911 Driving School


28900 124th Avenue SE
Auburn, WA 98092
(253) 813-0911
911 Driving School hires only trained professionals such as police officers, EMS/EMT's, and firefighters to teach classes. The public safety officer's knowledge and expertise will prepare the student for the great responsibility that comes with obtaining a driver's license.

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Great Work, Very Satisfied by Jakob K via Customer Lobby on 8/4/2017

I recently used the services from 911 Driving School - Kent to practice for a drivers test and was very satisfied with how well the services from them went. The people that were teaching me were very friendly and professional, they did an…

Excellent Experience! by Christian B via Customer Lobby on 7/26/2017

I had a great experience with 911 Driving School - Kent. Their approach to driver's education is excellent. The instructors cared about their students and they were happy to go over any and all information. They did not have any judgments…

Great Service, Very Pleased! by Sara G via Customer Lobby on 7/13/2017

I recently used the services from 911 Driving School - Kent to help with preparing for a driver's license test for my child, and was very pleased with how the work from them went. The teachers were very helpful and professional. They…

They Taught Me so Many Lessons about Driving by Mika F via Customer Lobby on 7/11/2017

911 Driving School taught me so many lessons about driving. The courses are taught by ex-police officers and they really secure their students as good, safe drivers. They're nice, they're not mean. They're calm and collected. I would say…

The Teachers Are Awesome by Rani S via Customer Lobby on 6/5/2017

My son did classes last year with 911 Driving School. He loved it. The teachers are awesome and everything he learned there was really good. He's driving the way they taught him to and he already got his license and everything. Their…

Informative Teachers by Marie S via Customer Lobby on 5/31/2017

I was a student at 911 Driving School and overall the experience was really good. All the teachers were good with students and informative about driving rules. I think we got more knowledge than we could've received from other schools…

I Appreciated How Welcoming They Are to Newcomers by Duy N via Customer Lobby on 5/12/2017

I went to 911 Driving School and I really appreciated how welcoming they are to newcomers. They were good at teaching the material. As far as the price is concerned I would definitely say it was worth it.

Flexible Scheduling Options by Ryko L via Customer Lobby on 5/1/2017

I enrolled my son in 911 Driving School. Their schedule was very convenient and included weekend options for behind the wheel and in-class instruction. My son liked his instructors and I feel confident having him behind the wheel.

I Think It Was Worth It by Chase K via Customer Lobby on 4/21/2017

My son went to 911 Driving School and I think he got a lot out of it. He didn't have too much to say about the instructors. Whenever I interacted with the people there I felt good about them, very positive. The price was a little higher…

The Teachers Were Really Cool by Jonathan H via Customer Lobby on 4/14/2017

I really liked 911 Driving School. It was a good experience. The teachers were really cool. They were fantastic. I didn't cover the cost so I can't comment on that, but I can say that they gave me everything I needed in terms of what I was…

I Feel Safe On The Road After Driver Education by Adriana G via Customer Lobby on 4/3/2017

I am really happy I decided to do driver education with 911 Driving School. The teachers were either active or retired police department employees so I know I was getting the right information. The class was really organized and I had full…

If You Want A Solid Driving Education, Go With Them! by Erin D via Customer Lobby on 3/27/2017

I recently used 911 Driving School in Kent and it was a great experience. The teachers are excellent. They are very easy to understand. They were really thorough and went to great lengths to make sure everyone understood the topics…

Absolutely 5 Stars! by Patty L via Customer Lobby on 3/9/2017

I was so pleased with the experience we had with 911 Driving School - Kent and felt it was so valuable for our son. The instructors are police officers and they were really able to drill into the kids the importance of safe driving.…

Very Useful and Engaging Service by Thien Nghi L via Customer Lobby on 3/2/2017

I personally took classes at 911 Driving School in Kent and found the the overall instruction very good! The teachers were very engaging and brought in actual officers that were incredibly enthusiastic. They remembered faces and were…

Great Job Overall by Malinda F via Customer Lobby on 3/1/2017

This was my first time using 911 Driving School's service and I had a great experience! I sent my son to them to take driver's ed. classes and have no complaints. My son passed his driving test and is already on the road. The employees…

Great school and fun classes by Mckenna P via Customer Lobby on 2/9/2017

I loved this class because it was fun and very interactive, we did drunk goggles and class representations of driving situations. I would definitely recommend this course!!

Great Experience! by Melissa L via Customer Lobby on 2/1/2017

911 Driving School - Kent did a great job and it was so easy to learn from them. They provided a lot of insight and helpful information about driving, driver safety, and defensive driving as well. I got my license last year and definitely…

Satisfied by Troy H via Customer Lobby on 1/5/2017

The classes were for my daughter. She mentioned the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

I really like the way they teach. by Lynn D via Customer Lobby on 12/8/2016

I totally would recommend 911 Driving School - Kent. I like the way they teach, they seem to be very focused and they kind of drill the important stuff into your head and I just really like the way they teach. My classes were like 2 hours…

Great Time, highly recommended by Brayden O via Customer Lobby on 11/14/2016

The class goes by very fast and it is very enjoyable. Although it's a bit more spendy than the other classes I believe it's very worth it.

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