Customer Service Champion

Favorite Food:


Favorite TV Show:

Criminal Minds

Favorite Movie of All Time:

Blood In Blood Out

Unknown Skill(s):

I'm Secretly A Witch

Life Goals:

To Make Sure I Can Give My Son Everything He Needs & Also Be Able To Get Him Anything He Wants.

If you could be any animal:

I Would Be A Lion. I Believe They Are The Most Beautiful, Down To Earth Creatures On The Planet. A Mother Lion Is An Amazing Animal. The Males Defend The Pride's Territory, However, The Female Lions Gather Food By Hunting, Take Care Of The Cubs, And Also Let The Male Lions Eat First. The Lioness Holds The Pride Together, All In All.

Interests or Hobbies:
Spending Time With My Son.


"If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything."
My name is Michaela, Kayla for short. I am a mother to the most beautiful, precious little boy on this planet. He is my motivation and my reason to constantly strive to achieve my goals. When there is free time, I love to take my son out for the day and just enjoy life. I love being apart of this wonderful family, the EZlocal Team  

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