Getting the Cash: Advice from Six Entrepreneurs

  Government, Politics and the Economy Work Visa Bill: A Threat to Outsourcers? There is a controversial "50/50" provision in the new Durbin-Grassley visa reform bill that could hurt Indian outsourcers but also save US jobs. Bernanke: Long-Term Budget Deficits Threaten Financial Stability Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that large US budget deficits are a threat to the nation's financial stability and that the government cannot continue to borrow at the current rate to finance the shortfall forever. Management, Taxe... [Read Full Article]

Small Business Brief for 10/28

Deputy Secretary Robert M. Kimmitt's Remarks at the Dubai International Financial Centre Survey Finds that Raises Next Year Will Be the Lowest Since 9/11 As American companies revise their compensation budgets to control costs, employees are going to earn significantly smaller raises and bonuses next year. Local Credit is Out There For Small Businesses F inding credit is hard these days, but small businesses can still get the credit they need through community banks, credit unions and the Small Business Administration. USA TODAY Are Your Coworkers on Their... [Read Full Article]