A Guide to Buying Logo’d Apparel

Most companies don’t think twice about investing in custom apparel or accessories with their logo embroidered on it.  It is a great way for them to promote their company brand and it offers them an effective promotional tool to help them acquire new customers. However, custom embroidery is much more of an art than a science and requires more skill and experience than meets the eye. So, before setting out to buy decorated apparel, it is important to understand the basic elements that go in to creating high quality embroidery.  The Designer The most important part of any embroidery job begins with the designer (or digitizer) whose job it is to take your logo or design and convert it into a series of stitches that will be stitched on a garment. There are software programs that make this job easier, but nothing can reproduce the talent of a good designer.  Thread There are two types of threads that are commonly used fo... [Read Full Article]