to the garage. …

My Review by ROBERTA via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Vidal workers are very efficient and accommodating.

My Review by STEVE & ROSEMARYM via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Did a great job clearing the snow!

My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

I feel that Vidal is reliable and reasonable for snow plowing. They have plowed my driveway for many years. I contracted with them for the Spring -Fall landscaping maintenance and was disappointed. They ignored unsightly weeds and were…

My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Excellent job again this year. Your company has been reliable and my driveway cleared quickly. Thank You

My Review by WILLIAMC via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

Vidal is reliable and they mow and edge very well. Vidal does not keep the weeds down as promised which they are charging more to do.

My Review by ROBERTV via Demandforce on 2/27/2015

it's going to be 25 years of great service.

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