Business Grappling with Approaching Climate Bill

  Government and Economy American Business Grapples with Pending Climate Bill The "American Clean Energy and Security Act," better known as the Waxman-Markey bill, isn't a law yet, but it has become the basis for the debate over how the US should respond to pressure to slash its carbon emissions. What Qualifies for an Emergency Business Loans? Not all businesses will be eligible for the SBA's forthcoming loan-relief program. For example, the loans cannot be used to pay down existing SBA loans. Past borrowers, however, will still be eligible for help with other debts. Management and Fi... [Read Full Article]

Small Business Gives Obama Mixed Reviews on Day 100

  Government and Economy Small Business: Mixed Reviews for Obama's Fist 100 Days Some are happy, others are not. Some feel the president is ruining the economy with taxes, costs and regulations while others take solace in seeing specific agenda items like healthcare reform move forward. Fed Keeps Purchase Targets—A Sign That the Worst of Recession Has Passed The Federal Reserve has decided not to increase its purchases of Treasuries and mortgage securities, saying that the economy is beginning to show some signs of stability. [Read Full Article]