Franchise Decisions: Do You Honor Corporate Specials or Not?

When you decided to become a small business owner, you chose a franchise because the start-up would be easier, not to mention the marketing, supplies and all the other things that the corporate office has to offer. Now that you own the franchise, you have to decide whether or not to participate in corporate specials. You don’t necessarily have to, of course. The company wants you to feel a certain amount of autonomy in how you run your business, but if you don’t are you causing trouble for yourself down the road?  This question was recently brought into stark clarity by the one Popeye’s Chicken restaurant in Minnesota. Yep, they are the only one in the state and they are a privately-owned franchise. On Earth Day, Popeye’s corporate decided to run a special, which they advertised across the country. This got the folks in Minnesota pretty worked up and many came from miles around to take advantage of it. The problem was, the only Popeye’s in Minnesota decided no... [Read Full Article]