What Would You Do With This Company? Part II

In case you didn’t see through the thinly veiled references, yesterday’s column was talking about the federal government. I asked in an earlier entry, after Congress gave itself a generous pay increase, whether the government should be run like a business. Now, with it expanding beyond all reason, doing things that it was never supposed to do, we come back to that question: Should the government be run like a business? Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Mark Twain said it best, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” The US government has certainly proven that point. In addition to voting themselves pay increases, Congresses and Administrations through history have played fast and loose with information that would have likely affected their ability to remain in power. These include: During the Kennedy administration, unemployment was redefined with the concept of "discouraged workers" so as to reduce the popularly followed un... [Read Full Article]

What Would You Do With This Company? Part I

There is a corporate entity out there, vast and powerful, big enough to dictate the terms of any contract it enters into, it spends money like water yet it provides lavish perks for its executives and its board while, at the same time, being underfunded to the extent that it has been running so deeply in the red for so long that it has been essentially bankrupt for ages. The only reason it has survived this long is that its influence with consumers is very great, and it has its hands in so many aspects of business and personal life that it is, essentially, too big to fail. However, even with that its days seem more and more to be numbered. You see, while the uneducated consumer is this outfit’s best friend, especially in their support for the new CEO, many of the dirty tricks that have kept its consumer base strong over the last thirty years are now being noticed. Here are some highlights: ·        Payroll data to the shareholders have bee... [Read Full Article]