The Power of Advertising

The formula was easy: Find something the populace just loves and advertise it like crazy in a way that will generate a great deal of interest, have a huge opening ceremony, try to make amends. With that, the 2004 documentary, Czech Dream, by filmmakers, Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak, put a spotlight on a consumer culture that yearns for the next hypermarket (the Czech version of our big-box retailers), and the sheer power of advertising. You see, Czech Dream, the store they were promoting, never existed. It was all a hoax.  The Rationale “We were also loosely inspired by a happening by the theatre personality Petr Lorenc, who in 1997 distributed without paying a fee several hundred advertising posters for his fictitious hypermarket Gigadiga. The opening ceremony took place in an empty meadow, where Petr had placed a banner saying ‘Better to take a walk in the woods instead,’” said Remunda and Klusak. “Gigadiga opened at a time... [Read Full Article]