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Grooming by jerryaustin32713 on 8/3/2018

1 out of 5 stars

Took our westie in for grooming today. We have always been satisfied and today was no exception for the grooming itself. We have been using these groomers for over a year with a charge of $45.00 (of course, we always leave a tip). Upon arriving today, we were told the charge would be $65.00, as they had a new groomer. No one bothered to call and let us know this beforehand. When questioned, we were told “in their defense, they do not know what the groomers charge as that is up to the groomer”. My response (and in our defense) “no one ever told us this” and again, we have been paying the same for over a year. We do not feel this is good business practice. To say the least, we will be finding a new groomer and new pet store.

Grooming by Topshelfinstall on 4/24/2018

2 out of 5 stars

We brought our 2 five month old toy Yorkie in for their first grooming and unfortunately were extremely disappointed. Our fur babies had such gorgeous long locks of hair, but needed some shaping around their face. I asked the groomer to just trim their bodies and clean up their faces so I could at least see their eyes. When I picked them up I was in shock! My little boy had no hair and had been shaved almost down to his skin and my little girl still had barely enough hair on top of her head for a pony tail!
I specifically requested no shaving, they are still adorable and thank goodness hair will grow back. But we will not be returning to this groomer ever again.