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Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 682-4686
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Lunch Menu Available - Monday - Friday Only 11:30 AM To 2 PM - Enjoy our sushi bar featuring a lunch All-You-Can-Eat sushi buffet!
Make your way to Hamanasu
Located in the heart of downtown Hamanasu, formerly Benihana, has been a landmark in Seattle for 30 years. The tranquil Japanese gardens are the perfect backdrop for entertaining chefs, creating a unique atmosphere unmatched anywhere in the city.
Prepare for a dining experience unlike any other. Watch as your personal chef performs the ancient art of Teppanyaki, preparing a meal that will dazzle your eyes as well as your taste buds. Listen as razor-sharp blades slice and dice through tender steak and juicy chicken. Take in the aroma as savory vegetables, shrimp and lobster sizzle before your eyes.
Mon 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Tue 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Wed 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Thu 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Fri 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Sat 4:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Sun 4:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Reviews for Hamanasu

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In Short
Benihana started out as a tiny four-table restaurant in New York City's theater district before becoming an international chain. Diners sit around large tables where chefs ostentatiously chop, slice, stir-fry and grill.… Read Full Editorial

My Review by mamajo1957 via Citysearch on 8/27/2012

Food was good. We split the check with another couple. The waitress first charged me for the entire $196.00 bill, then re-ran my card and charged me for both halves! When the error was called to manager's attention, they made the same…

Come for the food, pay for the entertainment. by Janee S via Insider Pages on 10/14/2010

I can honestly say I've never had a bad time at Benihana, but I am usually not the one paying for it. I do know, however, that the cost usually exceeds $180.00 for two people which seems like a lot for what it is.\r \r The chefs are…

Great food, great place!! by Carolyn G via Insider Pages on 10/8/2008

I really enjoyed going to Benihana for my birthday as a family about a year ago. I was impressed by the show, and the food tasted great. I plan to go back this year as well.\r Prices are a little high, but its totally worth it!!!

Don't bother by Mikaela W via Insider Pages on 9/28/2008

Way too expensive, too salty, chicken was chewy, no shrimp sauce, not much of a show, only thing that was good was the sushi and drinks, which were also overpriced.

Worst hibachi experience ever! by Wooten via Citysearch on 9/27/2008

My husband and I love the hibachi grill experience but were VERY disappointed with Benihana in Seattle! The soup was just chicken broth, they charged extra for fried rice, the chicken was chewy, and they didn't even have the traditional…

More show than food by T S via Insider Pages on 6/30/2008

Benihana's is a well-known restaurant in downtown Seattle. In spite of its reputation, I find Benihana's to be pricey and very commercial. There is a lot of show in preparing the food but the portions are not very big and the food is…

Great food, but terrible service in sushi lounge by truevoid via Citysearch on 4/23/2008

I have been to the restaurant two times this month, once for grill and once for sushi. It was great experience to have food enjoying chef's performance for grill. But in the second visit for sushi, I was really annoyed by the terrible…

Great dinner and fun show for all by Jilinda A via Insider Pages on 4/3/2008

This is a great place for a date night, or to take the family to. Watching the chefs do their knife show is amazing and the food is so good, too! Children really enjoy this as well as adults.

Terrible Service by akem via Citysearch on 11/15/2007

I've been to Benihana many times and the service in the sushi bar is had been pretty good. But lately, it's been pretty bad. A week ago my wife and I had sushi in the lounge and I have to admit the the food was terrific. Unfortunately,…

Great food & vibe by pk207 via Citysearch on 11/2/2007

Although it can be a bit crowded this is one of my favorite restaurants from the chain. Always a great time.

The competition does a better job by preston_007 via Citysearch on 10/31/2007

About 6 months ago, I had my first experience at a Japanese steakhouse, a Benihana knock-off in a strip mall in Renton. It was an exciting and fun experience, although a bit salty. I assumed that Benihana would be even better, and took…

great Japanese Sushi place by ielad via Citysearch on 9/16/2007

great Japanese Sushi place! Be yourself: If you're an expert on burgers, let us know. If this is your first-time massage, say so. \r Compare apples to apples: Burger joints shouldn't be held to the same standards as four-star restaurants.…

They make your food in front of u if you sit down but I m... by ViPham via Menuism on 8/20/2007

They make your food in front of u if you sit down but I mostly had sushi there awhile back. Best in groups

Fun experience, tons of food, great selection by lfice14 via Citysearch on 5/28/2007

We went to Benihana for a birthday celebration and had a great time. It was fun to get to know the people sitting at our table and eat in a social atmosphere. We were sat at a back table and so unfortunately service for drinks was a…

Worst Dining Experience Ever! by bobby_w via Citysearch on 5/14/2007

I had the worst dining experience ever at Benihana last night. The service was terrible, the food mediocre, and the "show" tired at best. We made reservations for 6:00. We arrived ten minutes early and yet had to wait (standing) for 45…

Benihana-good food, very entertaining!!! by wendoger via Menuism on 4/8/2007

I came here for a b-day shindig last year. Whatta fun place! The food is all cooked right in front of you...

Benihana-good food, very entertaining!!! by wendoger via Menuism on 4/8/2007

I came here for a b-day shindig last year. Whatta fun place! The food is all cooked right in front of you...

Still one of the best by lex3y via Citysearch on 3/25/2007

Still one of the best. After renovation back in 2005, this place is a great place to dine. Before, it was too smoky. It's fun, entertaining, food is good, and they take Microsoft's passport card! (buy one and get one free)\r \r Okay,…

"We need to set the table" by Jenny N. via Judy's Book on 2/15/2007

This restaurant is only getting two stars from me because of the fact that the kids liked it. I went recently for a friends' birthday party. The food was about what I expected, more about the show than the flavors. The price, to me, was…

Great for lunch and some celeb-spotting by Covered in rain .. via Judy's Book on 12/6/2006

Benihana is a place often recommended for special occasions and for good reasons. Japanese food is a bit out of the ordinary (for me at least) and here it is wonderfully prepared. Yes, the chefs are amazingly skilled and put on a show,…

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