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BlueEarth Can Repurpose Your Housing Materials. Schedule home deconstruction services in St. Charles, IL today!

Perhaps you’re remodeling your St. Charles home. Or maybe you’re tearing down a structure and building something new. Don’t search for wrecking services in the area. Instead, consider deconstruction services. BlueEarth Deconstruction specializes in a different kind of home demolition.

The point of house gutting is to remove outdated materials, damaged lumber and old fixtures. What if all those housing materials were repurposed and given to people in need? We carefully dismantle residential properties throughout the St. Charles, Illinois region. Anything we save is given to our nonprofit partners, including Rebuilding Exchange and Habitat for Humanity.

Call 630-200-5889 to learn more about home deconstruction. We provide our clients with a free site visit and project evaluation.


BlueEarth Deconstruction works with an IRS-certified building material appraiser. We’ll determine the value of your repurposed furnishings and fixtures. Once we finish the job, you can write off that amount as a charitable donation. Choose St. Charles, IL’s preferred deconstruction group for:

- A free site visit: over 85% of the materials in your home can be reused and/or recycled. We can estimate the total donation value of your materials.
- An honest estimate – we’ll give you a comprehensive project bid. We’ll also respect your schedule and let you set the deconstruction timeline.
- A thorough approach – our skilled team will take all recyclable materials to reuse centers and warehouses. We’ll also make sure those materials are shipped to economically disadvantaged areas for future use.


You have the opportunity to make a difference. Don’t settle for traditional demolition services. Hire BlueEarth for home deconstruction. We’re prompt and professional, and we’ll prep your property for renovations. What are you waiting for? Call now to request your free on-site consultation.

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