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This is our third year in business selling firewood. our goal has been to provide a solid resource for quality firewood at a reasonable price. My wife and I bought a home in Central VT in January of 2014 and simply couldn’t find any firewood. The next year we tried to buy several cords and it was either poorly cut and split or to wet. We bought a truckload of logs to cut and split ourselves with a chainsaw and splitter. Now that was a lot of work.

We decided to invest in a small wood processor and sell extra wood to off set the costs. Our goal was to sell 50 cords of green firewood our first year. That quickly became 101 cords of firewood sold. It was then that Rick found out how much he loves to run the wood processor.

So, like many other businessmen, he decided to follow his passion and get serious about firewood. We upgraded the wood processor and added another truck. Now we can deliver a 1 cord load in our dump truck and a 2-cord load in our dump trailer. We bought 260 cords of logs and waited for them to cure. This past season we completely sold out of wood.
This was the beginning of our next phase of expansion, which now includes the purchase of a tumbler to clean debris from the split wood, another truck which has a flatbed with a small crane and a kiln that is made to cure the wood to an internal temperature of 260 degrees for 75 minutes, ensuring the death of all bugs and bringing the moisture content down to 15%.

There are a lot of benefits to burning kiln dried firewood and makes this a good choice for many homeowners. It also allows us to expand the possible volume of wood to be sold.
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