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Very Deceptive by Concerned Customer on 5/31/2018

1 out of 5 stars

The owner Don and his employees are very good at making you believe you need services you actually do not need, and prey on the "local business" desire. They will claim all types of issues to your equipment, and if you do choose to use them for repairs they will blame any faults on the manufacture, or really anyone/anything, except for them not being knowledgeable at their profession. While they advertise care for the customer this could not be further from the truth once you realize they are trying to scam you. They make assessments and use jargon to try and confuse the customer, similar to how people think a shady mechanic speaks (I am not saying all mechanics do but this should make sense). At which point they become rude or totally ignore your intelligent questions in regard to why you need a product/service. If I am asked a question by a customer I answer it professionally and in a way to help the customer as they are not subject matter experts in the field as I am, this does not occur with Best Heating & Cooling, LLC. They will attempt to con you until you catch on. When you do they begin to ignore you or call you derogatory names.

excellent service with a smile by emanzalone411 on 12/26/2017

5 out of 5 stars

Woke up to no heat on chritmas of all days. Our phine call was retured within 3 minutes and a repairman was at our home within 2 hours. The repair was made and our Christmasdinner went on as planned. Very impressed. Will be using them for service again!!